411 on Allergy Testing

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I posted a pic on FB & IG of my arm during my allergy testing. I got a lot of questions on both so I decided to share the full experience.  After suffering from allergies for 14 years I decided to go and get an allergy test. I didn’t do much research {by design} and I wasn’t sure what I was in for. Nevertheless I needed it done, wanted it done and I was getting it done. That attitude would serve me well during the process.

NOTE: I am not a doctor, I am not moonlighting as a doctor I am not giving you medical advice. I am simply sharing my experience. If you interpret my shared experience as medical advice that is your own fault, not mine.

Prior to testing I had to quit allergy meds for ten days so my system was free and clean. It was an itchy sneezing time leading up to my appointment. The process is rather simple, I arrived they roll up your sleeves, clean your arms and get to work. They do about 10 sticks at a time. They set a timer then come back and check to see if there is a reaction. They would continue to do this for the 50 sticks I received in both arms. Overall this experience was painless. A couple of the sticks felt like a pinch but that was it.

allergy testing 2

I didn’t have a reaction to anything on this arm. I was tested for Epidermal, Molds, Weeds, Trees, and Grass.

allergy testing 3

Tiffany did my testing and she was really sweet. I had her cracking up laughing. She was as gentle as one can be during allergy testing. She frequently asked if I was okay, while I was, it was nice that she was concerned. I did take advantage of the water she offered.

allergy testing 1

This arm was a different story. This is where all my reactions took place. They would measure the size of the reaction {bumps} to determine the severity of your reaction. My reactions fell in the moderate to severe category. You know I can’t be mediocre at anything. {Eye Roll}

allergy testing 4

Things were percolating really well here. Tiffany kept asking if I was okay. It didn’t hurt but it was super itchy. I could have torn my arm off at this point. A week later I only have four red marks left on my arm. Oddly enough it isn’t even on the arm that had all the reactions.

allergy testing 5

Survey Says I’m allergic to Grass, Trees and Weeds. Below are the specific types used in my testing.

  • Grass
    • Johnson
    • Lambs Qtr
    • Meadow Fesscue
    • Bermuda
    • Ky Blue Grass
  • Trees
    • Oak Mix
    • Sycamore
    • Red Cedar
    • Pine Mix
    • Box Elder Maple
  • Weeds
    • Plantain, Eng.
    • S&G Ragweed
    • Pigweed


I’ve gone the allergy drops route, they are a sub for allergy shots. They slowly make your immune system “immune” to the things you’re allergic to. In addition to my drops I will take regular over the counter meds. I’m so glad I took the test, now I know my triggers. Update: I had to quit the allergy drops because I had an allergic reaction. So I’m back to over the counters and nasal spray. They seem to do the trick most of the time.

Helpful Info:

The doctors office gave me some really dope info about oral-allergies. Certain plant derived foods may cause cross-re-activity when eaten raw. Based on my allergies these are things I should keep in mind.

Alder and Birch Maple & Oak: Almonds, apples, cherries, celery, hazelnuts, peaches, pears, parsley, apricots, avocado, bananas and carrots.  Side Note {SN}: I love me some Granny Smith apples with peanut butter and Avocados are one of my drugs of choice.

Grass: Figs, melons, tomatoes and oranges.

Mugworth or Weed: Carrots, celery, coriander, fennel, parsley, peppers and sunflower.

Ragweed: Bananas, cantaloupe, cucumber, honeydew, watermelon, zucchini, Echinacea, artichoke, dandelions hibiscus and chamomile tea. Side Note {SN}: I drink Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea EVERY SINGLE DAY.

411 on Allergy Testing

Have you had an allergy test done? If so what was your experience like? What are your go to remedies for dealing with your allergies?  Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


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  1. Stacie

    My boys are allergic to a lot of the same things. They didn’t have this procedure though, probably because they were so little at the time.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Stacie both of my kids are allergic but they couldn’t do this. You can just have blood work done to determine their allergies.

  2. Jaye@Curvatude

    Wow this is so interesting. I have never had an allergy test and don’t think that I suffer from much more than some mild sinus issues.

