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I’ve been on the go like crazy, I have so much I want to share. I just need to wrangle all of these thoughts and such in my head and put them into words. The kids and I have been checking out a new app geared towards kids. Originally I thought I would check it out with the four-year-old but the eleven-year-old joined in as well. They fuss so much it is so sweet when they get along; I must capture the moments as they seem so rare. You know the sibling rivalry thing is real at all ages I swear.

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Nori & Nasir watching the Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood 

I don’t know when I became the mother of these big kids but I am. Nori has been pressing me out about story time and how we’ve gotten off track with reading her bedtime stories. She is totally right, we used to read a new story every night.  She doesn’t expect Dad to read the bed time stories {No idea why not since he places the moon and the stars in the sky.} So I had a great idea to spring on her without notice.

PeterandtheWolfApp 2

I believe in outsourcing this parenting thing; I’ve mentioned this before. Now this isn’t a for real replacement but it was a creative way to have a bed time story. She definitely wants me by her side though, so I’m not off the hook 100%.

PeterandtheWolfApp 3

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood App images

There is a huge issue with music and the arts being taking out of school. They are the first two things to go when schools are suffering from budget cuts. The Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood app helps fill that musical void; with classical music in particular.

Peter and the Wolf App

Alice Cooper


Edgy rock-star Alice Cooper lends his voice to every character in the story.  Because talent. “It was sort of like going back to being 5, 6, 7 years old,” he says.

Back Story: Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood is a revival of the classic Peter and the Wolf tale brought to you by acclaimed production company, Giants Are Small. This version brings Peter to Hollywood to meet his hippie grandfather while bringing classical music elements to life. Peter, along with all of the characters in the movie book, are narrated and brought to life by Rock n’ Roll legend, Alice Cooper.

PeterandtheWolfApp 5

The story in total is 50 minutes long. All visual are handmade, that is like the ultimate DIY.  If you get the iPad Delux vesion it includes 8 games. Both versions include a behind the scenes look at how it was made. A special section for parents and a meet the characters. Fun Fact: The National Youth Orchestra of Germany plays the soundtrack to Peter & The Wolf in Hollywood.

Check out for more information. Connect with Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood on Facebook and Twitter.

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood App Review #PeterandtheWolfApp

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  1. Tia @ FinanciallyFitandFab

    That seems super convenient. Plus your daughter was so intrigued. There are def benefits to “old fashioned” story time but this would be nice to switch it up.

  2. Kirstin N. Fuller (@thetravelindiva)

    This would be a great app to keep the kids busy on road trips! #GreatIdea

  3. Jay |

    I’m not a mom but I totally think it would be a great. Love your butterflies on your sleeper.

  4. Amanda @ Adorkablii

    I have seen first hand music and art being cut from schools and it really does take a toll on the kids. I think this is an app that my son would enjoy. He does read but we don’t do the bed time story thing and I am not home often to make sure he reads. And music….. He loves music, I am gonna have to tell him to check this out.

  5. Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    My kids will do or watch anything as long as it’s on a tiny screen. I love Alice Cooper and the story of Peter and the Wolf. I’m going to show this to my kids.

  6. Bijee

    That is cool! My little one prefers one of us as well, he will do music and such on the tablet but he is not on a story on the tablet. At least not yet!

  7. Pam

    I love finding great apps for kids. This one sounds like a lot of fun, I love that it is narrated by Alice Cooper.

  8. Donna Shana

    Awh! She still wants mommy there to just enjoy the story, since you’re not reading it! I love that. Looks like a great compromise though. Great find!

  9. Sarah

    What a cool app, looks like your kids are really enjoying it. I bet it’s a lot of fun, while I don’t have any kids, I am going to share this with friends who have some kids who may love it!

  10. Jeanine

    So fun! My kids don’t go on devices often but when we do we will have to check this out. Looks pretty fabulous and Alice Cooper? Fabulous!

  11. Jamila

    Looks like a cool app, I bet my niece may enjoy it.

  12. Ty

    How cool is this. Munson is to old but my nephew would love this. Sharing with my sis. Thanks!!!

  13. Eloise

    the images are amazing. I love that they are hand done. I haven’t heard that Peter and the Wolf story in a long time, I’ll have to check this out!

  14. Bella B (xoxoBella)

    I have never heard of this. There are so many ways for kids to engage in reading and other activities to keep them interested.

  15. NYC Single Mom

    I find this to be one of the more e creative on the market. I know kids getting into the app have no idea who alice Cooper is but still think its cool he was involved. And do think it’s so important to introduce kids to classical music at an early age. Will have to check the app out.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Yes, I thought it was cooler than most. The kids won’t know who Alice Cooper is but it could be a cool lesson.

  16. Terri Beavers

    I’ll download this app today and let the grand kids give it a try. It sounds like something they would really love so they probably will.

  17. Kim

    I love how you call it outsourcing your parenting. We sometimes do the same thing. Thank you to Roku and Netflix. This game sounds cool.

  18. Jenn

    This looks like a fun app. Our daughter loves anything with a wolf. I’ll have to check it out.

  19. Ana Elizabeth

    Sounds cool. This is a great app for kids who love to hear or read stories. I’ll share this to my brother so my nephews will hear bedtime stories even if he’s busy. 😀 😀 😀

  20. Vashti (

    Aww, I love this. I think it’s another great learning resource especially when Kids are glued to electronics anyway. and Nori were too cute in your PJs.

  21. Valerie robinson

    Aw this is so neat!! I’m about to check the site to learn more about it! Thanks for sharing this with us fellow moms!

  22. Stephanie Pass

    I can’t wait to check this out. My daughter will love it. We read to her every night.

  23. Vidya Sudarsan

    Your kids are adorable. Watching a story like this anytime better than playing video games on the phone! I will share this with a couple of my friends who have children who will enjoy such stories.

  24. Sam

    Wow, that looks like a wild game. I like the graphics. Is the music good? It looks kind of scary.

  25. Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds like a great app for little ones. I love Alice Cooper and think it is amazing he is contributing to these story. Thanks so much for sharing and I will have to share this with my sister along with my niece.

  26. rika

    Sounds like a great app for kids! I have to download this app soon!

  27. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    That sounds like a nice app! I would download it and try it with my daughter. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Kasi

    What a cute idea, that covers education and arts at the same time! I’m sure anything that let’s you off of the hook even a little bit is extremely valuable to you as a parent!

  29. Kiwi

    Gosh there is literally an app for everything! so many great educational things for kiddies. Looks like your kids were into it!

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