Month: April 2015

Kids Book Review: Gillespie Dancing

The kids were thrilled to hear I had a book for us to review. Nori is all about someone reading stories to her since she doesn't know how to read yet. Nasir is a natural reader and loves books. If you follow me on IG/FB (you totally should) you see pics from our trips to the library.

Book Title: Gillespie Dancing  |  Author: Tina Streeter  |  Illustrator: Daphne Williams

Purchase: Amazon  |  Reading Level: 3

Rise Women Empowerment Tour DC

The Rise Empowerment Tour hit DC last weekend. The event took place in the Blackburn Center on Howard University's Campus.  I've lived here almost 30 years and I've never been on Howard's Campus.  This Tour is all about empowering women interested in entrepreneurship and looking for tips to take it to the next level. Each speaker was an existing black female CEO.  Bonus: The weather was perfect!

R - Reach & Repeat I - Inspire S - Sisterhood E - Elevate

"Individually we're impressive, together we're unstoppable"

Alcantara & Earth Day

Hey Cuties,

Last week was a busy one for me I was being extraordinary every day. I teased a photo on FB/IG  about the amazing luncheon I had with Alcantara.  If you follow me I hope you saw it, If not you are tardy to this follow party.  Our luncheon took place at the Italian Embassy in DC. HIGH CLASS ALL THE WAY!

411 on Allergy Testing

Hey Cuties!

I posted a pic on FB & IG of my arm during my allergy testing. I got a lot of questions on both so I decided to share the full experience.  After suffering from allergies for 14 years I decided to go and get an allergy test. I didn't do much research {by design} and I wasn't sure what I was in for. Nevertheless I needed it done, wanted it done and I was getting it done. That attitude would serve me well during the process.

Chrisette Michele Pose ‘N Post Event {DC} & Interview

Hey Cuties,

The Pose 'N Post Symposium finally arrived in my city and I was worried about what I was going to wear. The weather was funky and rainy and not exactly warm so bare legs and toes were a no. I ended up with something comfy cute and my feet weren't hurting. Washington, DC was the fourth stop on their eight city tour. The event took place at the Hillyer Art Gallery, it is a unique contemporary art venue in Dupont Circle.  If you aren't familiar with the Pose 'N Post Symposium click HERE to catch up.


This week's theme is right on time, we are finally getting a taste of spring-like temps in the DC area.   Project 52 Photo Challenge is in week 14 and this week's theme is Easter.  We are fresh off Easter and had a great time with the family. I've been waiting to share but held out for today.

Spring in DC


The calendar says spring and the temps in DC are slowing getting the memo. I don't want to jinx things just yet but we've had our final snow.  In honor of this nice weather that has set my allergies in over drive I took the kids for a bike ride to the playground in our neighborhood.  It was nice to see them run around.

Bonus: They slept well last night and a little late this morning. AMEN!