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Green #OurProject52

We are in our tenth week and our third month. In only eleven days March has given us 3 – 4 inches of snow and almost 70 degree days. March sounds bi-polar but whatever. I’m officially over snow days and ready for spring.

Week 10: Green

Our theme for the week is green, I HATE THE COLOR GREEN! I’ve been a Green for the past sixteen years and that has done nothing to change my feeling about it. With my disdain for the color green I was unsure on how I would represent for this week. A quick glance around my home would give me the answer. One of my favorite walls in our home is green believe it or not. Not just any green, Retro Avocado to be exact. My camera didn’t quite do the color justice but you get the idea.

wall decals

When you enter our home you are greeted with this message. As a mother of two young kids this is so necessary and so true. We purchased this on the interwebs and Babe put it up. Although I’m not a fan of the color green this particular color just pops at you.  Our plants are fake because I don’t have a green-thumb.  We tried out about four different rugs before we settled out on this one. The mix of green and a couple of others colors pulls everything together.

wall decals

This is the opposite wall, we purchased the prints and frames from Ikea. They pulled in the paint, the table, the wicker basket and he hardwood floors together nicely. The table was a Home Goods find as was the wicker basket. We keep balls in the basket. lol I swear my kids have 50 balls or a different variety.

wall decals

This is a view of it all from the steps.

Camera: Nikon CoolPix L830

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wall decals

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  1. Lynn

    Words have POWER and I LOVE your entry way of positive power…. What a great way to greet your guest and welcome home stayers! Lol

    Btw, the green looks niceeeee… The decor is so inviting! Make me wanna visit and stay! Lol

    • MimiCuteLips

      Hahahaha Lynn, that is the feel we were going for. I want my home to feel warm and inviting. Words are power and I sometimes have my son repeat this a few times as needed.

  2. Andrea @ MouseInMyPocket.com

    That shade of green is very retro. I think it’s one of those special colors that fall in the citron and lime family instead of being truly green. That quote is perfect for your entry. What a great reminder every time you come home.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Andrea, I loved the retro feel it gave to our modern home. That is our crazy reminder, enter at your own risk type of thing.

  3. Carin Kilby Clark

    Love it! I’m not a big fan of green either, but I do like that paint.

    I have that same saying but on a canvas print hanging in my sunroom. I’m a huge fan of affirmations and keeping a big, bold reminder of what we want in our heads and hearts in front of our eyes. The kids love it too, and it’s great to pass that along to the next generation.

  4. LaShawn

    My main walls in our house are a green too. LOL. and it is NOT my favorite color. I love your message wall! That is awesome!

  5. Amber

    avocado green is a total nod to the 70’s! Love the quote on the wall and how the prints really pop against the rug. And the table! I LOVE me some Home Goods!!

  6. Uplifting Families

    I love the quote. Normally, I am not a fan of the avocado color but you have pulled it together very nicely. Our walls are plain. I hope to be able to repaint one of these days.

    • MimiCuteLips

      The pain process was a headache. lol I thought it was going to be fun and it was a chore. I had no idea how hard it was to pick out the perfect color. We painted and re-painted a couple of times. We are finally in love with all the colors.

  7. Adanna

    I love this and it’s perfect for your entry way. The avocado green is pretty. I’m not into green either but I can rock with your cute entryway.

  8. Vashti (veepeejay.com)

    Love this shade of green but I love the quote even more.

  9. Sonya

    I love the message that you have in the entry way. My daughter’s room is painted green, but I’m sure she will want to change that in the future.

  10. angie

    words of wisdom, words of pride, words of power all words that we should try to live by
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  11. Emerald Lavender

    You have an absolutely beautiful home! My name is Emerald, so I have to love the color green right? 🙂 I love the carpet and how the walls accent it! xo!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Emerald, you kind of have a point. Although my last name is Green and I haven’t come around to it yet. hahahahaha Thanks hun.

  12. Helena

    I love the wall quote and the beautiful rug pulls the color of the walls into everything else and gives the entryway a really mod and hip feel! Well done!

  13. Teems

    I love the saying and the color. I had that shade once in one of my apartment bedrooms.

  14. Christine @MomsNCharge

    Let me tell you how painting has NOT been my favorite part of decorating. We’ve gone through several colors and my favorite is a similar color we have in our kitchen. I absolutely LOVE that wall decal, please send me the deets on where to purchase it. I’ve seen that quote several times and really love it.

  15. Daenel T @ Living Outside the Stacks

    Love your house. And the green walls. I had a bright green kitchen in our old house. I found out during an argument about something totally unrelated that The Hubs hated it. It was so funny.

    The words are perfect.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks Daenel. Oh no, that is hilarious. The process would have been easier if we didn’t both have to agree to liking each color. Hell my house might be hot pink otherwise.

  16. Mimi

    Love the entry way and that table. I need to get my entry way together. I’ve started adding baskets in the main living areas to house the children’s toys and junk. Fashion and function and it works.

    Was that wall decal one piece? I bought one and ended up taking it back because I just couldn’t get it to go on right.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks, baskets save a home with kids for sure. We have some in our living room to help control their STUFF.

      The Wall decal was in three pieces, I’m not very good with that kind of stuff so he does it. He is very particular about getting it even so I let him have at it. I just show up once its done and tell him how great it looks. lol

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