What does your Passion Portfolio look like? #SECONDSHIFTBOOK

Hey Cuties,

How was your weekend? I had an adventurous weekend; it was crazy to say the least.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it on Wednesday.  Last week I think I lost my mojo a bit. I was suddenly worried about the content I was sharing on here. I wasn’t sure if you liked it, then I was worried that you might be sick of it.  Then I had no idea what to share and questioned if I should even keep going. My feels were all over the place.  I’m glad that you can’t paint me into one box but sometimes that complicates things. I like what I like and I’m unapologetic yet very particular about it.  I’m a gal of many talents and it is so hard for me to narrow them down to one thing. I sometimes feel like the world will only accept you as one thing. No, not so.

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With that said my Passion Portfolio has a variety of things that appear to be random. Nope, MimiCuteLips is a total bag full of tricks. All of those tricks bring me great joy. I have a full time job, two kids and a Babe. This means that my joys and passions are only shared on a part time status. The dream is to do them full time but I’ve not arrived to that phase just yet.



Passion 1: Creativity

I’ve always been a creative, I loved to color and still do; shout out to the adult coloring books. I was the doodle queen in school; I had decorative things on almost every piece of work I did in school. I share my DIY’s on the blog all the time. Being creative takes me away from the day to day monotony of being an adult. I’m not fussing with the kids, I’m not stressing over the other things I probably should be doing, I’m not worrying about the time , I’m just at ease.  In my own world, in my own mind temporarily checking out in one area and fully engulfed in another. #LIBRA

Passion 2: Food

Food brings me one of the simplest and greatest joys in life. I’m slowly becoming a cooker but to my true core I’m an eater.  I’m way better at eating than cooking, although Pinterest and Tasty are stepping my game all the way up. *Body Roll* Every time I go out of town I share what I ate and how you too can get you some. I even mix my creative passions with my food passion and bring you dope creations like cupcakes, pretzels, popcorn and more. When I have a bad day food, when I have a good day food, when I accomplish something food. Notice a pattern? Yes, food is the perfect verse over my lifes dope beat.

Passion 3: People

I am a people person, I love connecting with people. I love how difference and similar we are. I love to people watch, especially with an ice cream cone on a park bench. See how my passions all go together? I love networking with people. I love building relationships with people. I’m very approachable and open and I think people naturally get that vibe from me. I’m the person that calls the cable company for any issue but the person on the other end of the phone is talking to me about something totally unrelated to cable.  I hang up knowing what they did for the weekend, how many kids they have and some more stuff. Face it I’m a magnet. hahahahha


Passion 4: Blogging

I created this blog for my own selfish reasoning; I wanted an identity separate and apart from motherhood. I talk about the kids and parenting on the blog. #Fail What I didn’t know is how much you guys would give back to me. I’ve created a dope community from blogging. MimiCuteLips has afforded me the opportunity to connect with some of the most amazing people ever. See, there I go again, crossing my passions and such. I’m a curious person and blogging has given me an opportunity to get some of those questions answered.

My passions and I go together. My passions are #BAE; MimiCuteLips is my passion hub. Like anything in life we make time for the things we love, the things we enjoy and the things we want. Although I don’t get to sew into my passions {I have way more than this} on a full time basis doesn’t mean I should ignore them. I’M AMAZING and it would be a shame to keep all of this amazeballness {new word alert} to myself.

Second Shift is a step-by-step plan for leveraging your passions as a path to extraordinary possibilities, especially suited for those pursuing them in the part-time margins of life.  Entrepreneurship is amazing but people sometimes make it seem like you can’t pursue your passions and work a 9 to 5. LIES! I look at my 9 to 5 as an investment into my passions aka my 5 to 9. Do what works best for you and yours; if you want some knowledge on how to make it work then this book is for you.

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Second Shift Book

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What does your Passion Portfolio look like- Find out how to grow your part time passion to full time influence with Second Shift Book #SECONDSHIFTBOOK

What are your passions? Do you do them on a full time or part time basis? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


Article written by:

Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Elayne Frank

    My passion portfolio looks like a bunch of traveling, quilting and photography. Now that my kids are older I can finally do some of those things more to my liking.

