Dreams Came True in 2014

2014 is coming to a close and like many of you I’m reflecting on my year. I did a lot of cool things, I went a lot of cool places, I forced myself outside of my comfort zone and it all paid off. Sometimes the payoff didn’t come until down the road and other times the payoff was simply personal growth. Either way I was receptive to it.

Earlier this year I attended the Newsbabes Bash event last minute and I had the time of my life. I went alone and met almost all of my favorite news reporters. They were all really nice and it was for a great cause; Jim Vance was my favorite for sure. Full story HERE

Newsbabes Bash

Mi & Jim Vance

Last year I got serious about my blogging and this year I attended a lot of blogging events. If you told me that I would go to BlogHer and party with RUN DMC I would have called you a lie and slapped your face. Not only did we party hard but I got this super sweet selfie with none other than Rev. Run, aka RUN of RUN DMC aka Russell Simmons brother. Talk about epic! Full story HERE


Mi & Rev Run

I’ve stepped out on my own a lot this year but my family is my world. While on a vacation with the family this summer I interviewed Chrisette Michele. I was in a Mirror maze and everything but I had my ear buds on and the show went on. I’m such a dreamer but I had no idea how my dreams would manifest. Let me tell you dreams came true in 2014. Full story HERE

Chrisette Michele Rich Hipster

Phone Interview with Chrisette Michele

One of my Goals for 2014 was to get back in shape. I did well for the first 8 months and then I fell off a little bit. I did a lot of running and little bit of cardio kickboxing. My personal best was running 3 miles in 30 minutes. If you work in DC with me I may have run past you at lunch time.

Dreams Came True in 2014

Fitness Life

In June I ventured out to Blogging While Brown in Harlem. I met a lot of amazing bloggers and business owners. I made a lot of connections that I’ve since collaborated with; of those amazing people Jamie Foster Brown the owner of Sister 2 Sister magazine was one of them. This meeting would later turn into being featured in her magazine in September 2014. OH YES, WE ARE IN PRINT! Did I tell you dreams came true in 2014? Full story HERE

S2S Magazine Feature

I’m in print

On October 18th I turned 35 years old, I was feeling some kind of way so I shared it with you all HERE. For the first time that I can recall I had a birthday party. Not just any birthday party but the surprise birthday party of my life. Full story HERE

MimiCuteLips 35th birthday

Surprise Birthdy Party – Photo Credit: D. Todd

I wasn’t the only one with a milestone birthday this year; my son turned 10 and my mother turned 60. It was hard to grasp the fact that my first born is in the double digits. I wrote him a Mommy love letter HERE. My Mommy is a breast cancer survivor, I’m so thankful to still have her around. Full story on her 60th celebration HERE.

dreams came true 8

Another one of my 2014 goals was to cook more. I cook because I have to not because I enjoy it. I do love to eat so I challenged myself to cook more often, I think I did pretty good. I tried a lot of new recipes and the family liked most of them. I went all balls to the wall when I cooked my first Thanksgiving Day dinner. Full story HERE

I am thankful for

Teaching LittleCuteLips

Earlier this year I had the bright idea of renting a big house in Deep Creek, MD and spending a much needed vacation with the family. Not just my party of four but my immediate family included. We made it happen for Christmas and we had the time of our lives. We had a nice 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom right By the Lake. The views were beautiful, the house was nice and most of us snow tubed for the first time. Yes yall 16 people (in laws included) spent 4 days in the woods with no fighting or drama. Lots of laughs, discussion, random chatter and singing. This was the perfect bang to close out our year. Here is a mini recap of our amazing time.

Dreams Came True in 2014-4

We sipped on Sangria the entire time. We made cookies and decorated them. It started out as just the kids but the adults got in on the fun too. Going forth we will no longer make lazy cookies. We will roll the dough out, use cookie cutters and decorate. That is where the real fun happens. After all that eating the girls saved some cookies for Santa and left him a little bit of milk. Then they woke us up at the crack of dawn Christmas morning.

Dreams Came True in 2014-1

Santa was here

Our SUV’s were loaded all the way down. There was no shortage of gifts.

dreams came true 9

But where is your onesie?

It was a onesie kind of party.

Dreams Came True in 2014-5

We can hardly walk

Gifts were opened, we gave thanks, had breakfast and hit the slopes. My girl had the time of her life, she wasn’t afraid, and she wanted to go faster. lol She also tried to grab the snow while going down the slopes. No toddler was harmed while snow tubing. hahahaha

Dreams Came True in 2014-3

Oh yeah

They captured some of our moments while we were tubing. I was filming when they captured us. lol See the video HERE The best way to come down is in on your belly in a foursome. You go really fast and you scream a lot. hahahaha. I think this is the day I lost my voice, three days later I still haven’t gotten it back.

Dreams Came True in 2014-4The view was beautiful, we could see our vacation home from the top of the slopes.

dreams came true 7

This is the house and the view of the lake from the third and basement level.

dreams came true 6

Last view

We went down to the lake before we left. It was a nice touch prior to our departure. There are talks of making this a tradition.

I hope your 2014 was amazing and that your 2015 will be even better. Don’t be afraid to dream, dream big and in color. See you in 2015! 

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  1. Christine @MomsNCharge

    This is the best recap ever! Congrats on all your success in 2014, and I can’t wait to see all of the blessings that 2015 has coming your way 🙂

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks Christine, in January 2014 I had no idea what the year would bring. I can’t wait to make 2015 even bigger. Thanks for your support.

  2. Nicole

    Sounds like U all had an awesome year… 2015 holds more great things for You

  3. Tiffany

    Your year sounds amazing and encouraging! So happy for you that your mom is well! Oh and you’re gorgeous! Just throwing that out there.;) #blmgirls

  4. Nancy Johnson Horn

    Sounds like a terrific year. You’ve given me some things to think about.

  5. Kerri Olkjer

    WOW, you had quite a full, amazing year! Cheers to 2015, I’m so excited for the New Year.

  6. Antionette Blake

    Wow you had an awesome year and I can’t wait to read the recaps, especially partying with DMC. I like your blog and look forward to following you in 2015 – stay blessed!

  7. Carissa

    You had an AWESOME year in 2014…and what a recap!!! I promise to step outside my box this year…that’s when the real fun happens!!! I really enjoyed reading this!!!

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