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Hey Cuties,

I am full steam ahead into the holiday season; I told you I started shopping months ago. Every year you have that someone that is hard to shop for and it’s usually the men in our lives. Although they may be hard to shop for I don’t believe in crappy gifts. Babe has never gotten soap on a rope or any of the other thoughtless gifts people give men. This year I’m throwing you a lifeline, I’ve got the gift for the men in your life. Not only is it an excellent gift choice, it can be a gift that keeps on giving.

Harrison Blake Apparel sent this subscription box to me for free in exchange for my opinion. I shan’t tell a lie.

For Father’s Day, this year I got Babe a Father’s Day gift box. It had a variety of products included in it and he enjoyed trying them all out. The gift box had apparel, accessories, a watch beard care items and more. It also included a Harrison Blake tie and lapel pin. Babe rocked it and was looking all hot and stuff.

I told you I show out with the gift giving. I pride myself on getting folks gifts that fit their personalities. I also always want my gift to be the best gift they’ve ever had. I’m that girl, get into it. The very manly folks over at Harrison Blake sent me some goodies to share with you. Usually, the packages I receive are for me or the kids but this one was for Babe.






Harrison Blake Apparel {Photo Credit: Babe}

Babe is a shirt and tie guy Monday – Friday and he is serious about his style. I won’t tell you how cute he is because I don’t want to cut you because I will cut you. What I will tell you is you can up your guy’s hotness with these items.


Knit Block Necktie

You can bring your Dad’s style into 2016. You can give a young man a solid set of man accessories to wear to his first job. You can style out your groomsmen for your wedding. Your styling options are limitless.


H.B. Burgundy Stripe Socks

I realize that everyone doesn’t get dressed up for work. If you only get dressed up sometimes then you can express your sock game in your sneakers.

Harrison Blake Apparel is an online store for men. That’s right fellas, you don’t have to share with the ladies. I know that doesn’t happen often so take full advantage.


Play around with your style

Fashion is about doing what you like, what feels good to you, expressing your individual style.  Contrary to old belief THERE ARE NO RULES!

So, let me tell you how it works, Harrison Blake offers a Monthly Subscription Box; each month you will receive 1 necktie and 4 accessories. That means 5 items total for only $25 + free shipping. You can cancel at any time but, why would you? You know you spend more than $25 on a necktie alone so this is a real deal.


Pull it all together

Sometimes men aren’t sure how to put things together; this is a great way to get them started.  You can put it all together and or wear them separately.

Let me break down the contents of this subscription box:

  1. H.B. Burgundy Stripe Socks – Avg. retail Price $8
  2. Microfiber Pocket Square – Avg. retail price $15
  3. Knit Block Necktie – Avg. retail price $30
  4. Car Tie Clip – Avg. retail price $25
  5. H.B. Travel/Shoe Bag – Avg. retail price $6

Total Value: $84 {but you only pay $25}

If your Babe is into bow ties, Harrison Blake Apparel also has a monthly bow tie club. 2 self-tied bow ties for $16

Check them out:

Website: www.harrisonblakeapparel.com

IG: @wearlapelpins

FB: https: Harrison-Blake-Apparel

Twitter: @wearlapelpins

YouTube: Harrison Blake Apparel TV

Tell them MimiCuteLips sent you.


How do you like to see your man dressed? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Joanae King

    I am just loving the colors! Stripes look so good on Baetorious. I’ll be checking this out for sure!

  2. KenyaRae

    This is such a cool idea! A lot of the subbie boxes are geared toward the ladies so this is super dope!

  3. Stacie

    Looking sharp! I got this same box and can’t wait to see how it looks on my guy. Love how he style it with his tennies!

  4. KT

    I think this is perfect for my husband who I always struggle with when it comes to gift giving. He’s a simple guy and wears his clothes until they rip. Very rarely does he shop for new things, but he’s becoming more into fashion. This is the box he/we need.

  5. Carlana

    This is pretty sweet. The tie isn’t cheesy and the socks has some swag to it. I think the price is a nice deal, too.

