Don’t Be Basic When You Can Be Exceptionally Fly in a Patch Jacket

Hey Cuties,

Spring pops off today, and I’m happy to officially see it arrive.  This time of the year brings a lot of change. Spring cleaning of our homes, our closets, our life but most importantly our style. I look forward to packing away my big coats, winter scarves, and gloves.

With this notion in mind, I picked up a simple green jacket at Target.  I’m so into army green, and this jacket had nice big pockets and a drawstring to make my waist look snatched.  I had fun designing my camo jacket so I decided to add my touch to this one.

DIY Patch Jacket

Patches & Jacket

I got these patches from Amazon, Etsy, Tees in the Trap, and Coloring Pins. The beads are left over from other crafts. After I got started I decided not to use the beads.

DIY Patch Jacket

More patches

I’m missing my wonder woman patch, it hasn’t arrived yet. Whenever it does I will be adding it to my jacket. There are a few more patches I plan to order and add to the collection.

DIY Patch Jacket

MCL = MimiCuteLips

With so many patches I needed a lay of the land. I needed to know what was going where and how it would look. I used stick pins to hold them in place. That was hard, they didn’t want to penetrate the patches. Use a thimble and save some of your thumb skin.

DIY Patch Jacket

Measure if it will help.

I put the patches in place and tried on my jacket at least five plus times.  I solicited Babe’s help to make sure they were on straight and in a good position. He chastised me for not using a ruler and eyeballing measurements.

DIY Patch Jacket

Photo Credit: Babe

Once I got them all situated I started ironing them on. Some of the patches came with directions and others did not. For all of them, I put a piece of fabric over top of my patch and then began ironing. You don’t want to ever put the iron directly on the patch. Once finished I flipped my jacket over and ironed the patch from the inside.

DIY Patch Jacket

Photo Credit: Babe

I love the way it turned out, the colors were vibrant and it was a bit cohesive looking. I got a variety of patches but they all were so me. Things I love, things I believe in, things I enjoy and things that make me laugh.

DIY Patch Jacket

Photo Credit: Back shot

I had to put my MimiCuteLips signature lips on it. The back was the perfect spot, you can’t tell in the picture but his iron on it sparkly and glittery.

DIY Patch Jacket

Photo Credit: Babe

Cute, right? The woods were the perfect backdrop for my jacket.

Click here for my DIY Camo Jacket tutorial.

DIY Camo Jacket


What kind of patches would you choose for your jacket? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.

DIY Patch Jacket

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Tanya

    Love this jacket!!! The “My brown is beautiful” patch is everythang!!! I may need to go make myself one now.

  2. Tomiko

    Where did you get the my brown is beautiful patch? Love it!! I would love to do this with my daughter

  3. Kat

    This is a cute jacket Mimi! You give me inspiration to do something similar for my mini me. Thank you!

  4. Kita

    SO fly. I love a great patch jacket. Guess I need one. Time to step up my style game.

  5. Keisha Adinkra

    I must make one of these jackets! I love all of your patches. I’m a huge Bob Marley fan so I need at least one Marley patch and some Black Panther and other AA history patches and definitely some sort of African symbols. I love your jacket it look so cool and you’re right the woods make the perfect backdrop!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Keisha, I love that. I’ve ordered a black power fist patch to add into the mix. I love when fashion makes a statement.

  6. April Edwards

    That is so cute and so you Mimi!

  7. Carissa

    OMG…I was just looking at patches for this idea I saw on a sweatshirt on IG. I think she bought hers but I was like I can make this with a couple of patches!!! I may even do my camo jacket…Im excited!!! Let me go find some patches!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Carissa, go for it camo and denim are always great for this type of style. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  8. Jeanette

    I LOVE the title of this post! What a great reminder! I LOVE the jacket too I know someone who would absolutely love this jacket!

  9. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    I’m so in love with this! I love that jacket and being able to customize it to suit me, that’s a plus! I need to do this!

  10. Tamara

    I have to say – I love it. I love the Rolling Stones. My daughter would definitely want me to make her one too!

  11. Lisa Favre

    I love the idea of making your own patch jacket because it allows you to put your patches of your choice. Definitely something I’ll think of doing for the summer!

  12. Jazz

    Mimi, I love your style and I’m so happy this DIY Patch Jacket is doable for my fashion challenged self! 😂 Thank you! I will be sharing this on Pinterest…

  13. Claudia Krusch

    I love the look of this jacket. The patches would be so fun to collect. My Daughter is going to want one before she goes back to College.

  14. Dogvills

    This jacket is too cool and I love it. I’d love to do something like this.

  15. Katie Kinsley

    Such a cute DIY way to add a little pop to your jacket. Great way to save some money when going for the fashion finds!

    • MimiCuteLips

      A really great way to save money Katie. They have designer versions available but it will cost you an arm and both legs.

  16. Toiia L. Rukuni

    I love all the patches on this fabulous jacket! The Mimi Cute Lips on the back makes it extra special!


    Oh this is so cute I love that you can add your own. I would probably want to change mine out depending on my mood!!

  18. Elizabeth Neas

    I love this idea! This would be so fun for different conferences. I could find patches that represent my blogs. Now to find the perfect jacket and patches!

  19. Kathy

    That’s such a neat jacket. I love it! I’d love to get one of these. I would definitely wear it!

  20. Mars

    Omg. I need to do one. It’s gorgeous.😀

  21. Jaime Nicole

    What an adorable jacket! It reminds me a little of the flight suit I had at space camp with all its patches. I love it!

  22. uprunforlife

    That is a fun idea. I tend to be boring when it comes to my jackets. I should do this to my favorite jacket.

  23. rika

    Love this.. the jacket looks so cool! Thanks for sharing the idea, i want to try this soon

  24. Echo

    I absolutely love this! I totally did this to my backpack in high-school, so this brings me back to the good ole days!

  25. Shannon Gurnee

    Those jackets look like so much fun! I love the different ways you can personalize them!

  26. adriana

    Awesome job! This is great – I love that patch work is coming back into style! It’s so much fun!

  27. Elle Em

    I love the original personal touch. The best part is, when you leave your home you don’t ever have to worry about someone wearing your outfit because it’s truly one of a kind.

  28. Toia

    This is super cute! From what I can remember, only patches I’ve ever worn came already sewn onto the piece of clothing lol! These brands dropping these cute patches now are taking me back. My fave is “a lil bougie”. Gotta love Tees in the Trap!

  29. Eloise

    love the idea o making a jacket personal with adding easing patch-work… what a great idea, don’t know why I never thought of that, but know I’ll be looking in my closet looking for the perfect jacket to get my art/creative flow on! thanks!

  30. E H

    This is such a cute jacket! What a great way to make something plain so special and customized! I have seen a similar idea before, and now all I need to get is the basic jacket somewhere that I could customize – guess a trip to a thrift store is on!

  31. Lynndee

    That patch jacket is super cute! And I agree, the woods was the perfect backdrop for it. 🙂 Good job!

  32. RaNesha

    Thanks for inspiring me to create my own and not purchase one. I love your jacket very nice.

  33. Lauren

    Yes!!! I love it! I’m inspired. There’s just not enough hours in my day to craft like I used to but I would really like to do this.

  34. Stacie

    I just knew your were going to do this diy! I’ve been adding patches to my jean jacket. I’m going to have to look for these!

  35. Gabriel Bregg

    Looks pretty sharp but reminds me a bit too much of being in the Army for my taste. Glad I did it, glad I’m out!

  36. Lauretta

    I actually bought this jacket and then searched for ideas. I took off the green patches and added all black and white ones. Love it!

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