Month: June 2016


When the kid becomes the Teacher and the Parent is the student

Hey Cuties, I struggled with what I was going to write about today. It was Thursday morning and I had zero thoughts. I was talking to my fellow Bloggy Boo's about having to pass up on an opportunity this week in the name of not being a wack parent. I told them the story as it was and how I'd come to my resolve around the situation. In return the first message I received from one of them was "Mimi, I couldn't finish listening to your message because I started tearing up."

#IABFLYIN: Small Publisher Conference & Fly-In Recap

Hey Cuties, Last week I spent two days with the fine folks of the Interactive Advertising Bureau {IAB}. They hosted a F-R-E-E two day Small Publisher Conference & Fly-In, in Washington, DC. This was the first time I'd heard of them, but I plan to be a regular going forward. I immediately signed up not knowing what to expect and not knowing anyone else that had been. IAB brings small publishers to DC to discuss hot topics and then to meet members of Congress and their staff. The event was hosted by Google and AOL so I knew it couldn't be bad.
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