Year: 2015


New Baby Alert: Minbie Bottle

 Hey Cuties,

There is a new baby on board and I have baby fever. Let's be clear my baby girl is three and I am done making babies. My niece had a baby which makes me a Great Aunt but I'm too fly for all of that. I'm affectionately known as Auntie Amazing. haha I'm totally soaking up all the fun things that comes with a new baby. Minus all the sleepless nights, delirium and showering every couple of days.

Curl Centric Curly Kids Coloring Book Review & Interview

Where are my coloring Cuties?

This one is for you and or the little Cutie in your life. Ever since I was a little girl I loved to color. When my girl was old enough to scribble I was buying her coloring books. Out of all the coloring books we have Doc McStuffins is the only one that has images of little girls that look like her. Nori likes a variety of characters and I'm okay with that. However I want her to see images of people that look like her and have hair textures like hers. Beauty is shown in a very narrow scope and that simply isn't good enough for me.  When I find images of brown boys and girls I support them.


Event Recap: Runway Moms for a Cause – Tigerlily Foundation

Hey Cuties, The weather has skipped spring and gone straight to summer in the D.C. area. The social scene is really popping and you just can't do them all.  I had an amazing time at L~Shandi's 3rd Annual Runway Moms for a Cause {RMFC} Black Tie event in Crystal City, VA. All proceeds for this event when to the Tigerlily Foundation. Moms rocked some beautiful apparel and accessories by Studio D'Maxsi & Evelyn Brooks Designs and the lively Paul Wharton hosted the event.

Eat Your Heart Out in Atlanta

Hey Cuties!

I told you I had so much fun in Atlanta that I had to break up the post into a three part series. If you follow me on IG and you better, then you've had a peek of all the mouthwatering deliciousness that went down.  We've arrived to part 2 which happens to be my absolute favorite. FAT GIRL WARNING! {Fat is a mentality not necessarily reflected on the outside.} YOU WILL BE HUNGRY AFTER YOU READ THIS POST! You've been warned let's get started oh and I had sweet tea with all my meals well, because. These are some of my best places to eat in Atlanta.

Part I: Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo  |  Part: 2: What we ate  | Part 3: What we did


Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo

Hey Cuties!

My sister and I embarked on our first sister’s trip to the ATL to attend the Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo. The weather was perfect, the hotel location was perfect, the food was amazing and we got in a lot of things in our five day stay. So much so I have to break it up into an ATL blog series. Part I: Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo  |  Part: 2: What we ate  | Part 3: What we did

Runway Moms for a Cause: Fashion & Charity

The 3rd Annual Runaway Moms for a Cause {RMFC} is taking place Friday, May 8th @ 7PM. This fashionable {Black Tie Event} philanthropic event will be held at the Westin in Crystal City, VA. This event is for philanthropists to have a say in issues that are sometimes overlooked. It's Mother's Day Weekend why not come out and support Moms and give to charity.


Kids Book Review: Gillespie Dancing

The kids were thrilled to hear I had a book for us to review. Nori is all about someone reading stories to her since she doesn't know how to read yet. Nasir is a natural reader and loves books. If you follow me on IG/FB (you totally should) you see pics from our trips to the library.

Book Title: Gillespie Dancing  |  Author: Tina Streeter  |  Illustrator: Daphne Williams

Purchase: Amazon  |  Reading Level: 3


Rise Women Empowerment Tour DC

The Rise Empowerment Tour hit DC last weekend. The event took place in the Blackburn Center on Howard University's Campus.  I've lived here almost 30 years and I've never been on Howard's Campus.  This Tour is all about empowering women interested in entrepreneurship and looking for tips to take it to the next level. Each speaker was an existing black female CEO.  Bonus: The weather was perfect!

R - Reach & Repeat I - Inspire S - Sisterhood E - Elevate

"Individually we're impressive, together we're unstoppable"


Alcantara & Earth Day

Hey Cuties,

Last week was a busy one for me I was being extraordinary every day. I teased a photo on FB/IG  about the amazing luncheon I had with Alcantara.  If you follow me I hope you saw it, If not you are tardy to this follow party.  Our luncheon took place at the Italian Embassy in DC. HIGH CLASS ALL THE WAY!