Do you know what to get your man for Valentine’s Day?

Hello, February! We wrapped up the first month of the year, how has it been for you?  It has been busy for us.  LittleCuteLips turned five, and I’m excited about a year of first for her.  I’ve had some business wins that will manifest this month.  You know I will share them with you.  Two people in my life gained their angel wings, and Babe and I have been working on getting that”old thang back”. We’ve been together for 13 years now and if we want forever then we have to work to make it happen.

As of late the world seems a bit together yet torn apart. How did we become void of love? We are eight days out from the official day of LOVE.   Will you celebrate? Valentine’s Day is traditionally geared towards women, but what about the men? I pride myself on being a good gift giver to Babe. I don’t believe in soap on a rope and lame holiday ties.

valentines day gifts for men

I featured these products on Good Morning Washington – Did you see me?

If you struggle in this area then let me hip you to some ideas that I shared on ABC 7/News Channel 8.

Men’s Subscription Box by Harrison Blake Apparel: I put you on to them before Christmas. However, Valentine’s Day is another great chance to style up Bae.

valentines day gifts for men

Harrison Blake Apparel January & February Subscription Box

This subscription box is a great bang for your buck. Each month you get a tie + four items. This image displays the January Box (left) and the February Box (right). The subscription box only cost $25 + free shipping but is valued at more than two times that amount.


Deluxe Beard Kit by Koils by Nature: The beard gang has been inducting members like crazy over the past couple of years. Let me be the first to say, I am here for it. As sexy as it looks it is still hair and it requires grooming. This kit is exactly what you need, especially if you aren’t sure how to properly care for your beard.

valentines day gifts for men

Koils by Nature Delux Beard Kit

This kit includes (Cleanse) Beard & Face Cleanser & Shaving Foam, (Moisturize) Beard & Face Moisturizer, (Seal) Beard Butter, (No more scratchy beard) Beard Oil, Grooming Comb and a beard t-shirt towel.  They offer smaller kits and sample size products if you want to try them out before you fully commit. This kit retails for $60.


Deluxe Weekender Embroidered Duffel Bag by Personalization Mall:

valentines day gifts for men

Personalization Mall Deluxe Weekender Embroidered Duffel Bag

A duffel bag is a perfect gift for a guy; it is thoughtful yet manly. Although this is called the “weekender” for a man he can pack way more than a weekends worth of clothes.  I like pockets and this bag has five pockets; two large side pockets, large gusset front pocket with an additional front zippered pocket. This bag can be personalized with a name or a monogram; you can choose from 13 thread colors and 9 font options. I decided to go with the initials because Babe is super private and stuff.  The bag measures a generous 27″W x 13″H x 14″D with an adjustable/detachable padded shoulder strap.  This bag retails for $54.95  

I also featured 3 DIY options, links to each are posted below.
valentines day gifts for men

Dad Canvas Art

Tutorial for the Dad Canvas HERE.

valentines day gifts for men

Chocolate Pretzels

Tutorial for the Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn HERE.

valentines day gifts for men

#FatSnacks Tackle Box

This is an easy one yet thoughtful. I filled a tackle box with his favorite things. I put one can soda and one bottle of water but you can easily put beer in here. It is the thought that counts, gift your Babe gets to keep the tackle box or tool box. To take it up a bit you can include tickets and or gift cards. This tackle box cost less than $10

Valentine's Day gifts for men

Mi & Babe

Lots of love to Babe for taking great care of me while I was on set. You are appreciated.

What are you getting the mister in your life? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Alli Smith

    I have to admit that I have a hard time when it comes to buying a gift for my husband. I love the tackle box filled with favorite snacks and the personalized duffle weekender is a great idea.

  2. robin masshole mommy

    We actually don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, but I get my husband lots of “just because” gifts on other days of the year. He would like some of these suggestions.

  3. Tione

    Congrats on your 5 yrs blogging. The gift ideas are perfect also, often times buying gifts for men can be difficult.. perfume is always the main idea to get but not all men indulge in perfumes.

