Rule of Thirds #OurProject52

Week eleven of Our Project 52 is here and I wasn’t feeling it. This week’s theme is Rule of Thirds, if you are a camera enthusiast/avid photog then you are in the know already. For me, I was tardy to this party but thanks to modern conveniences and all things YouTube I’ve since arrived.

Now that I’m all knowledgeable and stuff I started using the grid on my iPhone camera. I had no idea what it was for prior to this week. Don’t judge me monkey.

Week 11: Rule of Thirds

rule of thirds 1

She was annoyed that she might miss Jake and the Never Land Pirates for the two seconds it took me to snap this picture.

rule of thirds 2

Yet she did ask to review them for approval when I was done.

rule of thirds 3

Happy Thursday morning to you from my girl!

Camera: Nikon CoolPix L830

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rule of thirds

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rule of thirds

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  1. Sonya

    I love your daughter’s floral look, she is a cutie. Like you this week was my first time trying out the rule of thirds, but I hope to get better at using this technique.

  2. Lynn

    HA! I STILL don’t know what it is… So no judging here… I’m guessing it’s 3 snapshots behind one another! I reckoned I’ll result to YouTube to find out more. Your daughter is a cutie! You know how they don’t want to risk missing their favorite shows. Lol

  3. Teems

    Lol I love it. My son does like to see his pictures too. I loves videos of himself,

  4. Mimi

    She is so pretty! I love using the rule of thirds. That little shift in positioning makes a huge difference.

  5. Emerald Lavender

    So adorable!! 🙂 I love the pattern mix you have on her. I need to research what the “rule of thirds” is myself! Enjoy your day!

  6. Stacie

    Looks like you’ve got yourself a lil model there! Too cute! Good job on your project too.

  7. Marty

    My niece is usually a ham that loves to get her picture taken! Always photobombs others pictures

  8. Lauren

    She looks really adorable! I hope she realizes what a good photographer you are. I like the shirt she’s wearing with her pink shoes.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks Lauren, I hope so. She is selective with her pictures these days. She is annoyed when I’m not ready to snap pictures of her silly faces or her dolls.

  9. Kara

    I love it! She’s knows early to approve the pics lol, too cute. I have heard about the rule of thirds before and have tried to apply it in some of my pics as well. Cool concept

  10. Adanna

    Okay, I’m learning about photography too Mimi so no worries. It’s all in the blogger journey. That’s how I look when I’m about to miss my show too lol Her little outfit is adorbs!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Right, I would have never guessed this was something I should learn. hahahaha She is so serious about her shows and I feel her. I’m the same way about mine.

      Thanks hun.

  11. Carin Kilby Clark

    I love the rule of thirds {although I usually don’t remember it while I’m taking pictures, haha} – it does make the picture more interesting.

  12. Carissa

    She is so cute!!! Her florals and ponytails…Love them!!! Those kids can’t miss ANYTHING on Disney! When I turn the TV off Emma says Awwww…LOL!! I always think how many times have you seen that episode!

    Im not participating in this link up but I love reading the techniques that are taught weekly!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks Carissa, those ponytails make me so tired. Girl Disney is the the classic kid cult. They get a grab hold of the kids and don’t let go. They will watch the same episode at least 20 times I swear.

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