WanderAway just arrived, it delivers the world to your door in a box

Hey Cuties,

I have a fun subscription box I won that I have to share with you. My prize is from WanderAway Box and it is so cute and creative. By now you are likely familiar with subscription boxes and how they work. I’ve seen a variety of subscription boxes but a travel subscription box is a first for me. If you are a traveler you would enjoy this, if you aren’t a traveler than this might be even better for you.  This is a great way to bring travel to your door step.

Travel Subscription Box

WanderAway Box

I enjoy traveling but I don’t get a chance to do it as often as I would like. This cute idea is a great way to get a taste of the world when I can’t travel. WanderAway supports small business owners and local artisans from around the world; the box includes items specific to cultures, countries, and regions of the world.

Travel Subscription Box

Wander Mail!


WanderAway Box is a bi-monthly subscription service. You determine how often you want to receive your box, month to month (every other month), 6 months (3 boxes), and 12 months (6 boxes). They even have a family box that means you get enough items to cover a family of 3 to 4 persons. You can also purchase a subscription for someone as a gift. This would be an uber cute idea for someone sick and not able to get out or a college student who hasn’t had a chance to experience life yet.


The box was filled with a variety of goodies. It also came with a few note cards.
1.) Welcome to WanderAway Box
2.) Tips to make travel more affordable
3.) Details of the contents in your box

Travel Subscription Box

Satin Sleep Mask

WanderAway satin sleep mask; wake up refreshed for a day full of exploring.

Travel Subscription Box

Sweet Jamaican Candle

Sweet Jamaican Candle by Starfish Oils, they carry a line of aromatherapy products. They infuse their soaps, candles, oils and other products with the finest ingredients and unique essential oil blends.

Travel Subscription Box

Travel Tag

Travel-inspired luggage tag to flaunt your wanderlust… and find your bag on the carousel.

Travel Subscription Box

Travel Journal

Document your travel and travel aspirations in this leather travel journal. Dreams, goals, and bucket lists welcome. Writing it down makes it real.

Travel Subscription Box

Spice Sampler

Spice Sampler by The Kitchen Imp, sampler of Sweet Curry, Tuscan Rub and a Moroccan blend will awaken your senses and your taste buds.

Travel Subscription Box

Aspiration Cards

It’s easy to get caught up in the movement of travel, and not take time to breathe in the experiences. Nomadness Travel Tribe’s Travel Aspiration cards speak directly to the traveler’s heart.  Pocket-sized deck reminds both the novice and the avid traveler of the art of saying “yes”, remembering to “unplug” and many more lessons that travel with you through the world.

Travel Subscription Box

Japanese Kit Kat

Green Tea flavored Japanese Kit Kat

Cute right? I told you. I’m a journal addict so I can never have enough. Who doesn’t love a good candle. I’m not fancy in the kitchen, if it wasn’t for this box I would never own Moroccan seasoning of Tuscan rub. They gave me recipe cards so I don’t even have google recipes they already hooked me up. They must know my struggle. I’m going to let the kids try the Kit Kat bars with me, that should be funny. I know they are expecting regular USA Kit Kat chocolate. The aspiration cards are a gentle reminder, I’m going to reach one each day to get my mind right.

Travel Subscription Box

What would you love to get in your travel box? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.

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  1. Ty

    Thi sis such a cute box. I love everything in it. I’m curious to see what the next one will have?

  2. TC Mason

    I so love the green tea flavored kitkat! This subscription is great I’ll gonna check it out. Thanks!

  3. Keisha Adinkra

    This box looks cool! How did the candle smell? That spice sample mmmm I’d love to try those out. I like the idea of using this as a gift.

  4. Jay Colby

    This was my first time hearing about a travel box as well, but it seems great. Especially the tips about how to make travel more affordable.

  5. robin masshole mommy

    What a neat subscription box service this is. It is PERFECT for people who love to travel.

  6. Kimberly

    I am all about that candle and journal! I’ve never heard of this type of box before and it’s a good idea – like how to discover different items from around the globe. I love that line “I’m not fancy in the kitchen….they must know my struggle” I literally LOL’ed at that!

  7. candy

    I have never tried any kind of subscription box. Never sure if I want to spend the money and not know for sure what I will be getting. I always enjoy candles and the different spices do look really great.

  8. Tia | Pennies In My Pocket

    This is very interesting. I have never heard of this box but it looks like a treat I would love to receive.

  9. Shirley Wood

    What a fun subscription box. The smells and tastes of places to go sounds like fun to me. The travel journal is my favorite thing in this box. We would be making so many travel plans!

  10. Amanda

    What a cute box subscription. I would love to have a few little treats and trinkets from all around the world without having to leave home!

  11. Katie Kinsley

    That is a cute box. I’ve eaten those kit kats before and I love them!

  12. Latoya @ Life and a Budget

    This is a cool subscription box. Wouldn’t mind getting my hand on those green tea kit kats.

  13. Pam Wattenbarger

    I love subscription boxes too and this is such a cute idea. I’d love to have that travel tag.

  14. Lian

    I love these kinds of subscription packages. There are so many fun finds to discover. I would LOVE to have the candle to be whisked away simply by lighting it.

  15. Jeanette

    I love this idea! Not only does it give you a little bit of stuff to travel with it also helps your pallet travel around the world without leaving your kitchen.

  16. lisa

    This is a neat subscription box! I would love to try all of the different items from different countries. And I love the travel journal.

  17. Kita

    This is such a cute idea. I need to order a box as soon as I get the courage to actually get on a plane.

  18. Marysa

    Such a unique subscription box! I would love one of these for myself. So many great goodies, it would be so fun to get one of these in the mail.

  19. Dawn McAlexander

    What a cool box! I am a big fan of scented candles. I have them all through my house to smell. That sweet Jamaican candle would be my favorite part of this box.

  20. Jenn

    This is sooo cool. Our teenage daughter really wants to travel as she gets older, I bet she would love this.

  21. Tanya Barnett

    I love subscription boxes. This looks like one I may have to add to my monthly buys.

  22. Claudia Krusch

    WanderAway looks like a great subscription Box. These look like fantastic products to try. A subscription box is a great gift idea.

  23. Carissa

    This box looks like fun!!! I would love to try those green tea Kit Kat’s I think those caught my eye first! I love trying candy from other countries and seeing how they eat it versus how we eat it!

  24. Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    The spices intrigue me the most. I enjoy opening a box and finding things I would already be interested in buying. This one looks great!

  25. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Those Japanese Kit Kat bars are the ones with matcha? I think I saw some of them at the Asian section in the grocery store. I think this WanderAway subscription box was a great way to experience those different scents, seasonings, and treats from around the world.

  26. Kiwi

    What an amazing travel box. You know I got travel fever all the time so this is a cute concept I have seen so many sub boxes but not for travel. I always wanted to try the different varieties of Kit Kats Japan has so many!!!

  27. Rebecca Swenor

    This Wander Away box sounds amazing and does have a lot of interesting items in it. I love the idea of gifting to people a subscription box. It is awesome that you can get the boxes whenever you want and there is enough in each box for the family to use the items. Thanks for sharing this awesome subscription box boc.Stork OTC

  28. Bonnie @wemake7

    This sounds and looks like a really great box. I would love to check this out.

  29. Tonia @TheChattyMomma

    This is fun. I love subscription boxes. I get sucked in with the variety of products.

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