Chocolate Bird’s Nest and Eggs

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I hope you had a great weekend, spring is officially here. In the DC area you couldn’t tell but it is legit nevertheless.  The kids are getting ready for Spring Break and we’ve been making pre-Easter treats.

I’ve been wanting to give this Chocolate Bird’s Nest and Eggs situation a try for a minute.  I saw a lot of variations but I decided to go with some goodies I already had in my pantry.

Chocolate Birds' Nest 6

Chocolate, Chex & Cheerio Bird’s Nest and Eggs

Ingredients: Chocolate Candy Melts, Honey Nut Chex, Honey Nut Cheerios, & Whooper Robin Eggs

Chocolate Birds' Nest 1

My goodies, my goodies…

Ingredients: Chocolate Candy Melts, Honey Nut Chex, Honey Nut Cheerios, & Whooper Robin Eggs

I didn’t measure out anything, I just decided to go with the flow. It all worked out though.

Chocolate Birds' Nest 2

Cereal combo

I already had these two in the pantry so I went with them. The Chex mix look a bit nest like so it worked out.

Chocolate Birds' Nest 3

Cereal mix + melted chocolate

I melted the chocolate melts in the microwave per the instructions on the back of the bag.

Chocolate Birds' Nest 4

Mixing the melted chocolate and cereal

I didn’t measure anything I just eye balled it; I didn’t want a huge batch because you only have a short amount of time to work and mold your nest. If the chocolate hardens up before you are done you could pop it back in the microwave and heat it up. {I don’t like to reheat the chocolate multiple times.}

Chocolate Birds' Nest 5

Shape your nest

You can shape your nest several ways; I went with bowls but you could also use muffin pans. I lined my bowl with wax paper so I didn’t have a mess to clean up.  I thought getting the shape was going to be hard, but it wasn’t at all. I spooned out my mixture and put it in the bowl. Making sure I didn’t fill the middle as much and I focused on only putting it around the edges.

Once you have it shaped the way you want put it in the fridge. It doesn’t take long to harden at all. Simply life up on the wax paper and remove your nest with ease. Add your eggs and you are all set.

Chocolate Birds' Nest 7

All done. Chocolate Bird’s Nest and Eggs

This was really easy and the kids enjoyed eating the nest afterwards. Add in your favorite Easter/Spring/Earth Day treat.

Chocolate Bird's Nest and Eggs - Perfect Spring, Easter & Earth Day Treat_edited

What would you put in your nest? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


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  1. valmg @ From Val's Kitchen

    These are really cute! I’ve made something similar that’s gluten-free. They’re great for a fun kids snack.

  2. Stacie

    Aw, so cute and easy to make. You’ve got some great craftin’ skills!

  3. Eva

    These are so cute! I can think if a whole lot of fun DIY creative snacks to make with this recipe!

  4. Shirley Wood

    I am smiling because you didn’t measure. You are my kind of cook. Plus you used what you already had which is awesome. I like your version because I love those honey nut chex and honey nut cheerios! Yum!

  5. Alli

    I usually make my bird’s nests with my haystacks recipe. I’m really liking your version, so I think I’ll try this one. That chocolate has me drooling!

  6. Kemkem

    You know what? From now on, l am not going to check out your posts until after l eat 🙂 ! This looks so good. Cool that you can eat the candy, and the nest! Love it!!!

  7. Heather lawrence

    Those are too cute! These little chocolate birds nests & Eggs are going to make such a cute center piece.
    Can’t wait to whip up a batch of my own!

  8. Pam

    Yum, those look really yummy! They are super cute for Easter and spring too. I bet they would be a hit with kids.

  9. Kirstin N. Fuller (@thetravelindiva)

    Looks like a cute and delicious chocolate treat! As you would say, “I’m so here for anything chocolate!” LOL

  10. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I love this Easter treat. It looks so fun and festive, and I know my daughters would love this! I can’t wait to try this recipe soon!

  11. Foodfashionandflow

    I love chocolate and this is a great treat to make with children. I might make this with my son.

  12. Anosa

    These are nicely done, I do not have kids yet but I am going to see my nephew next week so I definitely want to do this with him.

  13. Liz Mays

    Aww, these are the cutest. I really need to pick up some Chex so I can make some of these.

  14. Angelic Sinova

    Those Chocolate Bird’s Nest and Eggs are so adorable! What a fun and cute Easter snack idea. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ll definitely have to try this out <3

  15. Jenn

    These are adorable. I book marked this page to try these with my granddaughter. She is going to love making them.

  16. Megan Elford

    Yum yum yummy! I want to make these right now! I’ll restrain myself for now, but I think the kids would love to make these this Easter weekend. Can’t wait!

  17. Michelle

    I have always wondered how to make these cute little Easter desserts. I love how they are made with cereal and there is something nutritious in them.

  18. Chantal

    This is such a fun treat for Easter. I think I am going to make these with my nieces, they would love them.

  19. Kita

    I would devour this before it even had time to set. I am here for all the chocolate. My kids would get a kick out of making these nests.

  20. Antoinette

    The kids would definitely be able to help with this one. I love this idea.

  21. Allison Jones

    These are So cute for Easter! I always love the goodies you come up with for holidays.


  22. Travel Blogger

    These are so cute and they look so yummy! My sister is a pre-school teacher, and these would be perfect to make for her kids for their spring party.

  23. Valerie robinson

    These are super cute!! I think I may have to add these to our Easter activities this weekend! Very creative!

  24. Dana Carmel

    This looks like a fun and creative project to tackle with kids. It looks yummy too!

  25. Kim

    These are innovative and cute. I would definitely make these with my daughter and for an event.

  26. Jamie

    These are so cute! I love that they’re made with Chex instead of the little stick things the butterscotch nests you always see are made with.

  27. LaShonda

    Oh my! I need to try this it looks so delicious!!!

  28. Kasi

    This is so cute and creative! Perfect for spring/Easter!

  29. Jasmine Watts

    Looks like delicious chocolate treat! It looks so fun and perfect for Easter treat!!

  30. Anitra | The Mom on the Move

    These look yummy! A nice alternative to haystacks, which I can’t eat anymore because of the peanut butter. 😁

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