It’s here Netflix and XFINITY X1 have Netflix and chilled

Hey Cuties,

There is no turning back now; we are officially full steam ahead into the Christmas holiday. That means a variety of things to some and nothing at all to others. Before I became a Mom Christmas had all but died in my world. People weren’t just vying to buy grown adults presents so it was no longer on my radar. After having a baby something about motherhood changed Christmas for me. I now saw Christmas through my kid’s eyes.

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Netflix xfinity

Menu: Apps

Growing up I would crowd around the big back TV to watch some of my favorite Christmas movies. Although big back TV’s are no longer a thing I still enjoy a front row seat in front of the TV to watch Christmas classics with my kids. My addiction to TV is no secret; I would let some other things go before I would cut my cable off. My friend loves TV (almost) as much as me and loves watching Netflix but she always found that it would buffer in the middle of the show. She didn’t think she could afford to upgrade her broadband to stop the buffering but she did a broadband comparison and found a better service that was cheaper than her current plan. Now she streams happy!

If you already use Netflix, login into Netflix right from the Apps section of the Main Menu of X1, or any Netflix program On Demand. If you are new to Netflix, you can sign up right on X1 and get one month free. If you’re a stickler for internet security, check out the best vpn for netflix to protect your privacy.

Netflix xfinity

Applications screen

Christmas came early for XFINITY customers, have you heard? A union took place and might have missed it. I didn’t, because dedication but XFINITY X1 and Netflix done Netflix and chilled. What does that mean? This means they hooked up and you can now access your Netflix account from your cable remote. No more searching for a third party remote.

If you have a voice remote you can say “Orange is the New Black” and it will pop up on your TV screen.

Netflix xfinity


While I’m thrilled about this new coupling LittleCuteLips is over the moon about it. Prior to said coupling she could only watch Netflix in the living room via a third party or the basement via our video game console. Babe and I run the TV in the living room and the Man-Child likes to play video games in the basement. This left LittleCuteLips with her lips poked out. I don’t know if you are familiar with 4 year old’s but they have major tude.

Netflix xfinity

Select your respective account

Now that Netflix is Bae to XFINITY X1 this is one problem solved. She can watch Netflix in her own room on her own TV. INSERT PRAISE BREAK. Note: This is not her room.

Netflix xfinity

Beat Bugs

Beat Bugs is her favorite thing to watch, but the menu is really easy for her to navigate without assistance.

Netflix xfinity

Beat Bugs is a Netflix original series

Full disclosure I haven’t watched all of the shows the kids watch. I listen out and make sure they are age appropriate but that is it. As much as I’ve heard about the Beat Bugs I had no idea it was a Netflix original series. I’ve watched a couple of episodes only because the songs were stuck in my head already. It is a cute show. The Man-Child is 12 so his shows/movies have changed. He has been catching up on all the Super Hero movies on Netflix.

Netflix xfinity


I told you she is hooked, peep the bars under each episode to see how much she has watched. She stops at the same spot at the end of each episode and moves on. That is funny.

Netflix xfinity

Beat bugs

Beat Bugs is an Australian-Canadian animated children’s television series. The theme song is All You Need Is Love by the Beatles which is why it was stuck in my head. I had to give the kids a quick music lesson on who the Beatles were and why I already knew the song.

All is right with the world in our home and we are holiday ready with XFINITY X1 and Netflix.

Netflix xfinity

Did you know you could watch Netflix with your XFINITY account? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.mimicutelips

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  1. Kemkem

    I am also thrilled that l no longer have to hide behind VPN’s to watch my favorite Netflix shows and movies. Yeah..now, all l do is log into the apps..and booyah..it’s Narcos time 🙂 . Great news all around. Enjoy!

  2. Alli Smith

    I’m over here laughing at the big-back TVs. Kids today don’t even know anything about those big backs. I’m looking forward to a rainy day where I can curl up on the sofa and binge on Netflix all day long!

  3. Jeanette

    We love Netflix! We use it all the time! We love to binge watch all the old 80’s shows! Right now it is MacGyver and Quantum Leap.

