Month: March 2016


What does your Passion Portfolio look like? #SECONDSHIFTBOOK

Hey Cuties, How was your weekend? I had an adventurous weekend; it was crazy to say the least.  I can't wait to tell you all about it on Wednesday.  Last week I think I lost my mojo a bit. I was suddenly worried about the content I was sharing on here. I wasn't sure if you liked it, then I was worried that you might be sick of it.  Then I had no idea what to share and questioned if I should even keep going. My feels were all over the place.  I'm glad that you can't paint me into one box but sometimes that complicates things. I like what I like and I'm unapologetic yet very particular about it.  I'm a gal of many talents and it is so hard for me to narrow them down to one thing. I sometimes feel like the world will only accept you as one thing. No, not so. This post is part of Second Shift Blog Tour; I'm in dope blogging company.  To learn more and to join us as we tell the world how to maximize their influence, CLICK HERE!

#FatSnacks Friday: Corner Bakery Cafe Style + Giveaway

Hey Cuties, Happy #FatSnacks Friday today's treats won't ruin your summer body I know you've been working on. Don't ask me about mine, I'm not ready to talk about it just yet. You know I love all things food and I'm constantly seeking thrills for my mouth piece. Today's thrill is brought to you by Corner Bakery; my friends at Corner Bakery sent me some Corner Bakery bucks so I could try out some of their favorite things. I've got some of my own favorites but let's see how their favorites measure up to mine. Then I will tell you how you can get in on all this action.
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