Month: October 2014


How do you surprise the nosiest person in the world?

You send an email to her sister, cousin and BFF's about a party idea you have three months before her 35th birthday. You loop her Babe into the plans and seek out a co-worker to assist in the workplace. You have secret meetings to plan, decorate, and god knows what else while she has no idea. When you hear she might think something is going on you text one another everything she said so everyone can throw her off. The extremes they had to go to just to keep this secret was nothing short of amazing. On Saturday, October 18, 2014, my family and friends did what I didn't think anyone could do. They surprised me with an amazing 35th birthday party. They represented my brand, they celebrated me, they included all of my favorite things and a lot of my favorite people. I'm forever thankful. 

MimiCuteLips 35th birthday SHOCKED!