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Last week was a busy one for me I was being extraordinary every day. I teased a photo on FB/IG  about the amazing luncheon I had with Alcantara.  If you follow me I hope you saw it, If not you are tardy to this follow party.  Our luncheon took place at the Italian Embassy in DC. HIGH CLASS ALL THE WAY!

Italian Embassy Washington DC

Alcantara, the Italian-made material used to outfit the interiors of the world’s most prestigious sports cars.  Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and Tesla to name a few.  The auto industry is the majority of Alcantara however the fashion industry, interior design and consumer electronics make up the remaining parts.

Italian Embassy Washington DC

Everyone loves a fast car.

Alcantara hosted a Lifestyle Press Luncheon at The Embassy of Italy. My vision was a room full of lifestyle and fashion bloggers mixing and mingling and listening to a presentation of sorts. It was everything but that; we were greeted with warm smiles and Prosecco. PLEASE & THANK YOU. It was at that time that I found out they only invited five bloggers. NICE!!! It was a very intimate informational lunch that allowed us to get to know the Alcantara brand and they were equally interested in getting to know our brands. That is how you do it. Did I mention they had prosecco? Okay let’s keep it moving.

Alcantara Lifestyle Press Luncheon

1st Course: Antipasti – Citrus Lobster medallions with beet aioli mouse. DELICIOUS!

Alcantara Embassy of Italy

2nd Course: Primi – Penne with tomato vegetable rage sauce

Alcantara Embassy of Italy

3rd Course: Carne – Grilled rack of lamb with herbs and grilled asparagus in light mustard sauce

Alcantara Embassy of Italy

4th Course: Dolce – Traditional Italian Tiramisu flavored with Limoncello

I’m not a Tiramisu fan but this was yummy.

Alcantara Embassy of Italy Washington DC

All Things Fadra | Trendy Latina | Alcantara CEO Andrea Boragno
The Style Medic | The Dude Mom | MimiCuteLips

 Alcantara Partnered with the World Bank’s Connect4Climate, the Earth Day Network and the Global Poverty Project. That is why they were moving and shaking amongst the Nations Capital.  Andrea Boragno, Chairman & CEO of Alcantara recently helped organize a monumental automotive conference on sustainability. They are one of the first European companies to be certified as carbon neutral. Here is the part that I love. Alcantara is committed to the environment and that is a core value of their brand.

Alcantara Embassy of Italy Washington, DC

Alcantara material is now a top lifestyle choice of fashion designs who strive for unique creativity, versatility, functionality, innovation, and sustainability. These pillows are hot and I love the variety of textures used. A few of them matched my outfit, that’s how I know it was meant to be.

Alcantara Embassy of Italy Washington DC

How cute would these be in your home?

Alcantara Embassy of Italy

Selfie with Alcantara CEO Andrea Boragno

Alcantara Embassy of Italy Washington DC

Our luncheon was amazing, team Alcantara.

 Alcantara had a 1,100 square foot “Magic Garden exhibit and VIP Lounge at the 2015 Earth Day Concert on the National Mall.  After hanging with my new friends at Alcantara I can honestly say I’m all about their lifestyle. This is my kind of brand.

Alcantara Earth Day 12

At our amazing luncheon Andrea and his staff invited us to the Alcantara VIP Pavillion at the Global Citizen Earth Day concert. YES! I had already purchased a ticket for the Rise Empowerment Tour so I couldn’t go until that was over. It was amazing, I will recap that later this week. I did however miss Usher & Common and I really, I mean really, really wanted to see them.

Alcantara Earth Day 14

Alcantara designed and furnished the backstage are and the VIP lounge. This set up was so cute, the message was on point and it was popcorn. The other side also had candy to put in your popcorn. I always notice the details and they didn’t disappoint.

Alcantara Earth Day 15

Let me tell you about this ShopHouse Kitchen. I’ve never been but I will be going, their food was a party in my mouth.

