Curl Centric Curly Kids Coloring Book Review & Interview

Where are my coloring Cuties?

This one is for you and or the little Cutie in your life. Ever since I was a little girl I loved to color. When my girl was old enough to scribble I was buying her coloring books. Out of all the coloring books we have Doc McStuffins is the only one that has images of little girls that look like her. Nori likes a variety of characters and I’m okay with that. However I want her to see images of people that look like her and have hair textures like hers. Beauty is shown in a very narrow scope and that simply isn’t good enough for me.  When I find images of brown boys and girls I support them.

I was given a free copy of this coloring book in exchange for my review.
All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. Don’t worry, I shan’t tell a lie.

Note the characters on her pajamas.

Curl Centric Coloring Book 1

Imagine my elation when I find out Curl Centric has published a children’s coloring book titled Curly Kids Coloring Book. They want children to see positives portrayals of kids with curly hair. Me too! This book has 30+ images of girls with curly hair. Nori flipped the pages with excitement as she noticed hairstyles she has worn and hairstyles of family and friends.

Curl Centric Coloring Book 2

How cute are these images, this little girl was rocking bantu-knots.

Curl Centric Coloring Book 3

When Nori saw the images of a little girl sporting a TWA {Teeny weenie afro} in the coloring book she proudly shouted “Mama she has hair like you.” Y’all just don’t know how amazing that felt to see her excitement or something so small yet so big.

Curl Centric Coloring Book 4

The hairstyles in the book range from cornrow braids, puffs, two strand twist, bantu knots, wash and go, locs and many more. Moms this book is great for styling ideas too. Mimic a hairstyle in your child’s coloring book and then let her color that page.

Curl Centric Coloring Book 7

I did a Q&A session with author Akirashanti Byrd.


Q: Have you had any insecurities about your own natural hair?

 A: Oh my gosh, yes! Even though as a child, I was always told I had “good hair”.  See, I never saw my hair as good hair. In my mind, Freddie Brooks from A Different World fit my definition of good hair. Kids cracked on (teased) my hair and called me names. I have always stood against the word nappy, though. I truly believe nothing good can come from placing that label on anybody, you know? As a kid growing up, I remember say, “My hair ain’t nappy, it might be tangled but it ain’t nappy!”

I am so happy that I finally realized that we all have beautiful hair, regardless of the texture. We just think we have ugly hair and we do ugly things to it.

Q: Do you have plans for additional coloring books or story books?

A: I do, yes.  As the Curly Kids Coloring Book continues to grow in popularity, I would like to choose a few characters and develop their storylines.

Q: What is the single thing you want kids to take away from this book?

A: The one thing I want the kids to take away is there is nothing wrong with their hair.


Q: How long did this process take from the birth of the idea to print?

A: Wow, from thought to print was about 9 months. The first 3 months was used to get my thoughts and plan fleshed out. It took some time to figure out what I needed to do to get started and how I was going to balance my full time job, children, a house, a husband, a blog and life.

Q: As a child with brown skin and kinky hair is there something you wished people would have said or done regarding your self-esteem?

A: The media plays a big role in the information we are served to consume and digest. At would have been most beneficial to see little girls and women with hair like mine, regularly. Oh, and for them to be portrayed as happy, confident and accepting of their hair and for the day not to be labeled a “bad” hair day.

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What are your thoughts? Did you have dolls and coloring books that looked like you growing up?

Curl Centric Curly Kids Coloring Book 8

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  1. Kira

    This is awesome! Thank you so much for your contribution and support for the #BeCurlCentric Blog Tour!


  2. Chelle Roberts (BrownGirlsFly)

    Hi Mimi,

    Thanks for featuring and reviewing this coloring book. It’s so great when we can provide kids with images that reflect themselves. I was in Utah earlier this year and I met a little girl there who absolutely hated her hair. Her self image was so wrong. She had the kind of curls people would pay for. But, the environment where she lives lacks diversity. And, she’s mixed (Latino and Black) so she doesn’t even have her mother and other women in the family to model herself after. She’s literally the only one in her world who looks like her. It made me so sad to see a girl so young with these early signs of self-hatred. I gave her mom the name of a few sites/blogs. But this little girl needs affirmation everywhere in her life. And coloring books like this, where little curly girls can see themselves staring back. are so important.

    PS. Nori is the cutest ever!!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Awww, that breaks my heart. I work so hard to make sure Nori knows that she is beautiful just the way she is. Her dad, brother and I constantly tell her we love her hair. I also show her by wearing my own natural hair and showing her images of others. I don’t want her to ever think that there is something wrong with the way she was made. It makes me sad to know that so many brown girls still don’t believe they are beautiful just the way they are.

    • Kira

      Thank you so much for sharing that story. Although it sadden my heart, it echos all the reasons why books should show diversity and inclusion. When you said, “She is literally the only one in her world that looks like her,” it gripped my heart. When I was talking to my daughter (7) about the coloring book, she said that the coloring book helps because it shows that you are not the only one.


  3. Carin Kilby Clark

    I love this! I wish they had more stuff like this when my daughter was younger. She’s 12 now, and very much in love with her curls for which I’m thankful. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. LaShawn

    I love this! I love that little girls can see themselves in a coloring book! I wish we had had things like this when i was growing up

  5. Vashti (veepeejay.com)

    Love, love the CurlCentric Coloring book and the message behind it. Nori is the cutest!

  6. Healing Tomato

    What a cute idea. The coloring books will keep kids busy forever.

  7. Carissa Pelletier

    Wow, the coloring book is so adorable! I love the variety of images and hairstyles on each page. The background story is really interesting to read about – thank you!

  8. Amanda K

    Oh my goodness! This is amazing. There should be more books like this for kids. I think all children should be able to find characters in books/coloring books like themselves!

  9. Jamie

    How fun!!! What a great way to let the kids have fun with something that feels more at home. Too many times, dolls, coloring books, etc. are aimed at only certain groups. Opening it up makes it so much more personal and fun! Beautiful coloring job by your daughter, too!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Jamie I totally agree, the beauty of us is that we come in so many different shapes and sizes. I hope we start to see a little more of the other shapes and sizes.

  10. Jessica

    So very awesome. And she is a total doll!

  11. Stacy T.

    I love this coloring book idea. Wish more companies were better aware of the need for stuff like this.

  12. Dana Brown

    love it! very awesome

  13. Shonda

    First, she is a total cutie. Second, my kids are curly Q’s too. I will have to take a closer look at these books.

  14. Kasi

    That coloring book is so cute and such a great idea! Nice to see how much your daughter loved it!

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