  4. candy

    You have given a wide arrange of ideas for that special guy. I ordered mine a subscription to the shaving club. He has been wanting to try it out.

  5. April Edwards

    Loved this segment Mimi! All of those ideas are so practical and affordable…

  6. Kenya

    You did great and you had some great ideas!! They’re gonna make you a regular!

  7. Tanya

    I love these items Mimi. I’m going to grab Koils By Nature for the hubs.

  8. Stacie

    Harrison Blake has some really nice gifts for guys, but I’m loving the personalized bag. My hubbs could use this for all his stuff.

  9. Ramona

    I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but if I did these gifts would be perfect. I like the subscription box. It’s so cool. Thanks for sharing the gift ideas

  10. Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom

    These are great gifts for guys. I don’t have a man in my life at the moment, but I’ll take that snack tacklebox for myself! LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Kirstin Fuller

    I was late to work to watch your segment…lol It was great. I loved the gift suggestions. Fantastic that he was your cameraman while you were on set!

  12. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    These are excellent gift ideas for the hubby. And congrats on the Morning Show. That’s amazing!

  13. Tia

    These are great ideas. I wish I had someone to buy for this year but I don’t, so Ill be pampering myself instead.

  14. Ty

    These are great ideas. I love the beard kit because I love a man with a beard. I’m living the Single Life right now but I’ll pass these tips along to my friends!!

  15. Annemarie LeBlanc

    It is always so difficult to find a gift for a man. The only way I do to ensure he likes what he gets is to ask him what he wants. However, I think my husband would love that tackle box filled with his favorite snacks – and I know exactly which snacks to get. Thanks for the suggestions!

  16. Maureen - Scoops of Joy

    Since my fiance and I are still in a long distance relationship, we prefer to keep the presents only for the times where we could see each other but these options are so great! I love the personalized duffle bag as he travels a lot that would be a perfect gift.

    PS: You and your Bae are so beautiful together. Power couple!

  17. Paula Bendfeldt Diaz

    These are all great gift ideas. I really like the idea of filling a tackle box with his favorite snacks, very thoughtful!

  18. Rebecca Swenor

    These are all great gift ideas to give your other half for Valentine’s Day. I love the idea of the tackle box filled with his favorite snacks. This would be a perfect gift idea for my boyfriend. Thanks for sharing the gift ideas.

  19. Kim

    A subscription box for men is pretty cool! I love all of these ideas. Thank you.

  20. Kita Bryant

    The tackle box full of snacks would have been what my husband would have liked. He was picky but easy all at once. Love these ideas!

  21. Emily

    Ugh, I always struggle with what to get my husband. I really like that monogrammed bag, something like that is nice but functional too.

  22. Jonna

    We don’t do Valentines, but I recently got a JORD wood watch and created a gift pack for Mr Blakes. I added some coffee and rum I got from Puerto Rico, and soaps from Sereniti Bath Body & You.

  23. Dawn McAlexander

    While my husband is a candy lover and would probably like that tackle box full of candy, I gave him a better gift. I took him to see Bon Jovi. He was quite grateful.

  24. ricci

    This is a great subscription box for guys!! I need to tell all my guy friends about it!!

  25. Chante

    Omg buying gifts for the guy is sooooo hard. Thanks for the idea definitely lgojng to look into a couple of these.

  26. Eloise

    I’ll have to remember this list for a future Valentines Day (just started dating a guy, it’s too soon for gifts!) BUT I must say I love your ideas for a great guy gift. Happy that you have a special guy in your life that you like to care for : )

  27. Nikka Shae

    You did a great job and I love the looks and gifts for the man in your life!!

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  29. Lexi

    These are some good gift ideas. I never know what to get my fiance so we normally just cook dinner together 🙂

  30. Garf

    Great Valentine gift ideas for men. My hubby already got his a few days ago so he is all set for the Valentine 😉 .

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