  6. Elle Em

    Very handsome masculine look. My husband is very picky about his attire, so I usually never buy him anything in the clothing department. His does have a beard so he might like the facial products. Either way, I’m happy to see more choices for men.

  7. Teresa

    This is so nice. I could see my son being willing to rock this as well.

  8. La Dale

    This is not my husbands style. He’s a little bit more reserved. However, I love love love your gift box! I’m the same way with gifts, all the way down to presentation! He’s lucky to have you.

  9. Jonna

    When you said you would cut folks, I cracked up laughing because I can hear you saying the with the straightest face! This is a great gift idea for the men in our lives. My husband is picky too but I think he would like this.

  10. VeePeeJay (Vashti)

    Girl I laughed so loud at soap on a rope. I think I got my Dad one of those one year LOL.
    I’m loving the concept and that knit tie is nice. My husband is not a tie guy but the accessories alone are worth the price.

  11. Sarah Bailey

    Now those are some awesome looking items of clothing – I wonder if I could pick up any bits for the other half for Christmas with them – off to nose!

  12. Chris Lewis

    Very nice! I am always looking for wayd to look good in my professional role. I have never heard of this company but love the colors. I am going to go and check out their line now!

  13. Alli Smith

    I need to check out Harrison Blake! I love all the apparel you showcased and I know my grown sons and hubby would enjoy some new clothing items for Christmas and I love shopping online.

  14. Joyce Brewer

    My husband would be down with this. He loves to look stylish.

  15. Nancy T

    Such great ideas for gift-giving – men are hard to buy for, and you’ve provided some really nice, stylish options. The quality looks top of the line, and there’s a rich variety of colors and textures of the clothing items. Fantastic ideas for the men we may have on our shopping lists.

  16. Joanna

    One thing I do miss about being in a relationship is buying clothes for bae. I’m putting my sisters on to this. Great pieces.

  17. Vera

    What a great gift idea! Men are so hard to shop for. A nice sexy tie is just the ticket.

  18. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I’m looking for great stuff for my husband for Christmas. This sounds like a wonderful line for my husband’s gifts for the holiday season. I will definitely look into this!

  19. Kita Bryant

    That’s not my hubs style however, I think it’s schnazzy! Smooth is the best word I could think of.

  20. Pam Wattenbarger

    I was wondering what to get some of the men in my life. This looks perfect for the guy who has everything.

  21. Jennifer

    My husband would be a new man wearing these! Very stylish – and I think he would actually wear it.

  22. Liz Mays

    These were some really stylish accessories. I love that tie clip! This is such a cool sub box!

  23. Libertad Green

    That little tie clip is so cute! Sounds like a cool subscription box and a pretty good deal. I think this would make a perfect gift, too!

  24. Anita Anderson

    I so agree with you that men are hard to shop for especially during the holidays. I have to check this Harrison Blake apparel to see what they carry.

  25. Aisha Kristine Chong

    I love this and it has that sexy and classic feel to it somehow which adds the charm!

  26. Chubskulit Rose

    I love those socks and the tie! This would be a great gift for my husband this holiday season so I will check this out.

  27. ricci

    This looks like a great gift box for men!! Also WHY are men so hard to shop for?? LOL!!

  28. Kasi

    This is a GREAT idea! All of my gift giving problems for guys are now solved, lol!

  29. Bonnie @wemake7

    What a great gift idea. I can never figure out what to get my hubby for his Birthday. I will have to get him this.

  30. Kiwi

    I got my package! My guy friend is going to model them for me this week, I think this sub box is so classy…for a Classic Man indeed. Jidena should be the spokesperson for it!

  31. LaQuisha Hall

    I love the variety that this brand offers! This gave me some ideas for Christmas shopping this year, lol! Thank you for sharing!

  32. Anosa

    I love that ‘I shan’t tell you how cute he looks because I will cut you’ made me laugh but I get you sister I feel the same about my man in a suit. Loving the time I can see your Babe rocked it

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