Dr. Seuss Snacks for Dr. Seuss Read Across America Day

Happy Leap Day Cuties,

Shout out to those born on February 29th, your next turn up is in four years so make today count. Today we are getting ready for Dr. Seuss Day. Wednesday, March 2nd Dr. Seuss Day and everyone is invited to celebrate. Everyone should know who Dr. Seuss is no matter your age. Just in case you just landed on Earth today Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss was a writer and illustrator known for his popular Dr. Seuss children’s books.  This day is filled with all things Dr. Seuss and reading, yes Read Across America.

Dr. Seuss Snacks 3

You already know I love a theme and I love my DIY. I think the spring weather has me feeling all extra crafty and such. My daughter is four and she is excited about Dr. Seuss Day. My oldest is eleven and so he doesn’t care as much. He and I did fun things like this when he was her age. Because fair, I had to recreate some magic for the second child.  This is the second easiest Dr. Seuss craft you can do.

Dr. Seuss Snacks 6

This is our One fish two fish red fish blue fish Jell-O cups. This is berry blue Jell-O with multi-color Swedish fish.

Dr. Seuss Snacks 4

This is the easiest, laziest {I’m not judging} I forgot it was Dr. Seuss day and my kids are pissed or I was supposed to bring snacks to the school craft.

Dr. Seuss Snacks 5

Classic Pepperidge Farm colorful Goldish. I purchased these Dr. Seuss boards from the dollar bin at Target, they are actually dry erase.

Dr. Seuss Snacks 1

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Cupcakes because #FatSnacks

Dr. Seuss Snacks 9

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Cupcakes

You know how you have a vision then you are determined to create it. Yup, this was that thing for me.  The real trick is the icing so let me show you how to do it.

Dr. Seuss Snacks 7

Whipped White Frosting + Food Coloring Gels

I purchased a container of white frosting; I got the whipped kind, I didn’t mean to but it worked. Don’t be like me, read the label. lol I purchased a four pack of spring colored food coloring gels. The pack came with Magenta {MimiCuteLips Pink}, Orange, Teal & Purple. I used three out of four because my color-swirl maxed out at three. Apparently four is doing too much. lol It doesn’t take a lot to get the color you want. Naturally use fewer drops for a pastel version of colors. I believe I used about two drops.

Dr. Seuss Snacks 8

Next up pour the frosting into piping bags. You can also use sandwich bags, I use them as well. Tip: I put the bags inside of a mug, and then roll the bags over the edges. This makes the bag stationary and your pouring experience pleasant. Then your piping bags join forces like Transformers and you put the ColorSwirl tip on the end. Then go to work honey. hahahaha When I did the Key Lime Cupcakes I told you I wanted to get better at my frosting skills. HELLO BETTER!

Dr. Seuss Snacks 2

DIY Dr. Seuss Desserts. Oh, the Places You'll Go! Cupcakes & One Fish Two Fish Blue Red Fish Desserts

Are you doing anything to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day? What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


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  1. Liz Mays

    Aww, I love those Dr. Seuss colors. These are perfect snacks for a day of Dr. Seuss rhymes and stories

  2. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    My kids LOVE Dr. Seuss. These snack ideas are so adorable and my kids would absolutely love to try these. I’m totally trying to recreate some of these this weekend!

  3. Vera Sweeney

    I love these snacks! I love the frosting colors on your cupcakes it’s so beautiful!

  4. Miles L.

    I love reading Dr. Seuss’s stories to my kids. Those snacks also look delicious. What a way to enjoy reading!

  5. Ashley Whipple

    Those cupcakes are so pretty!! I love the jello cups with the fish too. Very clever.

  6. Jennifer

    Dr Seuss books are THE BEST! I loved reading them as a kid and still love them. These are amazingly creative ideas and snacks to celebrate.

  7. T. Espinoza

    Those cupcakes are just the cutest things ever! My kids would love the jello cups but I’d probably eat all the Swedish fish so… LOL

    • MimiCuteLips

      The cupcakes are going to make me fat. The last thing I need to cut food around. The kids pressed me out about the Jell-O cups and they ate the Swedish fish. lol Meanwhile I’ve been eating the cupcakes.

  8. Maureen

    I love these ideas. Those cupcakes turned out absolutely adorable. My son would love them!

  9. Jaime Nicole

    Wow! These are such creative and delicious ideas to celebrate the Seuss! I love the quotes paired with the treats – those cupcakes look wonderful!

  10. Stacie

    Oh my! Your creativity never ends girlfriend. Cute!

  11. Jay |

    I don’t have kids so honestly, I didn’t even know Dr. Seuss Day was a thing. *holds head in shame* You find the neatest ways to celebrate the moment. I’m here for the cupcakes.

  12. Jasmine Watts

    Those cupcakes are so cute!! This is such great fun idea!!

  13. aaronica @ the crunchy mommy

    i don’t know which i like more! the bits of wisdom or the snacks!

  14. XmasDolly

    Dr. Seuss is the greatest for kids and cupcakes are the cutest. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Simone S. Gray

    This was so good. I love the colors, fish, cupcakes….. The whole concept. You’re so creative! I so remember Dr. Seuss being such a part of my childhood! Wow

  16. Kerissa

    Everything looks delicious. I’m a big cupcake junkie! I didn’t celebrate because I teach high school but when I volunteered in children’s church we did and it was fantabulous. Oh the place you will go is my favorite book. We give it to the top 2 graduates now that I’m on the opening committee. It’s a kid’s book that keeps on giving.

  17. Crystal

    I love, love this post. Dr Suess is one of my favorites. I enjoyed the quotes.

  18. Toya

    So I would either be the fish in the jello mom or the colorful goldfish snack mom lol. Great post and the cupcakes looked great!

  19. Valerie robinson

    Omg you rocked this!!! Excellent as always! I think you missed your calling as a party planner 🙂

  20. Allison Jones

    These snacks are adorable. The cupcakes are too cute.


  21. Chrystal, ChryssVI

    My nieces would love this! We always watch Cat In The Hat!

  22. Kirstin N. Fuller (@thetravelindiva)

    What a wonderful DIY! Those cupcakes look better than most store bought ones. You’ve got skills kid! 🙂 lol

  23. Bree

    What a creative and fun way to engage kids with reading! This definitely made me reminisce one being a kid and reading Green Eggs and Ham in class.

  24. Ramona from AddictedtoFries

    This is a great post. I love Dr. Seuss! Your snack ideas are awesome. Those cupcakes look delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Michelle

    We love Dr. Seuss! Great snack ideas, my kids will love them. We homeschool and I am always looking for some inspiration to liven it up around here.

  26. Deshawn Keiner

    Theses are remarkable ideas. I especially love the cupcakes. The colors really say Dr. Seuss. Thank you for sharing

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