Month: February 2016


Dr. Seuss Snacks for Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day

Happy Leap Day Cuties, Shout out to those born on February 29th, your next turn up is in four years so make today count. Today we are getting ready for Dr. Seuss Day. Wednesday, March 2nd Dr. Seuss Day and everyone is invited to celebrate. Everyone should know who Dr. Seuss is no matter your age. Just in case you just landed on Earth today Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss was a writer and illustrator known for his popular Dr. Seuss children's books.  This day is filled with all things Dr. Seuss and reading, yes Read Across America.


Happy Friday Cuties! Yesterday with no fanfare MimiCuteLips turned 6 years old; so much has changed in six years. I've learned so much. I've built a community full of awesome cuties like you. We've had a few makeovers; did you notice the new look?  When I started I had no vision, no plan I just wanted to share some of me.  I would randomly post when I wanted and it was a mess. Three years in I decided to get serious about thangs and I fell in love with this place even more. With that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIMICUTELIPS! What better way to celebrate than with #FATSNACKS Friday. Today we're talking about the cream, that's right one of my absolute favorite food drugs. ICE CREAM!

DIY Leap Day Party

Hey Cuties, Our hump day is all about frogs instead of the usual camels today. We are sharing ideas for a Leap Year/Leap Day celebration. You can do something really simple and budget friendly. I'm talking $25 or less. I hosted a Leap Day party in the office; you know because these dreams aren't quite funded for me to do this full time. Leap Day is Monday, February 29th so you still have time. If not save these ideas for four years {side eye} and use them then.


Hey Cuties, How was the weekend? I spent my Saturday running around with Nori. She has quite the social calendar now, how did we get here? She had her first birthday party invite from daycare.  It had a nature theme, but she was NOT for touching the animals. I did touch the chinchilla, it was so cute. Other than talking our heads off toddler parenting is chill right now.  That older one... yeah well...

#FATSNACKS FRIDAY: BBQ Chicken Pinwheels

Hey Cuties, Welcome to our first official #FATSNACKS FRIDAY! Every Friday I will be sharing my affinity for all things #FATSNACKS here on the blog. You already know I loves the food; if you're new around here allow me to get you caught up.  What are #FATSNACKS: food that provides an eruption of deliciousness in your mouth.  Don't get confused because the word "fat" is in the mix, this doesn't have to be an unhealthy item. A lot of times they are but it isn't a requirement. I know you've eaten something so good you just knew it would give you an extra 10 pounds. That my friend is a #FATSNACK. I believe in saying it with my chest, so... 

Southwestern Chicken

Hey Cuties,

I enjoyed making the sandwich this week; so much so I kept cooking. Week to week I struggle to find something different to fix for dinner. Like most people we generally eat the same things over and over again. I want to change it up a bit; I get tired of eating the same things all the time. Full disclosure, I don't love to cook, but I love to eat; hence my love for #fatsnacks and my need for fitness.


Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookie Chex Mix

Hey Cuties, Friday has arrived and we are two out from Valentine's Day, are you over it yet? I've been taking care of a kid that hasn't gotten sick in 11 years. He is better and finally back to school. This gave me time to work on My Girl's Valentine's Day treats.  I signed up to bring Chex Mix; I've been wanted to make some but hadn't found a recipe that I liked. After many Google & Pinterest searches I found one that was perfect. Because I love my Cutie's, I'm sharing it with you.

DIY Valentine’s MimiCuteLIPS Shirt

Hey Cuties, Valentine's Day is approaching along with a three-day weekend and I know y'all are making plans. Beyoncé  has you all hype, so book your reservations at Red Lobster as soon as possible. We will celebrate your love on top mid-November.  If you have need something to wear, then The Style Medic and I have you covered. We are sharing DIY shirts you can rock to celebrate love; any way you like it.

Race Red Carpet, Screening with Actor Stephan James

Hey Cuties, Did you watch the dry Superbowl 50? Were you mad that Cam didn't win? Did you think it was rigged for Petyon? Are you like I don't even know who those people are because Beyonce showed up and showed out? I loved the Bruno & Beyonce battle dance. Beyonce broke the internet this Saturday when she released her new song/video of Formation. If that wasn't enough she performed during the Half Time show and announced her Formation tour at the same dam time. Her marketing skills are on 1,000.
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