Month: November 2016

It’s here Netflix and XFINITY X1 have Netflix and chilled

Hey Cuties, There is no turning back now; we are officially full steam ahead into the Christmas holiday. That means a variety of things to some and nothing at all to others. Before I became a Mom Christmas had all but died in my world. People weren't just vying to buy grown adults presents so it was no longer on my radar. After having a baby something about motherhood changed Christmas for me. I now saw Christmas through my kid's eyes.

My Big Dream Came True at the White House

On Tuesday one of my dreams came true. After 7 years and 11 months, I made it to the White House. Lady Cuties & Mr. Cuties your girl covered the FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards Event. #NAHYPAwards Shout out to my media crew Moms N Charge, The Style Medic & Sisters With Beauty for taking in this magical experience with me.  Let me walk you through it all.

Do You Know the Truth About sickle cell?

Hey Cuties, Your trustee St. Jude Cutie, is back giving you some knowledge.  We are 17 days from Thanksgiving, I'm just saying.  St. Jude is amazing and I've told you that a million times, but this one served my personal interest. Over the years I've heard about sickle cell disease, but I always heard people say it is a black person's disease. The lie detector has determined that is a lie. You can be any race or ethnicity and get sickle cell the disease and or the trait. Did you read that for understanding?

This Is How You Add Epic Style To Your Camo jacket

Hey Cuties, I've been having a fit to do a DIY camo jacket and I'm finally ready to share. I started back it back in May. Yes, you read that correctly; I started six months ago.  I've been excited about it all this time. I started it in the spring but summer was approaching so it didn't seem to fit. Not to mention I wanted it "just right" or at least close to the vision I had come up with in my head. I'm finally 100% complete with it and I adore it. Just in time for the fall/winter season. I didn't even know camo was going to be a popular fall trend. Winning!

Harrison Blake Apparel Is Guaranteed Sexy For Your Man

Hey Cuties, I am full steam ahead into the holiday season; I told you I started shopping months ago. Every year you have that someone that is hard to shop for and it's usually the men in our lives. Although they may be hard to shop for I don't believe in crappy gifts. Babe has never gotten soap on a rope or any of the other thoughtless gifts people give men. This year I'm throwing you a lifeline, I've got the gift for the men in your life. Not only is it an excellent gift choice, it can be a gift that keeps on giving.

No Questions Asked, Slay Your Guest With This DIY Jeopardy Game

Hey Cuties, MimiCuteLips is a safe place every day, but it is especially safe today. Feel free to disconnect from social media, the television and do something that makes you smile. I've decided to focus on my dreams and doing what I need to do to be steps closer to making them happen. I'm watching Christmas movies on Netflix all day while sipping my hot tea. Find your joy!  I told you how epic our game night was so I'm sharing the details on how I made our Battle of the Sexes Jeopardy Game Board.

Will you experience the new Mitsubishi Outlander SEL?

Hey Cuties, I'm talking cars today and reminiscing a bit about my Cousin's Trip. You already know Key West was Bae because of this and this and this. I gave you tips on how to plan a cousin's trip, those tips can be used for planning any type of group trip. What we didn't talk about was six grown women, five days and luggage. *Cue up Erykah Badu's Bag Lady*. Prior to our trip we talked about doing carry on only. Some were down and others simply couldn't understand how to do that while traveling for five days. 
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