Month: September 2014


Someone Please Call 911!

Last week we were awaken at 5AM to the sound of our home alarm going off. Coupled with what we thought was someone trying to kick our door in. I dialed 911 and we waited... during that time my mind would race a mile a minute. I knew I had to keep calm because my children were watching me. Yet nothing inside of me was calm. Thank god we had good Alarm Systems otherwise things could've been completely different

Scandal + Wine = Gladiator

Calling all Gladiators, Scandal returns tomorrow.  I can't wait for the suspense, the fashion, and the romance. Kerry Washington has had her baby girl so there won't be any crazy lamp placements to hide her bump. Where is Olivia Pope? What is the deal with her and Jake? Is Harrison gone? Where is her Mom? Where is her Dad? What is the status of the White House?

Capitol Bacon Festival #CBF2014

Now this is what dreams are made of; bacon, bacon, bacon, BACON! My bestie Bri sent me a link to the Capitol Bacon Festival asking me if I was down. Um heck yeah, bacon makes everything better. I've never been to a bacon festival and I didn't know what to expect but we had a blast. One block away from here is the Vegan Fest, for whatever reason that makes me giggle like a school girl. Perfect timing right? Totally!
The National's baseball team had a home game, and the Vegan Fest and the Capitol Bacon Fest were also on the same block. The limited parking was extra limited. I rode around several times but finally lucked up on this cute couple coming out. GLO-RAY! The lady got out and gave me their parking ticket which was good for 2 more hours. PRAISE BREAK! I gave them gracious thanks and waited for them to pull out of the parking spot. I didn't ask but I bet they were coming from the Vegan Fest. hahahahaha

Smirnoff ICE #LadieswithGame Tailgate

Hey Cuties,
Are you ready for some football? Football season is here, the men have cleaned up the man caves, and the ladies are making their favorite meals and leaving them alone. Well that happens in some homes, in others the ladies love football just as much as the men. Yes, SOME WOMEN LOVE FOOTBALL. Intro Ladies with Game Tailgate.

S2S Magazine Feature: MimiCuteLips

In June I attended the Blogging While Brown Conference in Harlem. I mixing and mingling with my new blogger friends at our hotel and in walks Jamie Foster Brown. I knew who she was the minute I saw her and it was indeed an honor meeting her. If you don't know, she is the publisher and the sole owner of Sister 2 Sister magazine. If you told me then that it would lead to a S2S Magazine feature I would slap your face.

From Baby to Big Girl: Room Makeover

The minute my daughter turned 2 (Jan.) I was ready to give her room a makeover. We recently gave the house a huge makeover and we even got some new stairs from somewhere like Pear Stairs. It looks great now but her room definitely needed doing.She had outgrown her nursery and was now a big girl. This means we totally need a big girl room to go with this new phase of life. As eager as I was it would take several months before I actually did it. She would climb out of her crib in the middle of the night but couldn't get back in. SMH We took the front off her crib for about a month and that helped but it was time for the crib to go. While we didn't agree on the exact bed we both wanted a loft bed.