Did You Know Turban Day Was A Thing?

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During Spring Break we took a weekend trip to New York. You know that is one of my favorite cities, so it was fun to take the kids back again.  In true New York fashion, you never know what you are going to get.  We arrived on April 15th, Turban Day.

See the beauty for yourself.

Turban Day

April 15th, Turban Day

The 5th Annual “Turban Day” event took over Times Square on a Saturday. Although they’ve been going five years strong, this is only their second time in Times Square.  Their goal was to tie 8,000 turbans regardless of age, race, and gender as well as educating Americans on the Sikh religion.  The event was hosted by the Sikhs Of New York.
Turban Day

3 out of 4 rocking turbans

There about 25 million people in the world that practice Sikhism.  Unfortunately, a lot of them have been bullied post 9/11.  As it turns out Sikhs are frequently confused with Muslims.  The Sikhs faith dates to the 15th-century, it is a religion that is based in Hinduism and born in India.  Back in the day turbans were only worn by the rich/upper class but that created segregation and elitism. That mentality was done away with and all Sikhs could wear turbans.

Turban Day

LittleCuteLips got a turban but didn’t want them to tie it on her.

After they tied our turbans for us they gave us a little book of information.  They weren’t trying to convert anyway but they wanted to educate us. Turbans are a crown and are to be treated with respect. They should not touch the floor.  One should also refrain from smoking and alcohol while wearing the turban. Fun Fact: They keep a small wooden comb tied into their turban.

Turban Day

They had it a fun experience, they had cute signs for us to snap pictures with. Social media or it didn’t happen. Peep the hashtags.

Turban Day

We had the kids so not only did we have fun and learn a lot. We explained those lessons to our kids, the worse kind of person is one who stops learning.  Be open to those around us.  Yes, we have differences but we have a lot more things that bind us. If nothing else we all bleed the same color.

Turban Day

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  1. Alli Smith

    I didn’t realize this was a thing. The turbans are so colorful and I’m digging the pink! The blue is awesome too.

  2. Christy Maurer

    I did not know that turban day was a thing! It looks like you had a great time. I love the colorful turbans.

  3. candy

    I did not know there was any such a day as turban day. Love the different colors. Someone would have to show me how to wrap the turban, I wouldn’t know where to begin.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Candy, I’m so glad they wrapped them for us. I wouldn’t know how to do it myself, but I am going to practice.

  4. Sarah Bailey

    What a fun sounding day to stumble upon while you were in New York it looks like everyone is having a great time.

  5. Pam

    I had no idea Turban Day was a thing. What a great way to raise awareness of the Sikh religion and what it stands for.

  6. OurFamilyWorld

    I had no idea there is such a day. It would be fun to wear one just like everybody else.

  7. Rebecca Swenor

    It sounds like you all had a wonderful time celebrating Turban Day. Educating people especially children on others traditions and cultures is important in my opinion. Thanks for sharing this awesome event.

  8. Maurene Cab

    Now that’s a great day to celebrate! It’s not every day you wear one. It’s wonderful to experience people’s culture.

  9. Stacie

    I’m not familiar with the Sikh’s culture so this is new to me. That’s cool that you shared a new experience like this with your family.

  10. Eileen

    I didn’t realize Turban Day was a thing, but it’s a great way for people of the culture to celebrate and for other to learn about the tradition! Cool post!

  11. Emily

    This seems like such a great event and worthy of sharing! I like that you encourage your kids to learn about new cultures and religions. Doing it in Time Square is extra fun!

  12. Kita Bryant

    I actually had no clue it was a thing. Great information to know!

  13. Jaime Nicole

    I did not know! I think it’s so importance to raise awareness and tolerance for all cultures in this country – thanks for educating me!

  14. Sandy N Vyjay

    Turban day is so cute. The riot of colours on the streets of New York must have indeed been spectacular. Loved the pictures.

  15. Bonnie @wemake7

    I didn’t know they had a day for that. Looks like your family had a really fun time.

  16. Adeola

    I love the initiative and how beautiful it all looked!!

  17. Candice

    This taught me something because I didn’t know the difference between the Sikh’s and Muslims. It’s important that we take time to get to know other culture’s and people in general. It’s really cool that you got your kids involved too. Good job mom!

  18. Lauren

    I had no idea that this was a thing. That’s a really cool way to share in a new culture. I commend them for doing an event like that.

  19. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Looks like an exciting way to show their culture. I have always been wondering why they wear turbans on their heads. I had to read about it too and now I know why.

  20. Kiwi

    This was awesome you got to go to NYC just in time for this event. I love this that everyone got a turban and got educated on the Sikhs culture.

  21. My Teen Guide

    What a fun way to know more about the rich culture of the Shikhs. I did not know that there was a religious significance to wearing a turban. Glad to know you and you family had fun celebrating Turban Day.

  22. Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    I’ve never heard of Turban day, but all of you all look great in your turbans. Every time I see a turban, recently, I think of Nick Cannon.

  23. Anitra | The Mom On the Move

    What a great way to increase education and reduce the stigma of what some consider a sign of terror. Especially considering the times we live in today.

  24. Marsha

    I thought I heard that on the radio that day but wow! That’s great! Back in college, I did learn about Sikhism from some of my Punjabi friends who are Sikh. I love the awareness aspect of Turban day!

  25. Lia World Traveler

    I love turban day and I love NYC (my hometown) so glad you were able to take part and to highlight this cool event and Sikhism. Thank you

  26. Brittani

    When you stop learning, you stop living and this article was so enlightening. I had no idea that the tradition of the Turban was birthed out of Hinduism in India. I want one now!

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