Quality Family Fun at Six Flags Holiday in the Park

Happy Friday Cuties,

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving doing whatever it is you wanted to do.  This year was a bit different my family and Babe’s family did Thanksgiving together.  I don’t know how your family gets down but mine are a stone-cold party. I always love when we get together and even better when both families get together.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Six Flags.
I received complimentary admission but a review wasn’t required.

Today marks the first official start of the Christmas holiday season. I freaking love Christmas, I love shopping for the perfect gift and then watching people open them up with excitement. As a kid, my Mom would drive me around so we could look at Christmas lights.  Christmas lights still make me feel like a kid again.

six flags holiday in the park

Six Flags, Holiday in the Park

Six Flags has given me that old thing back with their Holiday in the Park. For the first time, Six Flags is open during the holiday season. They have really done it up.

Six Flags Holiday in the Park
Weekends & Select Days November 19 – January 2

six flags holiday in the park

Christmas Tree

Not only did I feel like a kid again but I shared the experience with my family. We ooohhh’d and aaahhh’d every time we saw something new.

six flags holiday in the park

A little Coca Cola love

LittleCuteLips was not here for our character pictures. She knows that these are people in costumes and she still cared not.

six flags holiday in the park

Peppermint Swirl

I am the peppermint lady because anxiety, so I really loved this one. I had peppermints in my pocket while I snapped this picture.

six flags holiday in the park

Welcome to the North Pole

LittleCuteLips was really excited to see the North Pole. We also danced on the snowflakes on the ground. You can take in a show, join in on the kids dance party and more.

six flags holiday in the park

Everything is better with lights

six flags holiday in the park

Christmas Village

All the regular Six Flag shops were decked out in perfect lined lights. They looked like a real Christmas village.

six flags holiday in the park

Santa’s House

Santa’s House is a must, you can go inside and take pictures with Santa and tell him the desires of your heart. You should also check to make sure you aren’t on the naughty list.

six flags holiday in the park

Holiday Cookies

We enjoyed a nice dinner, watched a fun skit and munched on these festive desserts afterward.

Ugly Sweater Party

Six Flags had an Ugly Sweater theme and we were dressed to impress. I made my sweatshirt and LittleCuteLips sweatshirt. I will share those with you next week. The boys purchased theirs from Target.

six flags holiday in the park

Kids just want to have fun.

The holidays are about spending it with family and friends and we did that at Six Flags as well. The two- handsome cutie on the left belong to The Style Medic. Then my Man-Child and LittleCuteLips.

six flags holiday in the park

Babe and I

He had to out shine me with lights on his sweater. lol

six flags holiday in the park

Tweety & Sylvester

Don’t forget to chat and take pictures with the characters while you’re there.  LittleCuteLips didn’t want the characters near her. Hence the panic on her face, I’m certain nobody is afraid of Tweety Bird other than her.

six flags holiday in the park

Holiday Forest

It was a dream wonderland. Six Flags got it right with their Holiday in the Park.

six flags holiday in the park

Until next time Six Flags

On this day, it went from a sunny 70 degrees to a windy rainy 40 degrees. We weren’t exactly dressed for the cold temps. We also didn’t get to fully take in the experience because of the weather. We will come back and take it all in real proper like before Christmas.


What kind of holiday fun do you get into? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.


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  1. Kemkem

    Even though it looks super cold, it must have been a fun time. I used to love going to Six Flags even though l hated the long lines 🙂 . Meeting Tweety Bird would have been a thrill.. 🙂

    • MimiCuteLips

      It was and you get past the cold when the excitement takes over. We should have dressed better and it would have been fine. We know next time.

  2. Tasheena @

    This looks like so much fun. Our Six Flags is closed during the colder months.

  3. Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom

    This looks like so much fun! It’s been years since I’ve been to Six Flags, but, this looks like a trip may be needed! Are they at all the parks?

  4. Alli Smith

    I’ve never been to Six Flags during the holiday season. The lights are beautiful and it does look like a Christmas village. Even the ugly Christmas sweaters are really cute! Looking forward to seeing how you made the sweatshirts for you and your daughter.

  5. Shirley Wood

    Six Flags looks magical for the Christmas season. We may have to consider visiting the one in Atlanta this December. It looks like such fun. We were at Dollywood during the Christmas season a few years ago and it started sleeting then snowing, we nearly froze to death. We had to leave and get warmed up. We still talk about it.

  6. Michelle Malone

    Great post! I’m curious…how do you score complimentary passes? I love all the festive pics of the shops as well as the types of activities available for families. Thanks so much for sharing? Is this in Bowie or someplace else? Our family lives near D.C.