    Thanks for the info, I am going to pass this on to people that I know have allergies.

  3. Lashawn

    my son has its every year for food. Last year we did it for seasonal allergies and he basically had area To the whole panel. We went the allergy shot route, so far this year has been SO MUCH BETTER. They are still loading him with the shots because we chose to go the longer route and get shots once a week. But I can see the difference! Hopefully you will feel better soon!

    • MimiCuteLips

      I considered the shots but making it to the office weekly would be a chore. I just picked up my allergy drops and I take them daily. This is a long term method like the shots. I have a lifetime to get this fixed.

  4. Lauren

    Ouch! I’ve heard of allergy testing, but mainly for children. I know you said that it didn’t really hurt, but from the pictures it still looks painful, haha. I’m not allergic to anything that I know of. Overall, I’m glad it’s a mostly painless experience.

  5. Ayieta

    I haven’t had allergy testing, but my son did when he was 5 years old. He wound up being allergic to tons of grasses and trees as well as dust – so he suffers year round. At that time he was so afraid of shots, the allergy shots route was not feasible and I hadn’t heard of drops so he goes on cycles of over-the-counter allergy drugs that only barely helped. Looking at him today (at 20) he’s all sniffly. Definitely going to have him go back for testing and try the drops route (because he is STILL deathly afraid of needles).

    • MimiCuteLips

      Ayieta they can just draw some blood once and test him that way. I just got my drops and while they take time, I’m happy to start the process. I still take my over the counter meds along with the drops.

  6. Vashti (

    Very informative post. I suffer with seasonal allergies but I’ve never had a test done. Definitely worth looking into.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Mine started out as seasonal, they tend to get worse over time. You might not need a test now but in a few years possibly. Enjoy it while you can.

  7. Athena

    Been there and done that. I am allergic to so much – I sometimes wonder how I would have survived living a hundred years ago – I clearly would not have!

  8. Nats

    Hmm I suffer every year through all the seasons I can’t even enjoy the weather when it’s nice out. I stay locked up in my house or stuck in the car with the windows rolled up. You’ve got me thinking maybe I should look into testing.

  9. Keri

    oh my! that looks painful! my husband is allergic to everything, and i’m worried that my boys will have to endure this one day. Thank you for the info!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Keri, my 3 year old and 10 year old both suffer from allergies now. I actually just took my 3 year old to the doctors today.

  10. becca

    I went through allergy testing years back very uncomfortable. However so glad i did it.

  11. Uplifting Families

    I have had to do this several times in my life. It was never fun. I vowed if I ever met my ded again that I was going to get this done again. I am sick of suffering from allergies.

  12. Shonda

    Unfortunately, I had to take my daughter years ago for allergy testing. Thank heavens not many of the pokes welted or flaired up. It was painful enough to watch those little prickles go into her back and arm. Thankfully over the years we have remedied her of all but one of her allergies.

  13. Virginia

    Oh allergies! Such a pain in the butt! I need to get tested to see what specifically I’m allergic to!

  14. Lois Jones

    I’ve never had to go through the testing and it just looks no fun at all. Good information though! Thanks.

  15. Patrice M Foster

    Wow, very informative and interesting … My daughter suffer from allergy and we can’t seem to find the result. I know for a fact she will not sit for all those shots.

  16. Joanna

    very informative. I took an allergy test last year and was happy that I had no reaction. I was really scared because it seems like everyone in my family is allergic to something.

  17. Demetra

    Both my daughter and I have seasonal allergies (her’s are more sever than mine) but I never thought that they could be associated with food allergies. I’ve considered getting both of us tested but I don’t know if she could sit trough it.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Demetra, you can have her tested differently. I never thought the things I am allergic to would also translate into food.

  18. Nay

    So I did an allergy test last year and it was not like this. They did mine through blood work. Is this test to find a more in depth information about your allergies if you know you already have them?
    Thanks for sharing

  19. Christine @MomsNCharge

    OMG girl it looks painful but it’s comforting to know it wasn’t. We had to get my son allergy tested about a year ago when he randomly broke out in hives all over his body. He’s allergic to many of the same things. I feel like I’m developing allergies and I’m pretty sure it’s in some of the foods I’m eating -_-

    • MimiCuteLips

      Oh wow, my son is broken out right now and I need to have him tested. A lot of folks develop allergies living in this area.