  4. Terri

    This union is great… On a side note, I’m totally with you on Christmas completely changing once having a child. I have a 5 month old and I’m so excited to experience Christmas through him.

  5. robincharmagne

    No I didn’t know about this fab feature! I better get on the phone and see how I can take advantage of this feature – Luke Cage is waiting!

  6. Paula Schuck

    That is so great! I love Netflix, and I’ve always hated having to use our smart Blu-Ray to log into Netflix. Now I can just do it like this. So easy!

  7. Candy

    Christmas isnt the same without small children to get all excited and big eyed over everything. Christmas did come early with Netflix

  8. Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    I love just being able to say Netflix into my remote and it comes on, pure heaven. It’s an awesome feature.

  9. Vera Sweeney

    What a great way to have Netflix easily ready!! We love to stream movies and tv shows on Netflix, even better on a snow day!

  10. Sarah Bailey

    We brought a new TV in the summer and it was Netflix on it as an app and it is great we just use the smart remote and boom we can get it up without having to change to the xbox it is great.

  11. Ali

    Seeing Christmas through the eyes of kids is the best part of Christmas! Of course a close second is the Christmas movies. I can’t wait to check these out on Netflix!

  12. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I had no idea you could watch Netflix via Xfinity. This is great news. I have a friend who has Xfinity, who would love to know this. I will share with her!

  13. Emma Spellman

    That is pretty cool. I just ordered a few amazon fire sticks, but it would be a lot more convenient to just use my cable remote. I will have to think about switching companies.

  14. Pam

    I have never heard of Beat Bugs before. That’s a show that sounds like my granddaughter would really enjoy watching it.

  15. Nancy @ whispered inspirations

    We don’t have Xfinity but we do have netflix! We watch it every single day!

  16. Kim

    It’s funny, my daughter sits in front of netflix just like that. We have a roku and she knows how to work it just to get to netflix. I agree, Netflix is bae – for everyone in this household.

  17. Angelic Sinova

    I LOVE that you can watch Netflix via XFINTY! I usually use my Blu Ray player of Wii U to watch Netflix on the TV but I love the connivence of this! I’m so glad I’m a XFINTY customer!

  18. Kirstin Fuller

    LittleCuteLips is really runnings things (lol). I love this new Xfinity feature, I’m going to have to upgrade my system.

  19. Joanna

    I had no idea about this. I barely use my Netflix account, but it’s getting cold, so I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  20. ricci

    This is such a great idea!! I love that Xfinity and Netflix did this!!

  21. Angela Harris

    I had no idea this was a thing. We already have Netflix and love it. Been using them for about 5 years now. It’s a great way to save on cable.

  22. Rebecca Swenor

    This sounds awesome for many people that Xfinity and Netflix joined together. Netflix is something we use all the time because we don’t have cable. We have an addition to binge watching shows. Thanks for sharing your experience and the information.

  23. Don

    My wife loves Netflix now that she can watch it on Comcast.

  24. Donna Shana

    Giiirrrrlllll! I cannot wait to get home to see if my X1 system is ready! We usually have to switch to the Nintendo or the firestick! I loveeee this! Goodbye Nintendo for sure!

  25. Tanya Barnett

    Loving Netflix on Comcast! I wish they had a teen control on it though. My 14yr old son is not happy that I have him set up under kids. LOL

  26. Kita Bryant

    I didn’t know this was an option! Definitely going to poke around my Netflix to find this now. Thanks!

  27. Kate | My Mommy Brain

    Netflix is awesome! We use it all the time. Right now I’m binge watching The Gilmore Girls.

  28. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    Yeah, we wouldn’t survive without Netflix in the house now. That’s the kid’s jam all day, everyday.

  29. RaNesha

    Hmm What! Let me check and see if mine is ready I am stoked.

  30. Thirty30Courtney

    That’s tight work! I am laughing at how opposite we are. At first, I gave up cable and now I don’t even have a tv. I stream netflix on my ex’s password though! lol

  31. Kiwi

    Literally my cousin just told me I could get a free box exchange and Netflix is included. Thanks for going more in depth with it I have Xfinity and I need to switch my boxes so I can enjoy these new changes!

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