Month: February 2015


Couples Trip, Wintergreen Resort

A few months back a friend had a great idea to plan a SURPRISE couple's trip to celebrate her husband's birthday.  So, over the weekend we all headed up to Wintergreen Resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  We had already planned out our activities, what we would pack, the meals we would prepare and what everyone would be sipping on.

Georgetown University Art Car Series

Washington Car Show Media Day {Ladies Edition}

Do ladies know cars? Heck yeah we do. Shout out to Chevrolet for supporting the ladies. They collaborated with to bring lady influence-rs {bloggers} to Washington, D.C. for the 2015 Auto Show Media Day. I'm talking real girl power.  Cars are traditionally seen as a man's thing but in 2015 women are taking charge. We make up 85% of the buying? Who runs the world? GIRLS!