Alcantara Earth Day 16

This ShopHouse bowl will change your life. {White rice, Pork & Chicken meatball, charred corn, green curry sauce, pickled vegetables and topped with crispy garlic. This right here set the tone and it was delicious. They also had ice cream, cupcakes, and some other treats there.

Alcantara Earth Day 17

Alcantara decor was creative, it was diverse and it was worth talking about.  The Magic Garden was Carbon Neutral thanks to Building Energy. They provided solar panels that offset the CO2 emissions of the event.

Alcantara Earth Day 18

The chairs were a variety of styles and textures.

Alcantara Earth Day 19

The flowers were a beauty and the cupcakes under them were even prettier.

No Doubt, Usher, Fall Out Boy, Mary J. Blige and Train headlined the event with special guests Common and D’Banj.

Alcantara Earth Day 20

I love me some Don Cheadle, House of Lies is my show. If you don’t watch please re-evaluate your life choices.

Alcantara Earth Day 21 was taking pics of the crowd while I was snapping his picture.  He and Soledad O’Brien hosted the event.

Alcantara Earth Day 24

No Doubt was so full of energy and they hit some classics. Gwen is a force and that is all.

Alcantara Earth Day 22

Chris Martin of Cold Play {Gwenth Paltrow’s ex-husband} shared a word or two.

Alcantara Earth Day 23

Frieda Pinto hit the stage for a few words.

Who do you want to see hit the stage next year?

A million thanks to my new friends at Alcantara. From the moment we met you rolled out the red carpet. I appreciate every detail, every kind word and your gracious hospitality. We totally need to do this again next year.


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  1. Kasi

    That Alcantara event looks fabulous, and the food looks amazing. You looked fly as well. What a great opportunity! You know I’m jealous of your VIP back stage access to the Global Citizen Earth Day, lol. You got really good pics! I saw Common and Usher, they were great!

  2. Nadeen

    Sounds like a great event! That concert-yes and the Prosecco-yes! Thanks for introducing me to this luxury brand!

  3. Carin Kilby Clark

    Fabulous! and that food has me drooling… Love all the pictures!

  4. T. Espinoza

    You already know how I feel about this but I shall say it again… Yasssss! Alcantara is an amazing company and they really know how to make a girl feel like a VIP. #TeamAlcantara

  5. Tyra (@BarrisTourista)

    This seems like such an amazing day! The pictures are amazing and I love your voice. And I will re-evaluate my life choices re: House of Cards. Seems like a high-class, amazing event!

  6. Christine @MomsNCharge

    Great recap Mimi!!!! Had I not just flown in the night before from Memphis, I surely would’ve joined you all at the mall. This looks like a really great time, but even better, a great company/brand to get to learn from 🙂

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks Christine, you would have enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to more events on the Mall. I’ve learned so much from Alcantara already. I certainly look forward to working with them again.

  7. Nicole

    I love how intimate this all sounds, and the food looks very delicious! Great recap.

  8. Shonda

    This event looks smashing and food looks incredibly scrumptious. it looks like you had an amazing time.

  9. Uplifting Families

    Wow this was a super fancy event. It would be such an honor to go to something like this in the future. I’ve never heard of Alcantara until today. They hosted a great party too.

  10. becca

    This event looked fabulous. I am so jealous right now. Okay maybe more excited for you then jealous.

  11. Jessica Harlow

    It sounds and looks like they did indeed roll out the red carpet! What an amazing event. I would have been floored to see all of those celebrities, Don Cheadle might have been my favorite!

  12. Lois Jones

    What a fabulous event to attend. Wonderful VIP treatment!

  13. Kristin

    How fun! That food… The decor… The talent… Amazing!

  14. kungphoo

    I love those cars and lamb chops.. that is a nice combo for me..

  15. Avry

    DANG! what an awesome time! the food looks delish too!

  16. Fadra

    I’m soooo jealous I was out of town for the concert. I love, love, love me some Don Cheadle!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Fadra he was so handsome. The concert was a good time I’m going to try and hang out on the mall a little more.

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  18. Holly

    Amazing time it looks like you had. The food looked like it was really good. I love tiramisu.

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