  2. Kemkem

    A lot of good passions you have going on there. Mine would include photography, blogging, writing (even though like you l have lost my mojo for that right now). I wish l had they talent to draw, but l appreciate art, especially Impressionist Art.

  3. Jaime Nicole

    Food is definitely a passion for me too. I love cooking for others – it’s such a great thing to share over food – especially with my family!

  4. Heather McMechan

    Second Shift looks like a great tool to help keep you on the right path.

  5. Kita

    I love your passion portfolio. My passion portfolio consists of an online magazine, website services and of course apparel (for my kids). I feel like a multi passion portfolio is every moms way of leaving their mark on the world.

  6. Travel Blogger

    You are so inspiring! Going after what you love even when you have doubts. I will have to check out Second Shift this might help me with my wavering confidence in my goals.

  7. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    Food is definitely a passion of mine. I love to make yummy recipes and then share them with my family & friends. Blogging is also a passion of mine!

  8. Reginia Cordell

    I have interests in creating and sharing information. I do this for a living as well as on my blog. My blog has gone though so many changes over the years, but I’m finally in a space where I’m both creative and informative.

  9. Vera Sweeney

    This book sounds like a great read!! I love that I am able to do what I love to provide for my family and work from home.

  10. Liz Mays

    I love that you have so many passions. It would be great to make some of my passions a bigger part of my life.

  11. Heather Lawrence

    Honestly having a brain freeze today. Any other day I could probably list off a dozen passions and today, I can’t even think of one! It’s actually bothering me so much I think I need to walk away from the computer screen get quiet and listen.

  12. XmasDolly

    Well, not sure I understand, but I don’t have a passion portfolio. Being disabled and retired doesn’t give much room for things like that. So I read about others…. hehehe~ I do have a passion for cooking though and crocheting… blogging? Love to cook and come up with something really different. I crochet and sell a few things (you can see on my Pinterest.if you’re interested. Thanks for sharing.. Have a great evening… have to invite you over for dinner sometime… hehehehe!~~~

    • MimiCuteLips

      Dolly those are passion honey bun. You know I love to eat so if your cooking it sounds like a date. I’ve always wanted to learn to crochet.

  13. Alisha

    My passion are almost parallel with yours. it’s crazy how much we have in common! I’m still working on getting my passions to a point where they are profitable! Now that’s the ultimate for me!

  14. Toya

    I love this. Often we are told we have to niche down and only focus on one thing but as a multipassionate person I understand we just won’t fit in one box.

  15. Michelle

    My passion portfolio is my pets, photography and traveling. I also love editing my photos and find it to be a form of meditation for me.

  16. NAY

    I like this a lot. I will be thinking about this and applying it. on my list I know it has creativity!

  17. vidya sudarsan

    Your blog post is giving me ideas to create a passion portfolio. I love a bunch of things to do.. but never thought of sticking to my passions.

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  19. Jeanine

    My passions are kids and blogging. Kind of boring to most but I adore mine. But that is what mine would look like, so I guess I need to work on!

  20. Jasmine Watts

    My passion is blogging and increasing engagement!! I’m working hard to getting my passions to profitable point!!

  21. Kirstin N. Fuller (@thetravelindiva)

    OMG! My passion portfolio has so much going on in it already. lol I was thinking the other day that I really want to add more DIY’s especially bracelet making. I just made a suede headboard. Like I’m not busy enough. I guess our passion portfolio’s help keep us from catching a case lol.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Ohhhh, I like the idea of adding DIY’s into the mix. I think folks would totally like to know more about you. I want to know more about this suede headboard. I’ve been trying to talk Babe into making us a pin tuck headboard.

  22. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    I am glad to have a glimpse of each of your passion through this blog. My passion is food. I love cooking.

  23. chasing joy

    I like your passion portfolio. I think I’ll give this some thought and share my own.

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