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I’m talking cars today and reminiscing a bit about my Cousin’s Trip. You already know Key West was Bae because of this and this and this. I gave you tips on how to plan a cousin’s trip, those tips can be used for planning any type of group trip. What we didn’t talk about was six grown women, five days and luggage. *Cue up Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady*. Prior to our trip we talked about doing carry on only. Some were down and others simply couldn’t understand how to do that while traveling for five days. 

This is a sponsored post, I received this vehicle in exchange for my review.

Everyone flew into Fort Lauderdale and my dope friends had this 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL waiting for us. I drove the 2015 Outlander around with the family back in December. But this was a different experience and driving in Florida is much different than driving around DC. They are still rocking with this Rally Red color and it is still turning heads.

mitsubishi outlander experience

Rolling with the homies

The four of us set out to tour the Ft. Lauderdale airport to find our ride. The others wouldn’t land for another hour so our timing was perfect. After securing our luggage, obviously that carry-on situation wasn’t exactly a thing. We’ll touch on that bit more in a minute. We were so excited to have complimentary wheels for our five days the girls excitingly hopped up on our ride for a snapshot.


Styling in the parking lot

This Mitsubishi Outlander has 3 rows of seating and, that was enough for daily travel. However, that wasn’t enough for seating six people with luggage for five days that aren’t carry on size. This red was so attractive the Key West wildlife were drawn to it like a moth to a flame.


Next stop Key West

This Mitsubishi Outlander SEL navigational system was the real MVP. We didn’t know where we were going. We only knew we wanted to go a lot of places, and we did.  We drove and drove and drove some more. The ride was beautiful though, the bulk of the ride we had water on each side of the road. There is one road in and out of Key West and that is Route 1. Fun Fact: Route 1 runs from Maine to Florida.


Crew Love

What you probably don’t know about me is I am not the long-distance driver. I’m far cuter in the passenger seat than behind the wheel. I’m just saying. That was not the case this trip. I did all the driving, every single time. They were so shocked and proud they treated me to a couple of meals. hahahaha I didn’t want Babe to find out, then he would expect me to drive at home.

I could easily whip the Outlander around and find parking spaces. I loved that. It had good get up and go because I don’t believe in being left at the light. Okay, so not really, I’m 35+ plus and I don’t have time for that, but if that was my ministry the Outlander can hold her own. I’m just saying. She is no slouch.


Airport drop, 6 -2 = 4

Driving back from Key West we had even more luggage than when we arrived. When they packed the vehicle, they had a conference. Why? Because they had two additional suitcases to factor in and all the junk we purchased. Smooth move, I know. For the airport drop off we loaded up again but this time we only had luggage for two in the truck. We had plenty of space. We also managed to keep six mobile phones charged up the entire time. It could use more charging outlets though.



We tracked down a Chick fil A for breakfast {Thanks GPS} on our last day. Their biscuits melt in your mouth, child let me just tell you. *sigh* After getting grub it was time for us to head to the airport.


Mi & Rally Red

We complement one another, after friending for five days I was all ready to take it to the next level. But this fast gal had other plans, so I dropped her off at the airport where I found her and caught my flight home. Her loss! My t-shirt can be purchased in my t-shirt shop.


The baggage

In the truck we had two full-size suitcases, two travel size suitcases and three backpacks. In this photo, we had the third row down. I didn’t take a picture with all the luggage and the third row because I couldn’t open it without everything tumbling out.

I will we underestimated how much we could pack into this Mitsubishi Outlander SEL. That alone makes it a total winner in my eyes for sure. Click HERE for additional details and MSRP for the 2017.


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  1. Stacie

    That Mitsubishi Outlander is hot! ANd OMG Mimi, I need that shirt a.s.a.p.!

  2. Kirstin N. Fuller (the travelin diva)

    Love the color and it’s oh so cute!

  3. Adeola Naomi

    This car looks super hot, big and absolutely stylish. I understand why you were driving them everywhere. I hate driving but I can love it with a car like this one.

