African Fashion Week DC #AFWDC

African Fashion Week DC (AFWDC) took place over the weekend. This was the inaugural event and it was a total and complete success. The fashion show took place in the Washington Post building downtown. On Thursday was a Networking cocktail hour at a different location.

AFWDC African Fashion Week

AFWDC 4 African Fashion Week

The event started with a Master Ancestral Drummer. He blew on this instrument and then beat on the drums.

AFWDC 5 African Fashion Week

He had my best friend hold his first instrument so he could drum. haha

AFWDC 6 African Fashion Week

Followed by a Performance by ASA! Kelenya. These girls GOT DOWN! They did African dance and they were freaking amazing. I’m still trying to get my body to move like theirs.

AFWDC 7 African Fashion Week

The show kicked off with accessories gracing the runway. The show featured dresses, skirts, shorts, swimwear, coats, belts, capes, trains, formal dresses and more.

The designers range in age, gender and race. It was really dope to see such diversity across the board.

AFWDC 11 African Fashion Week

I loved this look head to toe, I would so rock this. I have a thing for printed pants.

AFWDC 32 African Fashion Week

They didn’t forget about the fellas.

AFWDC 30 African Fashion Week

This would be so hot for the office. Put a cami under it and take it off for Happy Hour.

AFWDC 29 African Fashion Week

Crop top and skirt, print and black combo with pockets.

AFWDC 31 African Fashion Week

I’m a sucker for a bold print and color. You and your Boo can coordinate when yall step out in your resort wear.

AFWDC 10 African Fashion Week

They were so cute together; this was them after they got off the runway. Her umbrella matched her dress. Her bold purple bantu-knots were so funky.

AFWDC 9 African Fashion Week

This is my new Boo, she already knows it too. She was one of the models and she serving it. By new Boo I mean I was stalking her on Instagram during the intermission and now follow her on there. Oh and she liked and commented on my pics and followed me back. In Social Media terms that means we totally go together. 

AFWDC 2 African Fashion Week

It was an African Fashion show so we rocked out African skirts. Mine has pockets and I totally love it.

African Fashion Week DC

Joyce Donkor is the founder of AFWDC and my childhood friend. My initial interest in going was to support her but I got so much more out of this event. I love all the little details and cultural experience. I love to see people embrace their cultures and she did just that and shared it with all in attendance.

AFWDC 3 African Fashion Week

Elementary School friends supporting one another.

With so many designers and looks it was impossible to capture and share them all. You just need to have your face in the place next year. Click HERE for a link to all the designers and their websites.

Big Thanks to Chrissy for helping out with the pics. You da best!

AFWDC African Fashion Week

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  1. Christina Rice

    I had an amazing time! Glad I could help out with the photos!!!

  2. Kasi

    You and your bff look fabulous in your African skirts! Those looks from the show are everything!!! Looks like a great event.

    Kasi |

  3. Briton

    Gorgeous show! I love the bold prints and jewelry! Your skirt was awesome- love pockets in skirts!!

  4. Emerald

    I love all the prints! Simply gorgeous! I would love to have a long skirt myself.

  5. Marissa

    Those prints are stunning and perfect for summertime! What a great experience!

  6. Marty

    I have never heard of this but I think its great way to create community and celebrate heritage

    • MimiCuteLips

      Marty, its a first for me but I’m so glad I was able to attend. The feel was that of a close community, proudly displaying their heritage. I love this.

  7. Ranisha from Cupcakebands


  8. Nadeen

    Fierce!! Love all the colors and the fashion! I’m glad it was a success! That couple with the umbrella-so cool!

  9. Christine @MomsNCharge

    Clearly I’m not your boo like I thought I was, cause I ain’t even know about this event! How in the world did I miss this?! *insert puppy dog sad face here* But you can make it up to me by letting me hold that skirt 😉 I will def be on the lookout for next year 🙂

  10. Haley

    You look gorgeous and I love the print on that suit and those amazing pants on the runway! This seems like an awesome event!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks Haley, I loved so many things I just need to give them all of my money. I will be the best dressed broke girl. lol

  11. Adanna

    This looks like such a fun event! I love the pretty prints and your skirt is beautiful. Congrats to your friend on a successful event.

  12. Tiffany

    Wow! This seems lke such an amazing event – I LOVE the prints and the style. You were rocking that skirt too girl! Oh and yes you and the fierce model are totally friends in social media because a comment and like back mean everything for sure 🙂

  13. GinaB

    I adore African fabric and fashion. I can’t seem to get enough of it. I will definitely click through to have a look at the designers. I think Hubby would like the Bermuda style shorts.

  14. Whitney 'Nic' James

    You look great! Nice recap…glad you enjoyed!


  15. Vivi

    I was meant to go to both the networking cocktail hour and the fashion show. But, life happened. *le sigh* Anywho, great recap. A nice display of entertainment with the musical performances, dance performances, and then the show. I’m sure the audience were never bored.

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