Month: December 2015

Happy New Year : MimiCutelips 2015 Year in Review

Hey Cuties,

We are down to the last day of 2015, Happy New Year! I appreciate you for rocking with me. I hope I've shared something that connected with you one way or another.  I read all your comments and I try to reply to each of them. I don't take your time for granted, you could be anywhere in the world but I appreciate that you come here to chat with me. This year has been major in a rather low key kind of way. Sometimes it takes some reflecting to realize just how far you've come. That applies across the board in life, when we are in the thick of things it's hard to realize the how far we've come. 2015 was a year of preparation for me and let me tell you MIMICUTELIPS IS READY HONEY!

Pajama Jammy Jam

Hey Cuties,

I've been catching up on Netflix, clearing off my DVR and watching old movies. You know, all the important things you do while staycating. I was out of breath after watching House Party when I realized I hadn't shared my Pajama Jammy Jam with you. You can't watch this movie and not bust out some old school moves. I always wanted to be Sharane, don't judge me.   We had so much going on in December I didn't get a chance to recap it all. I have two more days left in the year and I plan to get caught up.

Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels & Spoons

Hey Cuties,

We survived Christmas, I hope it was time well spent doing whatever you did/didn't want to do. We opened gifts and all of that at home. This year we utilized technology and used FaceTime with my sister so she could see my kids open their gifts. On Babe's phone we used Google Hangout so my Mom could also watch. Full Disclosure they both live within five minutes of us. hahaha Later that evening we went to my in laws for dinner, my Mom and sister also joined us.

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Hey Cuties,

I've been meaning to share this nice set of wheels with you. I'm a Mom on the go, I'm picking up the kids, dropping them off, taking them to sports you know, the usual mom taxi life. This also includes my frequent runs to Target, the craft stores and Costco; those are more so for me than the kids. Shout out to the folks at DriveShop for allowing my family and I seven sweet days to test drive the 2015 Mitsubishi, Outlander Sport.

Salt-N-Pepa’s Here

Hey Cuties, I'm taking a break from all things Christmas to talk about a blast from my past. I spent the first seven years of my life living in the Bronx, New York. I lived on East 22nd Second Street between Barnes & Bronxwood and I loved our block. Rap music was bursting on the scene and it was a great time to live in New York. My sister is six years older than me and was all about her music. That means I was introduced to artist such as Salt-N-Pepa much earlier that my peers. Get up on this! 

Moguls in Media Celebrity Night Out {Event Alert}

Hey Cuties,

We are officially in the home stretch for Christmas and New Year's. I've been reflecting on my year, this includes the hails and fails.  I'm also working on my schedule and goals  for 2016. I have a burning dream that I'm determined to make happen in 2016. MY CAREER DREAM IS GOING TO COME TRUE IN 2016. I have finally learned the power of networking and I've become pretty good with it. In order to grow you must connect with others.

Getting Santa Ready with My Girl

Hey Cuties,

Christmas is next week and the excitement is increasing. The kids are still asking for things, they want to decorate everything, and the little one keeps asking if Christmas is tomorrow. Meanwhile I'm trying to buy Babe gifts and hide them around the house. I'm excited and tired at the same time, gift giving is so important to me. I always want my gift to be the best gift you've ever had, no matter the occasion. Is Santa real, he is in my book.

Christmas in New York

Hey Cuties,

How was the weekend? Are you still shopping, just starting or flat out over the holidays? Have you put in your vacation leave for the rest of the year? I'm counting down my last few days in the office until the New Year. Last week I hit up New York to check out some eats, shopping and the beautiful holiday decor. I typically go in the warmer months but the holiday decor is really something to experience.

I Hate You So Much Right Now #YouDeserveBetter

Hey Cuties, Friday is here and the work week for most is coming to a close in a few hours. Are you doing anything fun this weekend? We are taking the little one to see the Christmas lights at the Zoo. We've never been before but The Style Medic suggested it. Plus, FREE! I've had a busy week, but it was productive. My allergies have been on 5,000 thanks to the 60+ temps.  It is a trade off and I am willing to suck it up, even if I sound funny due to my congestion.

Tennessee Titan Jason McCourty

Hey Cuties,

Happy Hump Day Wednesday, how is the week going thus far? Are you finished shopping, haven't started shopping, or don't plan to shop? Have you decorated your home yet? I haven't but at least we took the tree out of the attic. Yay for fake trees, because real tree allergies.  I have a fun interview for you about Game Day & Holiday Traditions with Tennessee Titan's Jason McCourty and his mom. Fun Fact: His twin brother Devin McCourty plays for the New England Patriots.
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