2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Hey Cuties,

I’ve been meaning to share this nice set of wheels with you. I’m a Mom on the go, I’m picking up the kids, dropping them off, taking them to sports you know, the usual mom taxi life. This also includes my frequent runs to Target, the craft stores and Costco; those are more so for me than the kids. Shout out to the folks at DriveShop for allowing my family and I seven sweet days to test drive the 2015 Mitsubishi, Outlander Sport.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with DriveShop & Mitsubishi; all opinions are my own.

I am officially the Mom of a man child, my son recently turned 11 but is growing like weed. This means he requires more space in the vehicle than years past. He is also a pre-teen so he is all about riding with his tech gadgets. I also have the little old lady who is almost four, this means a car seat is a must and her stuff to keep her entertained.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 1

I work in Washington, D.C and trying to find street parking is a total and complete nightmare. Driving this crossover vehicle around made it a bit easier. This car is very nimble and I loved that, its small in size so I could fit in parking spaces that I usually have to pass up. SCORE!

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2

Visually it looks good, and the Babe liked the fact that you could adjust the height of the headlights. You know I would have never figured that out on my own. lol MAN APPROVED!

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 7

Safety is a must and they have that covered with the seven air bags; however, as a parent you know the struggle of properly securing a car seat. I didn’t have to bust up my knuckles while digging deep into the seats to find the anchors. They were easily accessible and I appreciate that. KUDOS!

My man child didn’t like the fact that there were no lights and rear vents in the back. He did however appreciate the hidden cup holders in the middle seat.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 8

I love a good concert in the car, don’t laugh if you see me in traffic acting as if I’m live on stage. Please know that I am and I shows up and shows out with my shower like singing and dance moves that rival Beyoncé Oh, it’s not a game and this car is here for it; this Rockford fosgate Sub-woofer oh she thumps. She took my concert performance to epic levels. I’m talking a sold out audience in traffic, WHAT! This is CLUB APPROVED!

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 9

I had 4 16 lb. bags of ice + 4/36 packs of soda + 4/35 packs of bottle water + table cloths and a couple of party extras in the back. I was able to fit them all in with no issues. MAJOR!

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 10

This car is selfie approved {I wasn’t moving} the panoramic sun roof is perfect for natural light. It also keeps a little sexy at night it has lights running down the side. Extra cute when riding out for a date night.

I also liked the rear camera assist, the cute greetings when you turn the vehicle on and off, the push button start and the heated seats are no joke.

While this vehicle isn’t ideal for my family of four it is perfect for a teen, single person, a couple with a baby and or a toddler, a nanny or a commuter car.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2015

What are your must haves in a car? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


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  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That’s one sweet ride. I love all the room in the back end for shopping and road tripping, and the styling is gorgeous.

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    What a sweet ride! I have heard nothing but good things about this car and I would love to test drive one someday!

  3. Jeannette

    That looks like a wonderful car and I love how much storage it has! I’m not in the market for a new car right now but when I am this will definitely be on my list!

  4. Liz Mays

    I’m really starting to love this car. I’m glad it’s nimble enough for city driving plus it’s safe and has plenty of storage space.

  5. Crystal Lopez

    This is really a cute SUV. My whole family wouldn’t fit but it looks like it is ideal for smaller families and a lot of space for groceries too!

  6. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love the design of this vehicle. It has so many great features. I will have to take one for a test drive. I am looking to replace my one car.

  7. Carla Bushey

    I LOVE the car BUT…… OMG I love your glasses… Thanks for sharing I would love to own this car…

  8. Chubskulit Rose

    This looks great to drive around town or on a road trip. Love your jean ensemble clothing!

  9. Rebecca B.

    I love my push button start, heated seat and reverse camera and alert system on my car. It also has to have a good amount of pick up and go!!

  10. Rebecca Swenor

    This 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport looks like an amazing car for anyone indeed to own. I love how much room it has in the back which is a big seller to me and the back up assistance. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Sicorra@NotNowMomsBusy

    That looks like a very nice vehicle.

    I bet you had a great time testing it out too. 🙂

  12. Kathy

    This looks like a great vehicle. I love the color of it too! The interior is really nice as well. Such a beautiful vehicle!

  13. Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog

    I am a country girl, it is all chevy and ford around here – never even considered a Mitsubishi, but that ride is super gorgeous! My ride is getting old and it is time for an upgrade! I might have to just take this gorgeous hunk of metal for a spin! BEAUTIFUL!

  14. Shannon Gurnee

    This car is absolutely gorgeous! The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is a gorgeous model. Love the pictures you shared.

  15. Lynndee

    That is one great looking car and with great features. I would love to test drive that car one of these days.

  16. CourtneyLynne

    Oooooo this car looks pretty fabulous! A new car is definitely on the list for 2016!

  17. HilLesha

    That is fabulous. I’m hoping my next vehicle will be something like this. It would make the ultimate road trip vehicle!

  18. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    This born and raised New York City girl does not drive! I take public transpo everywhere so I don’t know very much about cars. The only thing I know about them is how to hail a taxi, LOL 🙂

    This one does look roomy though!

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