The Remarkable Kia Niro is out The Nice Ride has Arrived

Hey Cuties,

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, is that a thing? I don’t believe so but we make our own rules around here so whateve. Have you started cooking your grub? Are you packed and ready to fight the traffic or the security lines at the airport? Me, I’ve not done any of those things.

I am however excited about my family arriving in town. I’m looking forward to the laughter that always takes place. The memories made and the amazing food to be eaten. Maybe indulging in the first official shopping day of the holiday season. CHRISTMAS IS COMING, okay too soon.

kia niro 1

Fashion Centre Pentagon City Mall, Arlington, VA

I’ve partnered with Kia for this sponsored post.

After you’ve stuffed your face I know many of you will hit the malls in the name of Black Friday Shopping. While you’re out there I have something really cool I want you to experience.

kia niro 3

Kia Niro

Here ye, here ye I am here to announce the arrival of the Kia Niro. This one is a real looker they are breaking the rules with this eco-friendly ride that is super sporty HUV (Hybrid Utility Vehicle).

kia niro 6

Kia Niro cockpit

This all-new vehicle, coming to the US in 2017 is on display in select cities around the country. This isn’t just a look and keep it moving type of thing. Oh no, this is a fun interactive experience. You know “The nice Ride” type of thing.

Dates for local Kia Niro Mall Events:

  • Saturdays and Sundays starting Nov. 5th until Nov. 20
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 25 – 27
  • Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 3 – 4
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 16 – 24
kia niro 2

Oh, she is a sleek looking thing.

This Kia Niro is a new breed of crossover vehicle!

National Kia Niro Mall locations:

  • San Francisco: Stoneridge Mall, Pleasanton, CA
  • Los Angeles: Del Amo Mall, Torrance, CA
  • Boston: South Shore Plaza Mall, Braintree, MA
  • Chicago: Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL
  • Washington D.C.: Fashion Centre Pentagon City Mall, Arlington, VA
  • New York: Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, NY
  • Dallas: North East Mall, Hurst, TX
  • Atlanta: Mall of Georgia, Atlanta, GA
kia niro 5

The Nice Ride, Kia Niro

Alluring from every angle, the Niro exudes attitude even when it leaves. Privacy glass offers a low-profile look while helping keep passengers cool.

kia niro 7

Kia Niro Prize Box

Put down your shopping bags and step up to the Kia Niro gift box display.  This is the season of giving so now that you’ve checked out the ride. You’ve learned more about the vehicle don’t walk away empty handed. Kia Niro has a parting gift for you.


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  1. Sarah Bailey

    Oh wow now that is a beautiful looking ride, I would definitely love to try one out myself.

  2. Angelic Sinova

    The Kia Niro definitely sounds like an awesome car! I’ll have to check out the National Kia Niro Mall location here in Chicago.

  3. Paula Schuck

    That DOES look like a nice ride. I love the balance of space, and yet maintaining a design that’s easy to maneuver.

  4. candy

    We three drivers in our household. Guess what we all drive Kia’s. We love them. When we need a new car we ar going back to Kia.

  5. Chrishelle Ebner

    I had no idea Kia’s were so stylish. I have always known them for their value, but man what a great ride. I will definitely have to give the Niro a second look.

  6. Eloise

    that looks like an awesome car/SUV. I would LOVE to win one of these (and I say win, because I’m broke and cannot afford a new car at this point in my life!) some day !

  7. Vera

    That looks like a great car! We will need a second car before too long and I really do like the features on this car. I was seriously considerate when it’s time to buy a car.

  8. Alli Smith

    It’s so pretty and it’s in my favorite car color – white! My SUV is white and I love it. I like the idea of a parting gift as well. Glad I now know what HUV means! Can hardly wait to see the new Kia Niro in person.

    • MimiCuteLips

      White is such a popular vehicle color. This means you guys keep them clean all the time. lol Giving away a parting gift is a nice touch for sure.

  9. Kimberly Sessions

    I’ve heard great things about KIA cars. This one looks really nice! If I didn’t have a giant for a husband and two little ones I’d definitely be interested in something like this. I love that it’s eco-friendly.

  10. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    That Kia is a good looking car. I love all the features packed into that car. We are actually in the market for a second vehicle for our family.

  11. Stephanie JEannot

    Beautiful car and roomy. I love it. Nice space for all those black friday bags we accumulate.

  12. Kemkem

    That looks like a really nice car. I have always like Kia. Solid performing vehicles at reasonable prices and the Niro looks like it continues the tradition. P.S Love your handbag…love it 🙂

  13. Joyce Brewer

    I wish this was coming to Atlanta. I’ve test driven a few Kia vehicles and they NEVER disappoint.

  14. ricci

    This looks like a gorgeous new ride!! I would love to test drive one!!

  15. Jeanine

    What a gorgeous looking ride. I always hear great things about Kia’s but I’ve never been in one I don’t think! I love the white!

  16. Sara

    The new Kias are so awesome! I was so impressed with the Kia Sedona minivan. It felt very luxurious and not minivan-ish at all. I will have to go check out this new Kia!

  17. Bonnie @wemake7

    That is one beautiful looking car! I took care of a lady that owned a KIA RIO before but this one look so much nicer.

  18. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    That’s a really nice car. Kia’s have come a long way!

  19. rebekah

    This is a super adorable, functional car! LOVE the inside!

  20. Tryphena Wade

    I definitely love the look of this ride. It looks super sleek and sexy while still seeming functional. Thanks so much for this review. I live in NYC so not much need for a car (for me), but I love to still take a look.

  21. Danielle

    How fun! I love Kia’s {The Sedona has been my favorite} and crossovers in general. Would love to check it out at Roosevelt field, looks like a great ride!

  22. Wendy Polisi

    What a cool car! Kia is my choice next year, and Im going to choose this one.

  23. Jonna

    This car is super cute! I love it! After driving the 2017 Kia Cadenza during Blogalicious I’m seriously thinking about making Kia my next car. I’ve even been telling my mom about Kia since she’s in the market for a new car.

  24. CJ from Thirty30Courtney

    Kia has really been showing up and showing out lately. Whenever I begin my new car search, they are definitely going to be a contender!

  25. Kiwi

    Ooo what was the parting gift. This is a great timely post…I am supposed to get this Kia to test drive really soon so I am excited for my future ride!

  26. Ty

    Looks cute and the perfect size! I would look fab in this ride lol

  27. Carlana Charles

    This is nice and it comes in my favorite color for vehicles. You and these cars! The Mazda and now this. I loved the Mazda though.

  28. Valerie robinson

    That is a nice looking car! Kia has truly stepped up their design game!

  29. Ayanna

    Kia is definitely bringing it’s A game on this one. I like that is stylish and a hybrid.

  30. Eva

    Nice car! I love me some Pentagon City, and my son loves cars… I may have to run by there and check it out!

  31. Joanae

    I love Kia vehicles. Super stylish and reliable. It looks like you all had a great time!

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