Strut a Cat Walk Check! Runway Moms for a Cause Recap

Hey Cuties,

I survived a booked weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. I kicked the weekend off at the Runway Moms for a Cause charity fashion show. I gave you the details back in March and the time has finally arrived. I followed up all of this glam with a Mud Run, stay tuned for the recap on Wednesday.  I have always been a model in my own mind; I’m a lot of things in my own mind. I did beauty pageants as a teen but they weren’t enjoyable.  I did some faux modeling in my early 20’s and that is it. Now at an amazing 36 my dreams have been solidified and I’m giving it all to you in one dose.

Because I love you I created a short video that summarizes everything you will read below. The video includes footage of me walking the runway.

If you love drama, back story and details here we go.  We arrived to the venue and chit chatted with one another, we were all excited and somewhat anxious.  We were whisked away to a cozy room that would be our hideout for the evening. We had mood lighting, desserts and massages. THEY GAVE US MASSAGES Y’ALL. All the runway models were Mom’s and they pampered us and rolled out the red carpet. *insert Oprah voice* AHHHHMMMMAAAZZZINNNG!

From there we were treated to hair and makeup; I had been to the barber that morning so my line was fresh and my curls were popping. I skipped over the hair and went straight to make up. My new BFF Teresa beat my face for the Gods honey. She had this pretty brown gleaming and the cute lips popping. Her personality was even better than her work; she is my kind of gal. We laughed and joked the entire time. Love her!

Runway Moms For A Cause 2016 1 Can Moms Model

Beat by Teresa Foss Del Rosso of DC Elite Image DC & Los Angeles

My Bloggy Boo The Style Medic also got an amazing beat by Teresa. You know we had to commemorate this work with a selfie.

Runway Moms For A Cause 2016 2 Can Moms Model

Teresa does good work, but we are a good canvas.

The energy behind the scenes was amazing. A bunch of women laughing, joking and getting to know one another. It was such a feel good time, I made sure I took in the  moment.

Runway Moms For A Cause 2016 3 Can Moms Model

Look #2 by L’Shandi Designs

Totally legit right, they had our faces on our outfits. This makes it easier when the team is helping us get dressed.

Runway Moms For A Cause 2016 4 Can Moms Model

Look #1 by D’Milikah Designs

I’m going to pause so you can fully take in this “Black Butterfly” as someone on Facebook called me. Okay, let’s move on. I was so unsure about this one, but once the entire look came together I was ready to serve. I’m a Mother of two and I breastfed each of kids for 14 months each. That is 28 total months out of my life {not consecutively} that I was a moo cow. That means Mommy doesn’t go bra-less. I was worried y’all, but I’m thankful for the tape that didn’t let me down. I also feared a nip slip, the audience was full, folks were recording and my Mommy and my Babe were in the audience. That was not going to be cute. I’m proud to say I hit the runway without incident.

Runway Moms For A Cause 2016 5 Can Moms Model

This years charity: Childbirth Survival International

This year we walked in honor of Childbirth Survival International. They provide kits that have basic laboring essentials. They drastically decrease the spread of infection that ultimately takes the life of the mom.  The kits cost $7.00 each and include: (1) Pair Sterile Vinyl Gloves;  (1) Drape Sheet;  (2) Sterile Umbilical Clamps; (2) OB Towelettes; (2) Alcohol Prep Pads, Medium; (1) Sterile OB Pad;  (1) Plastic Placenta Bag;(6) Gauze Sponges; (1) Sterile Bulb Syringe; (4) Disposable Towels; (2) Nylon Tie-Offs; (1) Sterile Disposable Scalpel; (2) Twist Ties;  and (1) Receiving Blanket.

Runway Moms For A Cause 2016 6 Can Moms Model

MimiCuteLips & Allison Seymour of Fox 5 DC

I watch her every morning on the news. She is so pretty, she is a Mom to all girls, a wife and she gets out and about in the community. One of her daughter came with her and OMG she was a little stylist, an assistant, and a PR person. It was so sweet to watch her take care of her mom and make sure she had everything she needed. I can’t wait to have such moments with Nori as she gets older.

Runway Moms For A Cause 2016 7 Can Moms Model

Myself and the one and only Paul Wharton of the CW network and Paul Wharton Style

This one here my gosh, not only is his hair always perfect he is hilarious. He tried to talk my Mom into going out to get cocktails so he could dance with her walking stick. hahahaha He and I are so going out to somebodies happy hour, we just have to do it.  Paul was our host and he can entertain a crowd honey.

Runway Moms For A Cause 2016 8 Can Moms Model

My Mommy!

My #1 cheerleader from day one; she is my favorite gal.

Runway Moms For A Cause 2016 9 Can Moms Model


Babe was there, I didn’t want to give him eye contact while on the runway because it would make me nervous. lol Peep his wooden mustache bow tie. He was proud!

