Month: January 2017

It’s Here, Powerful Cars, Simplistic Designs and More

Hey Cuties, Last week my all girl crew (She Buys Cars Influencers) took over the Washington DC 2017 Auto Show Media Day.  Did you know that women influence 80% of auto purchase? Most women would say they aren't into cars but you are and you don't even realize it. We spent a lot of time in our cars, coming and going with your girls, your Boo and or your kids. Don't you want all of the dope functions to make your car experience better? Yes you do, and you should, that is why you are so influential to the auto industry. So the next time you say "I'm not a car type of girl" think again.

Event Alert: Have You Ever Been to Jazz in the Gardens?

Hey Cuties, We are still knee deep in winter but I am thinking warm thoughts like sun in my face, movement in my waist and my toes in the sand. I am thinking of Miami which I affectionately call the 305 — a short flight to one of my favorite places. This time I have a bit more motivation to get there. I love to eat, but I also love to dance like nobody is watching.  Who am I kidding; watch and enjoy the show, the Jazz in the Gardens to be exact.

After The Women’s March What Happens Now?

Hey Cuties, This was a long politically charged weekend and I have the joy of living in the DC Metro area. We had thousands of folks in town for the Inauguration on Friday and millions on Saturday for the Women’s March.  I made Friday and anti-political day — I just didn’t want to deal with it. Babe and I dropped the kids off and set out on a Day Date. We went to see the new movie, Sleepless with Jaime Fox. I wasn’t familiar with this movie but Babe usually has good recommendations, so I rolled with it. We followed that up with lunch, scooped up LittleCuteLips and then cheered the Man-Child on at his basketball game. Although, we ushered in a new administration on Friday, I focused on those that mean the most to me because of my sanity.

Do You Know How Easy It Is To Make This DIY Collar?

Hey Cuties, I've been getting my DIY on as of late; my crafting mojo is in overdrive right now and I'm going to ride the wave. With that said this is another craft, I've been wanting to do for a long time.  Pinterest will make you feel like you can make anything.  You don't need any prior craft abilities to make this collar. Fashion week is starting and I will be rocking my own looks.

Did You See this DIY Shopkins Party?

Hey Cuties, Last week was a busy one for me; LittleCuteLips turned 5 on Thursday and Babe and I spent the day with her. We went to see the movie Trolls which was really cute; Justin Timberlake did all of the music. Saturday was the big day, we entertained family and friends in our home. I DIY'd 80% of the party and I was so please with the outcome.

Did you know andy shallal created the peace ball?

Hey Cuties, It is freezing cold here in the DC area; I'm talking 19 degrees cold. I bundled up and braved the cold so I could go out and meet an incredible guy. His name is Anas "Andy" Shallal; he is an artist, activist, local philanthropist, and entrepreneur.  He is famously known in the Washington, DC area as the owner of Busboys and Poets. He is an Iraqi-American that has lived in the Washington, DC area for over 50 years. He and his establishment have become true pillars of the community.