Did You See this DIY Shopkins Party?

Hey Cuties,

Last week was a busy one for me; LittleCuteLips turned 5 on Thursday and Babe and I spent the day with her. We went to see the movie Trolls which was really cute; Justin Timberlake did all of the music. Saturday was the big day, we entertained family and friends in our home. I DIY’d 80% of the party and I was so please with the outcome.

DIY Shopkins Party

The invitation

This was her invitation, it was so stinking cute. I made it based on a few samples I saw in a Google search.

DIY Shopkins Party

The food table

I had one main food table; we dined on pasta salad, meatballs and pizza.  I had Shopkins theme tent cards to represent all the food.

DIY Shopkins Party

Shopkins Cake

This was my one splurge item for the party. I wanted my daughter to have a Shopkins theme cake. She loved it.

DIY Shopkins Party

Fun Fetti Cupcakes

I baked the fun fetti cupcakes and colored vanilla frosting in pink and purple to go with my theme. I created the cupcake toppers myself and used a scalloped cut out to make the shape then taped them to toothpicks.

DIY Shopkins Party


I made chocolate dipped and sprinkled pretzels. You can see my coordinating tent card. In the background you can see the colorful utensils we had with labels on the jars as well.

DIY Shopkins Party

Cookies and Pretzels

I love this food rack; it makes displaying food so easy. I’ve had it for years and I just swap out the plates to suit my theme. I filled this with cookies I purchased and chocolate drizzled pretzel bows I made.

DIY Shopkins Party

More pretzels

I had a variety of chocolate pretzels, including purple dipped pretzel rods with lime green chocolate drizzle.

DIY Shopkins Party

Fruit & Beverages

I made labels for the juice barrels and the water bottles. I already owned these colorful butterfly trays and they were perfect for the fruit.

DIY Shopkins Party

Close-up on the Barrel labels

The vibrant juice colors were a great match for the colorful Shopkins theme. The labels were really easy to create.

DIY Shopkins Party

Candy Decor

I loved the way my candy theme turned out.  The two lollipops on the left were purchased from Hobby Lobby. The little candies inside the jar are actually miniature tree ornaments. The gum drop tree was a lofty goal of mine. I purchased a Styrofoam cone and a 5 pound back of gum drops and hot glued them on. Shout out to my sister and BFF for finishing it up for me before the party started.

DIY Shopkins Party

Kiddie Table

I rented this kiddie table and chairs and it was money well spent. The girls ate and snacked here while cackling like little girls do. I made the banner hanging on the wall, it was super easy. This is a better look and some of my other candy decor.

DIY Shopkins Party

Gift Table

This table was in my dining room, it held gifts, party bags and more cute Shopkins decor. I made the banner and the garland hanging down. The garland is made of scalloped circles on string, then I randomly adding Shopkins stickers onto some of them. LittleCuteLips got a lot of stuffed Shopkins for Christmas so I included them into the decor.

DIY Shopkins Party

Shopkins Lego Display

LittleCuteLips got this Shopkins Lego display for Christmas and her big brother so graciously put it together for her. Dad secured a display box from Ikea and it was perfect. The plush Shopkins were Christmas gifts and I made the two display jars. I had the milk bottles leftover from a Minecraft party; I added colored puff balls to it and stuck in a stuffed Lollipop.

DIY Shopkins Party

Party Bags

I created the party tags and stapled them to the bag. I purchased the colored party bags from the craft store.

DIY Shopkins Party

Party Bag Details

I don’t like to fill kids with candy so I keep them in mind when creating party favor bags. I gave them Shopkins theme tissue, chap stick, rings, shortbread cookies, pencil and a note book. I also created a cute Shopkins cheat sheet that translated all of their goodies into Shopkins items.

DIY Shopkins Party

Lippy Lips

I know they created this Shopkins just for me. LittleCuteLips had an amazing time celebrating her 5th birthday with her Old Lady Gang (girlfriends) and family and friends. We only have big parties for monumental birthdays. We will do it again in November when the Man-child turns 13.

DIY Shopkins Party

How do you celebrate birthdays? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Kemkem

    My goodness! You have such vision and everything looks fantastic. Did you ever take art classes or is it just natural for you? I’m curious as l wonder why l am totally useless with DIY 🙂

    • MimiCuteLips

      I’ve never taken art, can’t really draw either. I didn’t find my true crafting talents until I was an adult. As a kid I doodled on paper but that was about it.