Runway Moms For A Cause 2016 10 Can Moms Model

Mi & Ty

My cousin was in the house, y’all see her on the blog a lot. She is my favorite traveling road dog; we are headed back to NYC this week. I was glad to have her face in the place.

Runway Moms For A Cause 2016 11 Can Moms Model

L’Shandi Models and founder of Runway Moms for a Cause Lara

Lara gets it right year after year. She gives her time, her talents and champions an undeserved cause. I love her!

Runway Moms for a Cause 2016 Recap. Fashion event for a cause. #RunwayMoms

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Mimi Green is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a mother of two and a girlfriend to one. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Marsha

    That looks like it was a lot of fun! You all looked great!! Hot mamas!

  2. Kemkem

    The show looked amazing and must have been a wonderful day for you. You did look like a very lovely butterfly. The fact that it was for a good cause is the icing on top. Maybe all moms should breastfeed for 14 months apiece 🙂 . I so love your hair 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

    • MimiCuteLips

      Aww thanks Kem; it was so rewarding because it was for charity. Hahahhaha @ the breastfeeding Thanks girl, I’ve always wanted a mohawk; at 36 I decided it was time.

  3. Tia @ FinanciallyFitandFab

    You were working it, girl! I especially love the last top! The color are so vibrant for spring/summer and the orange top looked extremely comfortable and flowy.

  4. Robin Masshole Mommy

    OMG that is so cool! What a neat experience that must have been. All you ladies looked FABULOUS!

  5. Joanae King (

    All of this slayage in one article! Yes! All for a great cause! Kill it Boo!

  6. Jenn

    This is so awesome and for such a great cause. What a fun thing to do. You all look amazing by the way. Amazing!

  7. Jeanette

    I love the colors that are on each one of these outfits! I would’ve never thought of putting stuff like that together. Looks like you had a awesome time.

  8. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    This looks like it was such a fabulous experience. You got to meet and mingle with so many cool people! You all looked so amazing, too!

  9. Liz Mays

    Oh how cool! I love everyone’s outfit. It’s great that everyone had fun and was able to benefit Childbirth Survival International.

  10. Bijee

    You find the best events!!! Looks like it was so much fun and I love that your family was there to support! You looked so good!! Glad you enjoyed!

  11. Nikka Shae

    What a nice event!!! Everyone looks nice!!! All you ladies look fabulous!!!

  12. Allison Jones

    I love your looks! This definitely sounds like it was an amazing event.


  13. Jeanine

    Looks like a really great time! I love that its runway moms for a cause. Always great to support a cause! You all looked great!

  14. Vera Sweeney

    What an amazing event to attend!!! I love all the outfits, such an amazing experience for you.

  15. Antoinette

    You werked the runway hun. Lovely! And, yes, the makeup artist did a wonderful job.

  16. coolchillmom

    You all look amazing! What a great reason to get dolled up!

  17. Sarah

    This looks like such a great time, I would love to attend an event like this. Very stylish and cool!

  18. Brandi

    It looks like you had an amazing time! What a night to remember.

  19. Dana Carmel

    What a great cause, and this looks like a fun event. Love your step-and-repeat outfit!

  20. Indya

    Looking good ladies! Love the size and age diversity!

  21. Bella

    You all look gorgeous! I bet that you had a blast, it sounds like such a great event. Runways are scary but so much fun!

  22. Dawn gibson-thigpen

    work it girl. you ladies looook great. i love your makeup and outfits. very nice.

  23. Kasi

    Looks like a fab event. You were definitely serving, and you rocked the “black butterfly” suit very well! Loved your makeup beat, and your double denim pre-show look too!

  24. LaShawn

    SLLLAAAAAAAY BOO SLAAAAAY!! You were WERKING it! This looks like such a fun time for such a great cause!! Glad you had an amazing time!

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  26. aly mashrah

    Oh my gosh! That is so awesome and looked like you had a lot of fun! You looked great!

  27. Ty

    I saw your pics on Instagram and was wondering about the back story. What an awesome experience and you looked super cute!!

  28. Terri Beavers

    Oh wow, how fun and cute too. I love all of your images and everyone was stunning. I’d love to attend an outing like this sometime, it would be right up my alley.

  29. Anosa

    Amazing women together for a great cause, add in some laughs and you have a winner. Looks and sounds like a great event

  30. Joyce

    Mimi, I beg to differ. You did not “hit” the runway baby! You toe it up! Yep, Ebonics is absolutely necessary here. You know you’re some kinda special to have gotten that Lady of mine to the “Dirty Girl Mud Run” at foe dark thuddy after an energy filled event the night before. Oh yeah, …. you have magic!

    Oh, and your “Black Butterfly” would be sensational under a high low wrap skirt.

    • MimiCuteLips

      OH MY GOSH, I swear I love you. I really do. I “TOE IT UP”!

      I have magic.

      Ohhhh I like the sound of that, I was trying to figure out how to wear it again.

  31. Kara | Kay's Ways

    Word? Pau Wharton is soooo dope! Looks like an amazing event and y’all ladies was beat

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