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Happy Hump Day Wednesday, how is the week going thus far? Are you finished shopping, haven’t started shopping, or don’t plan to shop? Have you decorated your home yet? I haven’t but at least we took the tree out of the attic. Yay for fake trees, because real tree allergies.  I have a fun interview for you about Game Day & Holiday Traditions with Tennessee Titan’s Jason McCourty and his mom. Fun Fact: His twin brother Devin McCourty plays for the New England Patriots.

Jason McCourty 1

Devin McCourty                           Jason McCourty

Back Story: The McCourty family story is a unique one. Twins Devin and Jason McCourty were born 27 minutes apart and at age three, their dad died. As kids they promised to get scholarships to college to ease their mother’s financial burden.  They did that and played football together at Rutgers University. Their Mom always told them “There’s always going to be adversity, it’s how you deal with it that makes the difference.” she knew best and they made it to the NFL.

Jason McCourty

Jason and Devin make sure they stay in touch especially because they are own two different NFL teams. That means they have to make an extra effort to spend time when they don’t have games.  Fun Fact: Jason is #30 and Devnin is #32 in the NFL. Their Mother wears a custom split jersey representing each team at all times. Jason’s number is on the front and Devin’s number is on the back. HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!!

McCourty Game Day traditions include:

o   Texting encouragement before games

o   Writing each other’s numbers on their game-day shoes

o   Thinking of their late dad before each game, sometimes having a silent conversation

o   Post-game talks with mom

o   A game-day hand shake from their college careers

Fun Fact: Jason is an American football corner-back for the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the 6th round, 203 overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft.

Jason and Devin shared the same Bye Week for the first time and they celebrated with a party. Duh, wouldn’t you? During that time, they did a commercial which was really cute; this time Mom was the star. Click HERE to watch. The NFL is celebrating 50 years of football and Super Bowls and they want us to get in on the action.

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View the full interview below:

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  1. Allison Jones

    Awesome interview! I always find it interesting when two siblings both play professional sports! Shows that athleticism often runs in families.

    Allison Jones

  2. T. Espinoza

    Awww! First of all, I love mom’s jersey. That is just the cutest thing. It was so sweet to hear Jason talk about how cool it was to be on the field with his brother. So sweet.

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    What a cool interview. You have no idea how much I would love to interview one of the Patriots. Tom Brady especially.

  4. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Our holiday tradition is a game day tradition. Like so many families, we love to watch football after a big holiday meal.

  5. Jeanette

    I love what the mom said to them when they were kids about adversity! I agree I want my kiddo to know how over come it and come out on top!

  6. Liz Mays

    It is so cool how they support each other! I love their traditions and it seems like their family is their real team!

  7. LaShawn

    I love her Jersey! Great interview. It’s amazing how BOTH brothers play professional sports!

  8. Maurene

    I totally agree. This life will be tough and it is important that we stay resilient in every trial we face.

  9. kita

    Love how mom is representing them both. I am not a huge football fan I am just now taking the time to learn the game but it’s been fun. Great interview!

  10. Tyra

    I love this! It was so cute to see mom with her boys. Love this especially around the holidays.

  11. Jasmine Watts

    It’s interesting that both siblings play sports seems like it’s in their blood!! Great interview!

  12. Chubskulit Rose

    They looks so tall! Must be nice to have a sibling playing with you in the professional sports arena.

  13. OurFamilyWorld

    What a great interview. I think it’s cool to see siblings playing together in the same sport.

  14. lisa

    This is awesome! I didn’t know they were twins. What a great list of traditions they have too!

  15. Kiwi

    There are twins in the NFL?? How cool and I didnt know but this was an awesome interview Mimi!

  16. Jamila

    Awesome post. I love the bond that they share as a family.

  17. Lynndee

    A game day tradition sounds like a lot of fun. We don’t have game day traditions, but we do have holiday traditions and we actually made a new one this year.

  18. Ann Bacciaglia

    We love to watch Hockey games together. We make a ton of snacks and put out teams jersey on and cheer. It is great to do it as a family. Now that the kids are teenagers a few of their friends usually end up stopping over to watch with us.

  19. Shannon Gurnee

    That is such an awesome interview girl! Love the mom’s jersey! I would totally do the same thing.

  20. alexandria

    How cute is her jersey? I love that. That is so inspiring that they made their mom that promise. Such good boys! 🙂

  21. Arnitris

    Very nice interview. The love in this family is evident. Love the mom’s jersey!

  22. Vashti (veepeejay.com)

    Aww, I love that Mom reps both boys at the same time. I love hearing stories of people who overcome adversity and go on to do great things.

  23. Mercedes

    Great interview. They sound like a nice, supportive family and I love Mom’s Jersey.

  24. Kayvona

    Yea that jersey is everything!! I know she is one proud mama!

  25. Tonya C

    This family looks great! Two brothers that play together stay together! I love seeing families that are into sports together as much as my family and I are. These pictures are so sweet and great!

  26. Jonna

    The jersey idea was so cute! Having not just your brother but your twin play in the NFL must be pretty cool.

  27. Valerie Robinson

    I love this post as I am big on sports! I love their game day rituals and momma’s jersey LOL!!

  28. Christine @MomsNCharge

    I love this! I just recently found out about these two brothers earlier this year. I love how close they are and their family dynamic. Great interview and really adore the mom’s custom jersey.

  29. Bonnie @wemake7

    I don’t really have any game day traditions but we do have holidays traditions that we do every year. Thank you for sharing your lovely post.

  30. CourtneyLynne

    Omg how cool is it that they both play pro ball!!!! So neat. Great interview 🙂

  31. Janet H.

    What a lovely intervir, thank you for sharing! Btw, I lover the jersey too, so lovely!

  32. Britni

    This is seriously awesome, love the interview! One of my favorite game day memories ever was touring Cowboy Stadium during Thanksgiving week with my in-laws, so fun!

  33. Life as a Convert

    haha I had no clue who these people were but saw the pic and thought “Wow, they look alike”

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