  7. lisa

    This looks like so much fun! I didn’t know that Six Flags had a holiday in the park. I would love to go and check this out.

  8. Jennifer

    I remember visiting Six Flags when I was a young teen. I haven’t been in so long, but I would love to visit it again. The holiday lights tour looks like it was a lot of fun! My kids would love an experience like this. Those cookies looked to pretty eat! Lol! It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving and a fun start to the Christmas season!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Jennifer I loving seeing the world via my kids eyes. They get so excited and that makes my heart smile. The cookies were pretty but they were equally delicious as well. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  9. Sarah Bailey

    Six Flags always sounds like such an amazing place to visit, I love how they have done the place for Christmas how awesome is that.

  10. Bree

    How fun! I went to Six Flags during Halloween – they really know how to decorate the park! I’d love to visit during the holiday season- seems like a beautiful sight to experience.

  11. Tanya Barnett

    I only thought they did Halloween decorations. I wonder if my big kids would like it. I love Christmas decorations.

  12. Silvia

    So cute! It looks like you had a wonderful time! I’ve actually been thinking about going to my nearest Six Flags to experience this! I’ve never gone.


  13. Rebecca M.

    Wow! Looks like y’all had a ton of fun at Six Flags!! I just love all the gorgeous decorations and lights! It really gets you in the Christmas spirit 🙂

  14. Teresa

    Was the park even open? Ours Six Flags closes right after Halloween here in Chicago. I have never seen a Six Flags during the winter holidays- it looks so fun and festive – but still cold!! Glad you all had a great time

    • MimiCuteLips

      Yup, it was open. They’ve opened it up until Jan. Mostly on weekends but a few days of the week mixed in. This is the first time, grab some of the hand warmers and wrap up.

  15. RaNesha

    Wow what an amazing experience the photos are breathe taking and time with family is priceless. Awesome memories

  16. Anosa

    I don’t believe we have Six Flag in the UK but this looks like a lot of fun for the family

  17. Rebecca Swenor

    It looks like you all had a wonderful time at Six Flags for the holidays. I would love to visit Six Flags with my sons for the Holidays this year. The lights are just gorgeous and something special to see. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  18. ricci

    I have never been to Six Flags during the holidays but it sure looks like fun!! Maybe one day I will get there!

  19. Tiffany H.

    Looks like fun, I haven’t been to Six Flags in years. I’m glad to see they decorate like Disney land (not as glamorous but cool nonetheless).I also like the ugly sweater theme for the park. Christmas is my favorite holiday and i look forward to people opening of gifts I give them as I am very thoughtful about the gifts i give.

  20. Kita Bryant

    Six Flags is always so pretty and fun during the holidays. The cold is worth it!

  21. Kim

    Six Flags during Christmas looks like something my daughter would enjoy versus Halloween. You too beautiful photos. I wish I were there.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Kim Christmas is a great one to experience with her. Thanks, I can never capture the essence of lights as they appear to the naked eye.

  22. Bonnie G

    That looks like so much fun for this time of year. We’ve never been to Six Flags during the holidays, now I want to go. =)

  23. Jamila

    I’m loving all the lights, what a fun way to get in the Holiday spirit.

  24. Joanae

    I wonder if our SIX FLAGS has this going on!? I’m about to look right now! These pics and this post makes me wanna experience all of this!!!

  25. Polarbelle

    Your kids are so cute!!! It’s really nice that both sides of the family enjoy each other. So, ok, today at Target, I saw a two headed ugly Christmas sweater. I was going to post it on Snapchat but was afraid someone would go buy it, lol

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks, I love that our families blend so well. OMG, I saw that same one at Target. I tried to talk Babe into getting it for us. He wasn’t having it. hahaha

  26. Adeola Naomi

    Look like you all had a blast despite the cold and all.
    Everything also look so so pretty, my baby sister used to be terrified of tweety too.

  27. LaShawn

    We went to the Six Flags Holiday in the Park here in Georgia! It was so much fun! It wasn’t too cold this year so it was perfect. So pretty!

  28. Kiwi

    Your family is so cute especially with the holiday sweaters! They did a media preview in Atlanta to with the Six Flag over GA looks like a lot of fun and lights!

  29. Christina Aliperti

    Wow, the Christmas village is totally gorgeous! Those amazing lights and colors are so pretty and make for amazing photos.

  30. Garf

    Love the pictures with lots of Christmas lights. It is definitely the park that I want to visit ;-).

  31. Jonna

    Our family does do the holidays but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying fun times together since we are all usually off from work. My moms side of the family gets together for a big family breakfast on Black Friday and we take over almost a whole restaurant. It’s so much fun and great seeing the family we don’t get to see as often

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