Did You Contribute To The Earth For Earth Day?

Hey Cuties,

Spring Break is over and it is back to our regular scheduled routine. We finished our break with an Earth Day bang of sorts. On Saturday is rained all day long, it was chilly out and the day was better suited for Netflix, snacks and a blanket. Due to all of the rain, LittleCuteLips and Babe didn’t get to work on their gardening project as planned. Did you contribute to the Earth, for Earth day?

So they had to improvise, they took their gardening project to the garage. My girl has quite the green thumb and after success with last years garden of tomatoes and green peppers she was looking forward to growing, even more, things this year.

Bring Back the Bees

LittleCuteLips watering her marigolds

LittleCuteLips came home with wildflower seeds at Idealseed and was really excited to plant them. Babe picked up some soil and got her a pot and she was responsible for taking care of it. I found this cute watering can at Target. I snapped this picture of her taking care of her flowers a few weeks ago. She is so attentive to whatever she is growing, more so than she is with anything else.

Bring Back the Bees

Cheerios Campaign

Last month Cheerios posted about their #BringBackTheBees campaign on Facebook and I had to get in on it.

Bring Back the Bees

When you went to the website they gave you a wealth of information surrounding the campaign. Ultimately the bees were in danger and they wanted to give our 100 million seeds for people to plant. That was it, no strings attached. I completed the form in LittleCuteLips name, kids love to get mail. As you can see they exceeded the campaign and gave out 1.5 billion seeds, I’m happy to say we are one in that number.

Bring Back the Bees

Thanks Cheerios for our seeds

As promised weeks later her seeds arrived in the mail. She had no idea they were on the way so she was really excited to open up the package.

Bring Back the Bees

Wildflower seeds

LittleCuteLips and Babe had two projects happening simultaneously. First, her marigolds had grown so much they needed to be transplanted into a bigger pot. Secondly, she needed to plant her wildflower seeds.

Bring Back the Bees

Planting her seeds

Due to the rain, they did this in the garage. As you can see they already transplanted her flowers, you can see how much they grew in just a couple of weeks. She made rows in the soil and planted her seeds.

Bring Back the Bees

Seeds planted

Her seeds are planted with the help of Dad (Babe) and they covered them with soil.

Bring Back the Bees

Watering her seeds

Giving them a water bath.

Bring Back the Bees

Planting complete

Planting is complete, the seeds have been watered and now they are taking in the sun.

We can’t wait to watch them grow, stay tune…

How did you spend Earth Day? Chat with me in the comment below or FB, IG or Twitter.

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Kemkem

    Oh she looks so cute working on her little planter. So glad you’re introducing her to this at a young age, something that will stay with her for a lifetime. I can’t believe they gave away all those seeds, no strings attached. We are hoping to do the same thing in our apartment. Plant 🙂

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks Kem, honestly she is teaching me. I am the student here, she makes it fun to be a part of the process.

      I was shocked, but I loved the idea behind it. I hope everyone plants the seeds.

  2. robin rue

    Awww! That is such a fun project. We actually started a little garden on Earth Day. We planted potatoes, corn, brussels sprouts and tomatoes!

  3. Alli Smith

    I’m so ready to work in my gardens and plant some new flowers. Hopefully, this weekend will be a good time to add some pops of color in my garden.

  4. Jaime Nicole

    I just love these photos! It’s so important to get little ones involve in environmental awareness early – great job!

  5. candy

    We are farmers and I always plant a big herb and veggie garden. Plus we planted a big orchard. Takes work but so worth taking care of our earth.

  6. Jeanette

    I totally forgot it was birthday until I was halfway through the day. We will definitely be doing something in honor of Earth Day in the next week.

  7. lisa

    I love Earth Day! And helping bring back the bees is so important. People forget how much bees actually help the Earth survive.

  8. Christy Maurer

    I’m so ready to start planting flowers and adding some color to the house! I hope your little seeds grow for your daughter!

  9. Sarah Bailey

    Aww what a lovely thing to have done for Earth Day, we actually did some gardening and planted some seeds as well.

  10. Claudia Krusch

    This is such a great thing to do with the kids. We went for a long hike and picked up trash along the way. We had 4 big bags when we were done.

  11. Jenn

    We spent the morning at the show and saw Disneynature’s Born In China. Then spent the afternoon doing yard work.

  12. robincharmagne

    I have heard about the bees, definitely endanger of losing whole species. I need to do better around these issues!

  13. Miles L.

    I appreciate parents who teach their children about their responsibility of taking care of the environment. I’d do the same.

  14. Bella

    Wow love how you improvised and did the project indoors instead, many would have just skipped it all together! Looking forward to spending more and more time outside & in nature as the weather continues to improve!

  15. Jacqui S

    I, unfortunately, didn’t get to plant anything this year! I always plant something, but now that I’m in an apt, I don’t have that luxury. But, I am hoping to get my herb garden going soon! Does that count?

  16. Tina Butler

    How adorable is she working on her little garden and she is so proud of it. I taught my kids at an early age about food and gardening, so I am glad to see it is not a lost art.

  17. David Elliott

    That’s great that you are teaching about the importance of bees in the ecosystem. And i love that you have her planting as well.

  18. Kita

    We did not do anything special for Earth Day. We try to practice daily Earth Day with recycling, using less paper and reducing our energy consumption daily. I do love this bring back the bees campaign.

  19. My Teen Guide

    Every year, on Earth day, we plant a tree seedling. It is our way of saving the planet. Trees help rid the air of carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. Next year, we might take a few seedlings with us and go to our favorite hiking trail and plant them there.

  20. LaShawn

    She is so cute!! And getting so big! The bees are SO important. We are planting flowers and herbs in our back yard this year. I’m going to do some more work this weekend.

  21. ShaBree Henry

    This is so cute and looks like a great activity for kids. I will definitely share this with my family.

  22. Paula Schuck

    The bees are so important. Love planting gardens in the summer. Thank you for sharing this, would love to see an update soon!

  23. Carissa

    How Cute!! We have the seeds from the Cheerio Campaign…we have to plant them so maybe since its finally getting warmer it can be our project for outside!

  24. Kita Bryant

    I love when companies take an interest in things outside of making money. The earth needs all the help it can get.

  25. Dawn McAlexander

    Many people don’t even realize what would happen to humanity if the bees were to disappear. It would be devastating on us. This is a very important campaign and I love that you and your daughter are involved with it.

  26. Kiwi

    I love Cheerios for this campaign! I am happy they were able to get over 1 billion seeds and a great effort to save the bees!

  27. Michelle

    Aww your daughter is so cute!! I did my part by recycling! I try to do my part we need to keep our Earth clean!

  28. Lauren

    What a great way to spend Earth Day! I love how your daughter is so into growing things. I used to have a green thumb when I was younger but somewhere along the way I think it fell off. LOL We had a full day of college football visits to a school with my son so no earth day for us this year. However my new loc stylist gae me a packet of seeds in my welcome bag and I’m going to work on getting them planted very soon!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Lauren, I never had a green thumb. My mom is amazing, she has an awesome green thumb. I guess it skipped a generation. Life was happening but its cool that you have some seeds to plant.

  29. Bree Davis

    Your daughter is so precious! I love how engrossed she is in the planting process. I have considered getting into planting/gardening. It’s good for the earth and for our bodies too. Need to do more research for how I can make that happen living in apt setting.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Bree, we live in a townhome and don’t have any yard. Garden boxes make it possible for us, they have a lot of urban garden options for apt. living.

  30. Kasi

    Such a cute Earth Day idea! Looks like you guys had so much fun for a great and important cause!

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