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Hey Cuties,

Today is a beautiful Spring Day in the DMV area. Spring hasn’t fully caught on yet but it is getting there. Spring Break has officially kicked off in our area; the Cherry Blossoms have bloomed and the tourist are flooding downtown D.C. Before the warmth settles in for the season I scheduled some Mi time, some much needed me time.

Me time with Massage Envy

I’ve partnered with the fine folks at Massage Envy and they treated me to an experience that was long overdue. While the services were complimentary all opinions and such are my own.

Massage Envy 2..

I haven’t had a massage in over a year and I have no idea why. I was fresh off busting my head on a mountain; coupled with my puffy eyes, itchy nose and allergy induced headaches. I need a rub down something serious.  This was my first time going to a Massage Envy, but I’d heard great things about them. That helped ease my nerves a bit. I have all kinds of anxiety.

I called and made my appointment with ease. They are most busy on the weekends so I went with a weekday. I was trying to select the perfect time when the young lady informed me that they are open until 10PM during the week. WHAT!!!! That means even if you get off work late you can still hit up the spa. Oh, I’m telling everyone.

ARRIVAL: When I arrived I had to complete a form that gives them some basic information about me, my medical history, and past spa services I’ve received. After I completed the form we sat and chatted about it. The young lady asked me about my comfort levels of getting undressed, areas for them to stay away from and informed me of their serious draping policy. She didn’t know put she’d put my mind all the way at ease.

SERVICES:  I met my massage therapist and we went over my desired pressure, my focus areas and she explained how things will flow.  I got a 50 minute Swedish massage customize to my liking.  I asked for a focus on my lower back because it hurts when I lay down. It’s probably all that twerking at Zumba. 

THE EXPERIENCE: My massage was so good and relaxing I went to sleep. The room was nice and dark with soothing music playing and dope aromas pumping from the air vents. She worked me all the way out and worked a little harder to get all the knots out of my shoulder. PRAISE THE LORD SAINTS!

After my massage was done my masseuse gave me a mini report on my problem areas and a future action report of sorts. I loved it. I was floored and impressed. I felt like they were invested in me; even more than I had invested in my own self-care.

I am making the promise to myself to regularly schedule some Mi time. Make sure you do the same. If you have your me time with Massage Envy Spa please share your experience.

Massage Envy 1..

Then you call up your girls and go see a movie then follow it up with lunch and cocktails.  Me time and girl time are like one in the same.

Relax, Relate, Release with Massage Envy for a little me time. Me time with Massage Envy Spa

Relax, Relate Release

What do you like to do with your “me” time? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Pam

    A good massage can make such a difference in your life! I am really overdue for one, it’s been a couple of months since I had a massage and my neck and back are full of knots.

  2. travel blogger

    I have to try this! I have seen the commercials for Massage Envy, and I really need a good massage. I think I will have to schedule a little me time!

  3. Heather lawrence

    I can’t even remember the last time I went and had a massage.
    But I sure could use one.
    I have been so strung out lately I think this would be a great way to unwind and relax.

  4. Liz Mays

    I usually shy away from massage parlors but that actually sounded really nice. I’m sure I have a lot of tight muscles that need work.

  5. Amanda

    I am in dire need of a spa day and a wonderfully relaxing massage. I will most definitely look into some great spas nearby and see how I can get away for a bit!

  6. Angelic Sinova

    I am so overdue for a massage right about now! I’m actually heading to DC in May to visit a friend so I’ll definitely have to book an appointment at the Massage Envy Spa while I’m there <3

  7. Eloise

    I’ve never actually had a professional massage… I’ve always wanted to and I SHOULD! maybe it will be a bday gift to myself… thanks for sharing!

  8. rika

    Sounds like a very nice place to relax and have a good massage! I’ve never been there, would love to visit

  9. Kita

    I am desperate need of a massage. Thanks for the reminder. Massage Envy is not far from me so I will probably schedule myself a massage for Mother’s Day.

  10. Theresa Sutton

    That looks like a fab time. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I’ve never had a massage, but I’m in desperate need of one. Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, I think I’m going to keep leaving Massage Envy pamphlets around the house until my hubby gets the idea 😉

  11. Stacie

    I’d love to take some “Mi” time at Massage Envy. They have a location not too far from me and I need to make my self an appointment!

  12. Chanel | Cultural Xplorer

    I love getting massages. I definitely need to do them more often. I recently had a nice one on a rooftop in Cartagena, Colombia and I want to do another one again soon 😀

    • MimiCuteLips

      Well dang on it Chanel that sounds extra amazing. I need to get them during my travels so I can have a variety of experiences.

  13. Jeanine

    I have never had a massage before. I would love to get one done, especially now a prenatal is so in order. This looks great.

  14. Kemkem

    I loved Massage Envy when we lived in Houston 🙂 . It was always nice, relaxing and they were very professional. Nothing like pampering yourself with a massage! One of my favorite indulgences. I recommend them for sure 🙂 . Wish we had them here..

  15. Cathy

    Looks amazing, and like you I am long overdue! 🙂

  16. LaShawn

    A good massage is GOLD! And I haven’t had one in a long while. I used to go to Massage Envy all the time, but stopped when we moved. It’s time for me to go again!

  17. robincharmagne

    Massage is so good for the body. I have high blood pressure and they really help to lower overall stress levels. Sounds like a lovely day!

  18. Antoinette

    Oh my, you have inspired me to set an appointment for a massage. It’s been a very long time for me, and it’s much needed.

  19. Adrienne

    I love massages. I’ve been struggling with allergies a lot, too. Did the massage help? I usually avoid massages when I’m congested because I can’t breathe when my face is in that cushion hole, but if it will help my allergies, I may need to try it out!

  20. Tyra

    I used to go to Massage Envy. I really am a huge fan of massages and pampering oneself. It is so necessary.

  21. Aleia

    Yes, I’ve used them before and I like that it’s reliable and easy to find. I think they’re good if you’re looking JUST for a massage and don’t necessarily have the time (or finances) to spend at a full service spa.

  22. Amanda Tempel

    Wow, what an awesome experience! I’ve heard nothing but great things about Massage Envy.

  23. Kim

    There are so many Massage Envy places near me. I’ve been meaning to check it out. After your review, I am making an appointment asap.

  24. Kiwi

    I never been to massage envy but i am so happy you had a great experience. I am motivated to get a massage, I haven’t had one in a year.

  25. Valerie robinson

    Loved that you got some time for self care! Sounds like a wonderful experience. I love massage envy!

  26. Allison Jones

    I’ve had some awesome massages at Massage Envy! I swear I could get a massage daily. I always get 90-minutes and it still never feels quite long enough.


  27. Holly

    I had a membership with Massage Envy for a long time. I think I still do lol just haven’t used it in awhile. I have visited them in a few states and never had any issues except for a very talkative person lol

  28. Becca Wilson

    This sounds like it was a great time. I have never had a professional massage!

  29. Shelley

    She gave you a report!!! Get outta TOWN! I didn’t have any idea they’d do that…that’s fantastic!!! A very good “massage artist” can tell our problem areas and sometimes, we don’t even know them ourselves. Explaining it to you after is fantastic!

  30. Jessica Simms

    I have heard so many great things about Massage Envy, I really want to visit them and give them a try. I haven’t been to a spa since 2004, I think I’m due for a relaxing visit. Definitely on my summer bucket list this year, Need this service like yesterday.

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