  20. Kim

    Allergy testing is fun lol. It isn’t as bad as it looks. It’s good knowingwhat your triggers are or might be. You also provided some helpful info. At least you’re not allergic to things you love like crab and lobster. I was devastated when the dr told me that. I called him a liar lol

  21. Andraea LaVant

    I thankfully have never dealt with allergies, but I learned SOOO much with this post! I admittedly was always just freaked out by the pics that people post, but now that I have some insight, I feel much better and educated. Thank you!!!

  22. Holly

    I have known others who have gotten this done. I just don’t like the idea of being stuck with stuff lol. Then the itchy part yikes. And I feel you on that Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea. I love that one!

  23. Styled By OmiOmy

    Thanks for sharing your in depth experience. I’m this post will encourage others suffering from allergies to get tested since you clearly broke it down.

  24. T. Espinoza

    This is super interesting. My kids have seasonal allergies and I don’t know what they’re allergic to exactly but I don’t think they’re severe enough to warrant 50 needle sticks. They’d be traumatized LOL

  25. Ty

    Geesh! I was wondering how you would know what the different grass and trees meant but now I understand. Great info.

  26. Kat

    Should we guess you won’t be sitting under a sycamore tree eating peanut butter and acocados sipping on camomile tea? 😕😊I’ve never thought to have an allergy test. When the doctors ask if I’m allergic to anything I say no, but I guess I should go check it out as a precaution.

  27. Michelle

    This is great information, especially about cross-reactivity. I KNOW I’m allergic to Ragweed, although I haven’t been formally tested. I’m going to look into that this year. Thanks!

  28. Felecia Monique

    I remember taking my son to the allergist and the horrible ordeal he went through getting pricked. He’s allergic to dogs, cats, trees, grasses, mold, dust and seafood. Safe to say the ordeal was worth it.

  29. Keisha

    Oh wow I have never heard of this test. I don’t have any allergies that I’m aware of lol. So it looks like you’ve been eating/drinking some of the things you’re allergic to, what kind of reactions do you usually get? I don’t know if I could take being allergic to avocado yikes I eat at least 1 a day. OAN: I like your t-shrit

    • MimiCuteLips

      I am a tea drinker and I drink a variety of trees. Some of them are triggers for me, they gave me a long list of food that I should avoid when my allergies are at their worst.

  30. Tia | Pennies In My Pocket

    I have had this done several times in life. It is always so miserable for me because I am allergic to everything. The last time I just wanted to cry because I could not scratch all of the many itchy spots on my arms and back as a result of the injected allergens.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Tia it does get itchy, especially when you have a severe reaction. It makes you want to rake over your skin. They tried to help control that by rubbing a topical cream and alcohol on my arm.

  31. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    Man, I can tell you right now I need one of these test done. My allergies have been killing me this weekend. And I, like you, eat a lot on this list. It could explain a lot!

  32. Courtney CJ

    Prior to reading about your experience, I always assumed it was painful. It has never been something I really wanted to do but if I had kids, I might change my mind. I’m allergic to weird things like apples myself, lol.

    • MimiCuteLips

      It looks more painful than it really is. My son had it done at age 11 and he was fine. Oh wow, I love apples. So far I have no food allergies.

  33. Candice

    I really need to do this because for the very first time in years, something has been kicking my butt this season. It always starts with my eyes and the crazy irritation followed by runny nose, sinus issues and sneezing. Sometimes I get itchy throat with an uncontrollable cough. It’s been the worse! Im thinking of getting an air purifier with hepa, maybe that will help too.

  34. ShaBree

    I had my son tested but never even considered doing it for myself. Lord knows I need to. I will consider doing it.

  35. Kita

    Tis the season! My son has to go for his latest round of allergy testing. It’s a constant battle.

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