No Questions Asked, Slay Your Guest With This DIY Jeopardy Game

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MimiCuteLips is a safe place every day, but it is especially safe today. Feel free to disconnect from social media, the television and do something that makes you smile. I’ve decided to focus on my dreams and doing what I need to do to be steps closer to making them happen. I’m watching Christmas movies on Netflix all day while sipping my hot tea. Find your joy!  I told you how epic our game night was so I’m sharing the details on how I made our Battle of the Sexes Jeopardy Game Board.

When Babe and I started planning our Game Night I knew I wanted it to be Battle of the Sexes. I also knew I wanted to play Jeopardy. I watched it almost every day growing up. Not because I loved the game but because my Mom loved the game; oh and she also thought Alex Trebek was a cutie. Not only was Mom a fan but she was good at it, like really good. I never understood how she knew the answers but it was fascinating to watch with her in action.

DIY Jeopardy Game 7

DIY Jeopardy Game

This is my finished product, now I’m going to tell you how I did it. Feel free to add your own personal style to it.

DIY Jeopardy Game 6

The beginning

I already owned this white foam board, but you can purchase one from the craft stores, the office supply stores and the school supply section in other stores. They are dirt cheap. Before I got started I decided how many categories we were going to have; and how many questions in each category.  We decided on six so I knew I would need six columns with five questions each. Decide how many categories you will have prior to getting started. The width of my board was 30 inches ÷ 6 categories = 5 inches for each column. I made five tiny 5 inch marks at the bottom then I went back and extended the lines with a ruler.

DIY Jeopardy Game 5

DIY Jeopardy Cards

You can use index cards, you can use post it notes, you can use note cards or you can make your own. I decided to make my own and go the digital route. I created these cards in Canva {free}, you can also make them in Pic Monkey or regular Power Point. If you are feeling extra crafty you can make them with card-stock, marker, pencils and or stickers. I decided on my design and then created a template from 100 – 500. I would print out enough to fill my board. Because I’m a sucker for a theme I included the Battle of the Sexes title and symbol.

DIY Jeopardy Game 4

DIY Jeopardy Category Cards

I use the same template design I came up with above and put the Categories on each. We had: Music, Movies, Pop Culture, Boy Stuff, Girl Stuff & Sports. Come up with the categories of your choice, if you are making these for a younger audience keep that in mind. For toddlers I would use categories like Animals, Colors, Numbers, ABC’s.

DIY Jeopardy Game 3

Card Placement

I printed out all of my cards on card-stock so they have firmness to them. I played with the placement before I put them on my board. I used a clear piece of scotch tape to attach them to the board. Don’t go crazy with the tape, as you play the game you will need to remove the cards from the board. I used 3D sticker dots for the category headers, it made them stand out a little bit.


Battle of the Sexes Questions

Babe and I worked on the questions together which was a lot of fun. We wanted them to be hard, but not so hard that nobody could get them.  I put the questions in a table in a regular Word document and then I cut out the boxes and attached them to their respective category and the valued amounts. The easy questions should have less value. Rules: Only the boys could do the “Girl Stuff” and only the girls could do the “Boy Stuff”. You know because Battle of the Sexes.

DIY Jeopardy Game 2

Finished DIY Jeopardy Board Game

When you’re all done it should look like this all filled in.

DIY Jeopardy Game 1

In Action

Pop your game board up on an easel and have fun!


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  1. Ayanna

    Love it! My last birthday party was a couples only game night and it was a blast. Battle of the Sexes is so much fun and playing it Jeapardy style sounds like so much fun. Definitely pinning this for my next couples game night.

  2. MJ

    This is so cute and creative Mimi. I think I’ll make a family friendly version for the holidays. Will be fun.

  3. Kemkem

    That is so cool! I love your DYI skills. I have to admit that l loved Jeopardy as well. It is definitely the program l miss most as they do not show it anywhere here. This must have really nice to play. Pretty sure l would enjoy it.

  4. Carlana

    I like the way you started the post. So many are heavy and hurting and worried about what lies ahead. We all need a safe space, a spot to escape and create a sense of normality for us.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Carlana, I can’t know acknowledge the troubles of the world. I care about my Cuties and I want to make sure you are taking care of yourself.

  5. Stacie

    Love this idea Mimi! This would be fun to play at our next Christmas or birthday party!

  6. Heather Lawrence

    LOL!! We haven’t had a good old fashioned games night in ages.
    This would be so much fun to do with our friends this weekend.
    Your questions are great!!

  7. Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom

    Fun! I love your game nights! If I were closer, I would probably invite myself over! LOL. Jeopardy is one of those games you can’t get enough of. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Tasheena @

    Love this idea!!! I can’t wait to play. Looking forward to adding this to our couples game night. Thanks!

  9. Pam Wattenbarger

    Jeopardy is so much fun! I loved playing Jeopardy when we played it in school. Perfect for a party.

  10. Sarah Bailey

    What an awesome idea, I’ve not made my own game since school, but I totally need to give this a try! x

  11. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    This is so cool! I think the last game night we had we did a diy version of Family Feud and it was fun.

  12. Heather

    This is such a cool idea! We love watching jeopardy. Now we can play our own game.

  13. Teresa

    Oh I need a free day to unwind and watch netflix all day long – I dot’ see that happening until winter break! I will have to bookmark this game for family night!

  14. Jenn

    This looks and sounds like so much fun. I would love to try this at my next get together. We love to try new games.

  15. Valerie

    This looks like fun. I love game nights. We could do this.

  16. Kasi

    This looks so fun, and you are so creative! You’re definitely giving me some ideas for the next game night!

  17. Liz Mays

    Oh this is the best! I love the categories and questions you went with. Playing this with friends and family would be amazing.

  18. Angela Harris

    This is a great idea. Our last party we struggled to find good games to play with our guests. Going to try this for our next get together, Thank you.

  19. Rebecca Swenor

    This is a great Idea to make a DIY Jeopardy Game. I love the idea of doing the battle of the sexes too. This game would be great for any party and it would be fun making the questions too. Thanks for sharing the idea.

  20. Gwendolyn Mulholland

    Love this game and this would make a super fun way to spend an adult game night. I love all the questions.

  21. Kiwi

    You’re so cuteI I have a great group of male and female friends and this would probably be fun for our group for an upcoming game night!

  22. Jeanine

    This looks like so much fun! I love play games especially when there are friends over. it can be so entertaining and so much fun! This looks like one to give a try!

  23. Sheena Tatum

    Oh my goodness, I love this. What a creative idea! Jeopardy is one of my favorite shows to watch, I would enjoy the game as well!

  24. Lori Vachon

    What a super fun idea, very creative. Would be great fun at a during the holidays.

  25. CourtneyLynne

    Omg how fun is this?!?! Perfect for a get together with friends!!!

  26. Carissa

    OMG…this is perfect! My husband and I are having a game day for our Couples Ministry tomorrow…can I use this for one of the ones down the line? Is there a way to download it?

  27. Elle

    You all have amazing looking game nights. I need to start something similar in my community for parents. This looks like it would be so much fun.

  28. Patranila

    I love Jeopardy! This would be so much fun. I can see my competitive friends killing themselves to win right now!

  29. Eva

    What a neat idea! I have to get back into hosting game nights when I have time. It would be cool to do one that we made up!

  30. Christina Aliperti

    Now this is awesome! I love this game and would love to play with friends at our next party.

  31. LaShawn

    This is so creative!! I would love to play this game at the next little house party I give!

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