National Building Museum Beach Exhibit

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I finally got the chance to take the kids to The Beach Exhibit at the National Building Museum in DC.  This exhibit has been really popular, I’m talking more than one hundred and forty thousand people have visited this summer popular. The cool thing is a lot of adults are going without kids. It’s really fun for all ages, the kind of fun you didn’t expect to have. You might even catch yourself in the moment and think “I’ve not had this much fun in a really long time.” There is no sun, no water and no sand.

The museum partnered with Snarkitecture to create this amazing exhibit. I don’t know anything about them but their name is dope.  The exhibit covers 10,000 square feet and includes an “ocean” of nearly 750 thousand recyclable translucent plastic balls. Imagine a ball pit on massive steroids; it took them two weeks to build. HERE is a really cool time lapse video of them creating the beach exhibit.

“The BEACH is contained within an enclosure and built out of construction materials such as scaffolding, wooden panels, and perforated mesh, all clad in stark white. Monochromatic beach chairs and umbrellas sprinkle the 50-foot wide “shoreline,” and the “ocean” culminates in a mirrored wall that creates a seemingly infinite reflected expanse. Visitors are welcome to “swim” in the ocean, or can spend an afternoon at the “shore’s” edge reading a good book, play beach-related activities such as paddleball, grab a refreshing drink at the snack bar, or dangle their feet in the ocean off the pier.” – NBM

national building museum 1

She tried to leave home looking like this. Ummm NO!

national building museum 2 The Beach exhibit

The Beach, National Building Museum

national building museum 3 The Beach exhibit

You can lounge in the sand.

national building museum 4 The Beach exhibit

I think she likes it.

national building museum 5 The Beach exhibit

He never wants to leave this place.

national building museum 6 The Beach exhibit

Okay, so it is really cool.

national building museum 7 The Beach exhibit

Dad is missing out on all of this cuteness.

national building museum 8 The Beach exhibit

He had to help me keep her from sinking.

The kids and I had an old fashion good time. However, it was a workout I didn’t sign up for. Moving around this ball pit is like walking in quick sand.  The “water” is deep and I had to keep my daughter up or she would sink to the bottom because she wasn’t tall enough to reach the floor. Since we were having so much fun I did my first periscope while we were there. *Body Roll* I was a bit in my feelings because the tickets were $16 {adult) and $13 {kids} but we had so much fun it was totally worth it. The exhibit is only here for a few more weeks. If you are in the DC area I encourage you to go and check it out.

This is the video from Periscope {follow me @mimicutelips} so it isn’t as clear as I would like. You get the feel though.

#TheBeachDC The Beach exhibit

Would you come and check it out? If you’re in the DC area have you been? Chat with me in the comment section below or FBIG or Twitter.


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  1. Tiffani G

    That looks like so much fun! Maybe we’ll take a road trip to check it out. P.S. I have the same shirt.

  2. Tyra

    Okay this looks like so much fun! And the indoor beach is neat. Looks like a great place for kids and families.

  3. Holly

    Looks like yall had a blast. Very cool. Kids are adorable and I love the bunny ears.

  4. Nicole (Nicole's Lifestyle Lounge)

    That looked like such an awesome time. You did great on your first Periscope. I’ve been trying to get going. But i’ll get it right.

  5. Ayanna

    That looks so cool! I would be worried about being able to get out tho! Great video too, you’ve got skillz!

  6. lisa

    That has to be one of the coolest exhibits ever. I would love to check out a beach exhibit. I may never want to leave!

  7. rika agustini

    That looks cool. we never been to DC! That museum is so cool. I heard a train museum in our area is pretty awesome. I have to take my kids to go there

  8. Jonna

    Awwww I miss doing fun stuff like this with my step-daughter. She’s 19 now but knowing her, she’d still want to go LOL

  9. Jenn

    That looks like great adventure! I have never heard of it before! You daughter is too cute and looked like she loved it!

  10. Terry

    My Granddaughter was just in DC. Her boyfriend got a job close to there so she can go as often as she wants.

  11. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    This looks like so much fun! I think my family and I would love spending the day in a giant ball pit!

  12. Katie

    What a cool exhibit! I would love to take my daughter to it. I need to look for things like this near me.

  13. Patranila

    An indoor beach as a museum exhibit! Such fun! I love the beach.

  14. Teems

    I love that place but I definitely cringed at the price. I wish I would have just gotten the summer pass to hang out there. I have my recap up soon too! lol I really like the updated logo my the way.

  15. Christine @MomsNCharge

    Ok I may need to try and sneak in here before they close! But I don’t know if I’m ready for that workout LOL. CONGRATS on your first scope 🙂

  16. Rebecca Swenor

    This Beach Exhibit sounds totally amazing and I do believe you are right when you said for any age. lol. I have never heard of it before but I am for sure going to have to check it out. I love it is all recyclables too. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This is a great place to be with the kids. Your children look like they had a great time! Those smiles are just precious!

  18. Cia |

    I am obsessed with the beach. This looks so cool! On a side note, I love how you took pictures of all of you individually then as a group. My daughters love their solo pics. LOL!

  19. Jaye@Curvatude

    Looks like you guys had a great time and how adorable are the wee ones!

  20. Mykidsguide

    Oh wow, you guys had so much fun. My kids would love to be on that beach.

  21. Karneisha

    That’s pretty cool! Looks like you all had a blast!

  22. JoAnna

    OMG this looks so fun! I would do it for date night or taking my niece and nephews. I wonder if they could do something similar in NY. lol

  23. Chubskulit Rose

    Wow this looks like so much fun! My kids would have a blasyt with this event. Thanks for sharing the photos and video.

  24. Melissa

    This looks like so much fun! I totally am going to fill a room with balloons and take pictures of my daughter now. I love it! That is so cool!

  25. Shaney Vijendranath

    So awesome! My daughter would of had a ball in there. 😉 Love the concept behind it, we need one here in SA.

  26. Jeanine

    Wow great photos. It looks like it was a lot of fun. The kids are super cute and really look like they enjoyed it too! So fun.

  27. Dina

    Your kids are adorable and look like they had a fabulous time at the national museum beach exhibit. How fun.

  28. Adanna

    Oh this looks like so much fun! I heard about The Beach but unfortunately we didn’t make it there during our trip to DC. So awesome!

  29. Camesha | Mama Motivator

    This looks like so much fun! You can never lose with a ball pit. Those are the best!

    P.S. I love that Hillman shirt!

  30. Uplifting Families

    This looks like so much fun. I haven’t been to the museum in a long time. I might have to take the family one day. We don’t have the cool beach exhibit though.

  31. Tami

    Oh my son would enjoy this so much! Now, I just have to find something my hubby would enjoy doing nearby so that we can plan a trip!

  32. ricci

    It looks like y’all had a great time!! I love ball pits and I am 32…LOL!!

  33. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    I’m sure your kids had loads of fun with The Beach exhibit! My daughter would love it too.

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