  2. erinlivelovelaugh

    Lol @”LittleCuteLips”.But I love the Shopkins party decor. I like how you incorporated the stuffed Shopkins she got for Christmas into her birthday party. Very crafty!

  3. Tomiko

    My daughter is 10 and loves Shopkins!! Did I say love.. I can’t wait to show her this post. Maybe I will do a DIY thus weekend.

  4. Eva

    This is such a cute party! I haven’t done a real party for the kids in such a long time, I don’t know that I would even know what to do. This is really neat. I love that the gift bags aren’t full of candy or stuff they won’t use. Very cool.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Eva, this why we only do them for the big birthdays.

      Girl I hate when people send my kids home with a bunch of candy so I don’t do it either.

  5. robin masshole mommy

    How cute is this?? I have never heard of Shopkins before, but you did an awesome job with all the food and decorations for the party!!

  6. candy

    Wow this is wonderful. You can throw me a party anytime. Decorations were wonderful and love all the little details on the drinks to cupcakes. The colors are bright and fun which just makes a person smile as soon as they see everything displayed.

  7. Rocio

    This is the cutest ever. If I had a girl, hahah. Great ideas hun

  8. Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom

    Holy sugar high batman! LOL. I love the idea of having different stations with yummy treats for a birthday party. Looks like fun!

  9. Katie

    Wow, that is one amazing party setup! I am impressed. Love the candy decor.

  10. Dawn McAlexander

    What a wonderful setup that is! It looks like something straight out of a magazine. You did an awesome job with that setup. If my daughter were still young, I would hire you to decorate my house!

  11. Dee

    This is was such a cute party! Since my kids are older, I haven’t heard of Shopkins, but they are so cute! You did an awesome job with the party.

  12. Jeanette

    My friend’s little girl would LOVE this! She is SO into shopkins right now. This would be fun to do for her birthday!

  13. Chubskulit Rose

    My son’s classmates are so into this shopkins thingy. They would love what you did in here.

  14. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    This is such a cute party! My daughters love Shopkins and we have a number of the plush dolls too. You did a great job decorating for this party!

  15. Kenya

    Super cute! But now I have to go google shopkins. LOL

  16. Heather Lawrence

    Oh this is too cute!
    Our daughter just starting collecting Shopkins so we will have to remember this for next year.
    Was that Doc MsStuffins I saw too? We LOVE her!!

  17. Pam Wattenbarger

    So many kids I know are obsessed with Shopkins. I don’t know exactly what they are, but I know this party is super cute and would be something they would love.

  18. Jenn

    Wow, this is so cool. I love the the colors and decorations. My granddaughter would love this so much. I’m book marking this blog post for ideas for her next birthday.

  19. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    Very cute! My daughter would love this!

  20. Nancy Laws

    Okay this was too cute, I had to read this away from my girl because she would turn green…she loves shopkins and that cake!

  21. Chloe

    Oh my goodness, those cupcakes are so sweet! I love all of this decor, the bright colours make everything look like so much fun!

  22. Dre

    Mimi you did such a great job! Everything is so beautiful and vibrant! I will definitely have to bookmark this post for future bday party inspiration. My babies already love sweets and the candied pretzels. I’m so glad your daughter had a great time!

  23. Rebecca Swenor

    A DIY Shopkins party is a great theme idea and the Shopkins are so adorable. I know my great nieces would love to have a Shopkins themed birthday party. The cake is so cute and it would be a big item to have for the party. Thanks for sharing the theme and ideas.

  24. Carissa

    I absolutely LOVE the decorations!! Emma loves Shopkins and we did it last year for her birthday but they’re so cute I could do it again!!! I’m sure Nori loved this!!

  25. Bonnie @wemake7

    Wow, this came out awesome, makes me wish I was a little girl again lol. My daughter loves shopkins. Thanks for the party ideas.

  26. Elizabeth Sutherland

    What FUN!!! I can appreciate the talent that goes into a party like this. I wouldn’t even know how to think up some of these ideas. CREATIVE!

  27. Bohemian Babushka

    CUTISIMO!!! BB knows her granddaughter La Princesa would LOVE a fiesta like this. Gracias for the ideas; I’ll be pinning this.

  28. Francesca @onegrloneworld

    I really enjoyed this post – it reminded me of the joy I got whenever we had birthday parties as a kid, or how exciting it was to receive a goodie bag at the end of someone else’s party. I loved all your DIY treats!! You’re so creative!

  29. Kiwi

    This is adorable! I am totally going to be this kind of mom having a theme and going all out to decorate it! I love the DIY gumdrop tree idea. All the details were fab great job!

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