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Hey Cuties,

We are in our third week of school and slowly adjusting. My son is in seventh grade and a legit middle school-er.  Do you remember your first day? Do you remember the chaos, the feeling the panic and the fact that your parents no longer escort you in?

I do recall having to navigate 7 periods {classes} a day. That means seven teachers to learn. Oh, I also learned time management and this stage in life. I only had five minutes to change classes, yell at my friends and possibly swing past my locker.  That brings me to my first love hate relationship. That damn locker. It worked when it wanted, it jammed when it wanted and it had no regard for the tardy bell. Thus far my son has managed getting in and out of his locker. Is it clean is another story.

Hello harder homework. My son is taking Algebra this year; that ain’t my ministry so Dad is the worship leader with this one. He is also taking a foreign language for the first time. Que? {What} Hola Espanol. {Hello Spanish}. This isn’t exactly my ministry so to speak but I’ve attended a class or fifty. Babe took French so he is out, that means this is in fact going to be my ministry.  I took Spanish for five years growing up. #FAIL I remember my numbers, colors, some places and things and I can curse you slam out. I learned the cursing in my neighborhood. I can ask where the bathroom is {Donde esta el bano?} That is most important honestly, isn’t that the first thing you ask? This was pre-internet, now that question is what is the WiFi pass code.  After five years and good grades that is all I have to show for myself.

DIY Spanish Flashcards - Feelings


In walks my kid with Spanish homework the first week of school.  Now I’m thinking oh this will be simple, you know the basics; colors, numbers and objects. Boy was I wrong, it had full on sentences and everything. no lo se {I don’t know} Relying on my little bit of Spanish knowledge and Google translate I managed to help him out. He was surprised at how much I knew; shoot I was surprised at how little I knew. He was impressed, the home work was done and he got a good grade. Problem is I can’t keep up that dog and pony show so I had to come up with some resources.

DIY Spanish Flashcards - Colors


Flashcards! They are hella old school but tried and true. I took to Google for images, some I made up myself.  I referenced his Spanish book and Google Translate again to make sure the words were correct. For additional questions I hit up The Style Medic, did you know she knows some Spanish? She will be the real MVP. From there I created a little template in PowerPoint and it was on. I printed them on card stock so they can stand the test of time. I also laminated them for extra measure.

These are samples of some of the cards I made for him.

DIY Spanish Flashcards - Foods


DIY Spanish Flashcards - shapes


DIY Spanish Flashcards - Numbers II


I tried to cover the things I thought he needed to know. I had a ton of them. No seriously I did. Categories Include: Color, Shapes, Numbers, Food, Feelings, Places, Things, Modes of Transportation, Family and Important Buildings i.e. Hospital, Library, etc. and more.

Parenting is tough; you know I’m all about out sourcing when and where I can. These flashcards were easy, cheap and they are helping my son learn. WINNING!

DIY Spanish Flashcards Cover

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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy

    What a great idea. My son is going to have to pick a language for school next year and this will give him a head start if he picks Spanish.

  2. Heather S-G

    We’ve been really lucky that our kids have had Spanish classes throughout elementary and all the way into high school. I love these flashcards, such a fun way to practice!

  3. Jacqui - @TradesofJacqui

    I wish I had these when my daughter was younger and interested in them! She’s in 3rd year of Spanish right now and is ready to be done with it. I used to do her numbers in Spanish with her when she was in pre-school. Once she had them down in English first of course! Needless to say, the preschool wasn’t happy that she would shout them out in Spanish when she was bored saying them in English!

  4. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    My daughter is starting to learn a few words in Spanish. These flashcards would be so handy to have on hand. She’d love to learn some of these words!

  5. Pam Wattenbarger

    Flashcards always work great. They may be old school, but you have to stick with what works, you know?

  6. Nancy @ whispered inspirations

    Love this! My kids are half spanish so they know how to speak it really well but this would be great for kids learning spanish at school!

  7. Stephanie Jeannot

    This is a great idea. I wish I had thought about doing this when I was taking my French classes.

  8. Sarah

    These are a super cute idea, I love the idea of Spanish flashcards. What a neat way to have kids learn!

  9. christine

    I agree. Tried and true for sure. I need to hold a card in my hand and flip through them to study. I’m almost grateful my school days were pre-internet.

  10. Clara

    What a great idea. I can think of several areas this would work for memorizing.

  11. Tanay Michele


    I took spanish from 6-12th grade and girl I cant remember much more than that you said either! LOL. I can understand it waaaaaay better but it’s still hard.

  12. Inspiring Kitchen

    these are nice ideas. little ones will surely enjoy this 🙂

  13. Donna Seay

    Oh wow!!!! You know I want these for myself!

  14. Ashley

    These are awesome! I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish for awhile and could use all the help I can get

  15. Tata

    I’m seriously wanting to learn spanish after this what an awesome idea and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m jealous that there ain’t a flashcard of me with the word cute under it on a flashcard lol

  16. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    My kid is in first grade and they’ve been learning spanish since last year! I love that they are starting them earlier now because I surely struggled and I didn’t have cute flash cards like these to motivate me either!

  17. Ty

    You are Bae!! This is an awesome idea. My son is taking Spanish and these would be such a big help!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. T. Espinoza

    I find it absolutely hysterical that you translated fat snacks. I love this though. Way to go super mom!

  19. rika

    This is a great idea. My son and daughter always want to learn Spanish language

  20. aly mashrah

    Flashcards are a great way for learning new languages! I love these and I have been wanting to learn Spanish for ages, these are so cute.

  21. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Thanks for sharing these printables. I would love my grandchildren to learn another language. Spanish is widely spoken worldwide and it would be great if they learn it.

  22. Jennifer Hamra

    Very creative learning cards! I took two years of Spanish in college and I remember most of the basics. I wish I could speak it on cue when someone is talking to me. I still struggle with this. My son is 16 and he will start taking Spanish for high school. I think the visuals on your learning cards are also very helpful in learning the Spanish words.

  23. Vashti (

    LOL..why was I hollering at “that’s not my ministry”. Girl I took 5 years of Spanish as well (and French for 3 years) and I can only remember the basics. The shame.
    These flash cards actually help me to remember some of the words I forgot lol. At least you’ll be relearning along with your son 🙂

  24. Tomiko

    My daughter is 9 and I want to put her in Spanish. The school district in TN removed second languages as part of the curriculum

  25. Artney @ My Pretty Brown Fit

    I love this idea! I’m determined to learn Spanish too. Kids learn so much faster than adults—and it sticks with them! Way to go, Mom!

  26. Arnitris Strong

    Very good way to reinforce your child’s learning with the flashcards. I have never considered using them to learn a new language.

  27. Antoinette

    This is a great idea. Flash cards may be old school but they definitely work.

  28. Kiwi

    Look I need these Spanish Flash cards. I needed these in high school and I went to Panama and I needed these flash cards – I want to seriously learn Spanish!

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