  4. Maureen @Scoops of Joy

    Yes on your tshirt! Love it! The mitsubishi outlander looks like an awesome ride to have and I love the color too 😀

  5. Sarah Bailey

    Now that is a beautiful car – I have to admit I keep wondering about getting a new one, I am so tempted to check into this one more now.

  6. Tomiko

    I love the truck and there is so much room in the back!! I take so many day trips it’s hard to find trucks with enough space.

  7. Paula Schuck

    What a sweet ride. I love the styling, but what’s really interesting me is all that space. I love that they were able to maximize the space in this bad boy.

  8. Jeanette

    WOW that car has A LOT of storage space! When traveling that is the best thing ever! We are not looking right now, but when we are we will keep this in mind.

  9. Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom

    This is actually one of the SUV’s I’m looking at for my future purchase. I’m looking for a good one that will allow me to pull a camper behind it. Not a huge one, but a 20 – 21 foot one. Thanks for sharing!

  10. LaSHawn

    I love how much room there is in the trunk. Whenever we look at new cars that is always our main concern since we tend to do a lot of roadtrips!

  11. Angelic Sinova

    The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL sounds like an awesome car! I love that bright red color (I’ve always been a fan of red cars for some reason!). I love that it has so much trunk space!

  12. lisa

    What a great little SUV! I love the color and the size is nice. We need bigger for all our family, but I like this one.

  13. Libertad Green

    I love the color! I also love a big car that holds a lot of cargo, so this one sounds like it would work for me!

  14. carlana charles

    I’ve never been a fan of their cars but I like the sporty look of this one and I do like the color. Surprised at the number of bags you managed to fit in there, too!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Carlana, they’ve come a really long way. My Mom and sister both had a Galant back in the day but they are no match for the line they have out now.

  15. Pam Wattenbarger

    I don’t think I have ever gotten the chance to drive a Mitsubishi before! This one looks awesome. I need that navigational system.

  16. Tanya Barnett

    Too Cute! Rally RED!!! It held lots of luggage.

  17. Toya

    I love that you mentioned space because I have two children one of them play soccer which includes a lot of baggage. So space is definitely needed lol. I’m glad yall had fun and Ioved the t shirts.

  18. coolchillom

    We can’t stop raving about the Outlander. Indeed the trunk is like a huge spacious warehouse! so fun to drive too

  19. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    That’s a nice ride! I’m loving all of the bells and whistles the latest models are now offering.

  20. Candice

    Our next vehicle absolutely has to be an SUV. We love to road trip to visit fam so charge ports, leg room and cargo space has to be on point. This looks like a great ride!

  21. melanie

    Ahh I am really loving this! Thanks for the review we are actually in the market for a new vehicle now.

  22. Bill S

    This looks like a great car!! I had no idea that Mitsubishi made a car like this, looks perfect for a family car!

  23. Kiwi

    Girl you sound like me. I had long distance driving period I am cuter in the passenger seat…I am a FUN co-pilot. I drove the blue version of this and I had a lot of fun. Happy your cousin got a change to cruise around in style in FL! I wanna do a cousins trip!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Girl yes, no point in doing all of that driving. I remember the blue, it was a great color as well. You should totally do a cousin’s trip.

  24. rika

    That’s a nice car!I love the color and style, Mitsubishi is a great brand!

  25. Polarbelle

    that’s a really pretty car. But let’s talk about your tshirts!!! I love your tshirts!!! whose idea was it? How did you get all the titles?

  26. Chubskulit Rose

    I love the shirts! This car looks like a great one especially if you have children.

  27. Tia @ financiallyfitandfab

    I love that the car is large enough to fit everyone but doesn’t look like a mini fan. I’ll check this out when I’m ready for a new car!

  28. Elle

    It’s cute and specious. I love how large the navigation screen is in the SUV.

  29. CJ from Thirty30Courtney

    It looks like it is a great size! Not too big, not too small. I can also empathize with the packing struggle. I don’t understand folks that check bags and they don’t understand me as a carry-on queen. You gave me good memories as I went to school in Florida and my campus is directly off of Route 1. Glad you were able to navigate around safely!

  30. Tatanisha W

    The Outlander is a great SUV for trips like this and families. I love the whole cousin trip idea, and it looks like you guys had a fantastic time!

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