Month: April 2016


#FATSNACKS FRIDAY: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken

Hey Cuties, Friday was so kind to grace us with its presence and so I am so graciously blessing you with another #FatSnacks Friday.  Yesterday was Take Your Child to Work Day and I brought my girl with me. She has no idea what I or my agency does but she had a great time. That is all that matters, when I went to work with my Mom as a kid I had no idea what her job was about either.  I left out of that joint with money, food, office supplies and a lot of great memories.  In honor of the day I took my girl out to a new spot for lunch. It was so bomb I had to feature it on #FatSnacks Friday.
Ten Management Tips for the Busy Woman. 2016 Mazda CX 3 Grand Touring Car Review #DriveMazda

Ten Management Tips for the Busy Woman {Mazda CX 3 Grand Touring}

Hey Cuties, How are ya? I've been busy the last half of the month, and May is shaping up to be even crazier. This is the life we live and we don't mind; it isn't always this way. As the kids get older they have more activities than we do. People frequently ask HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL? The short answer is I don't; if I'm amazing at one thing something somewhere is suffering. I'm certain that my floor boards are dusty, the ceiling fans too, and several other things. I'm going to get a Groupon for that... more on that in another post.

Super League Gaming Discount : Play Minecraft in a Movie Theatre

Hey Cuties, If you spend any time with a children that are age 8 to 16 years old than you've probably heard of the game Minecraft. It is a very creative yet basic looking game that is made of pixels; think Atari like. My son has been into this game for several years now. I gave him a Minecraft Theme Birthday party almost two years ago. To this day this is still one of my most popular blog post on MimiCuteLips.

PRSVR RespectDC Grand Opening {Event Recap}

Hey Cuties, I had a full weekend; I'm talking all kinds of full. I covered an event on Friday and Saturday; the Saturday event was kid friendly so I took my girl. The boys hung out at the National Science & Engineering Festival. Oh and we went to a Shoe Tying Class, I told y'all about that.  I also decided to pay the kids when I need them to work for MimiCuteLips. I'll call them, paid interns of such; nothing crazy but a payment. This means I get all the photo opportunities I need and they will give me their opinions/feedback when necessary.  I don't believe in paying for chores so this is a way for them to earn a coin. EARN is the keyword here.

Nori Learns to Tie Her Shoes

Hey Cuties, I told you I took Nori to a Shoe Tying Class over the weekend. Yes a class that teaches you how to tie your shoes FOR FREE! Nori recently taught herself how to tie her shoes. Honestly I didn't know she had been teaching herself. She mentioned wanting to tie her shoes but I didn't put much thought into it.  Apparently she was just determined to learn and did so quietly in her room. She is so my child.

Dear Son, I want you to know…

Hey Cuties, I've gotten a bit personal today; I've been all in my feelings about parenting. My son is wrapping up his last two months of elementary school and I feel some type of way. I'm far too young {36} to have a middle school child. It seemed like this phase was light years away, yet we are here. I'm sharing a love letter to my son, my first born.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Hey Cuties, I decided to change things up a bit today. I take tons of pictures; I have my entire life in film since I was in High School. That is when I fell in love with the camera; I'm talking 110 camera with a flash cube love.  Since having children I've become even worse, I have their entire life documented in pictures. Babe will humor me every now and again but he isn't really about this life.

Jenni Pulos, reality TV star of the Bravo show Flipping Out

Hey Cuties, I had the honor and pleasure of chatting with Jenni Pulos of the Bravo's show Flipping Out. I started watching this show in 2007 and I loved it.  Jenni started out as the Executive Assistant to Jeff Lewis on the show.  Over the years, she has grown to do much more than that.  Jeff has a very type-a personality; that means he is always reading someone and his interactions with people are classically funny. Jenni is hilarious in her own right and full of life; that was evident in our chat.
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