Black Mermaid Decal

Hey Cuties,

It is officially summer vacation in the MimiCuteLips household. I  have a Kindergartner and an Eighth Grader. I’m probably more excited about this break than they are. Hello staying up late, not checking homework and relaxing a bit more.  You know I love a good DIY but the Manchild suggested I do a DIT. What is that you ask? Do it Together. 12-year-olds are amusing.  With his idea in mind LittleCuteLips and I did a DIT project.

This post a sponsored post between myself and Cuties Like Me. All opinions are my own.

See how we put them up in less than two minutes.

Cuties Like Me sent me this set of beautiful mermaid decals. LittleCuteLips squealed when I showed them to her; the colors are bold in color and very vibrant.

Black Mermaid Wall Decal Black Mermaids

The Decals

LittleCuteLips has an Ikea Loft Bed and she sleeps at the top and lounges at the bottom.

Black Mermaid Wall Decal Black Mermaids

Lounge Area.

This picture is from her 2014 room makeover. We took her room from baby to toddler. You can get a full review of her bed and what it looks like.

Black Mermaids

Her Room (c) 2014 Toddler Room Makeover

She loves her bed and the words on it but it still didn’t have much personality. These wall decals were the perfect accent to what she already had.

Black Mermaid Wall Decal Black Mermaids


She helped me out every step of the way. We looked at the wall and decided where to put the mermaids first. She decided on each end and in the middle.

Black Mermaid Wall Decal Black Mermaids

Making decisions…

We are all finished with our mermaids and now we are adding some of the fun sea dwellers.

Black Mermaid Wall Decal Black Mermaids

Adding more…

Still adding more, so we can really bring it to life. The decals are removable and won’t rip the paint off of your wall. They are really easy to apply and that makes it kid friendly.

Black Mermaids

We love it…

Check out Cuties Like Me and some of their other goodies on Facebook and Instagram.

Black Mermaid Wall Decal

Her room is complete now.

Because I love you, I’m giving away some decals. Enter below for a chance to win a set.

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Black Mermaids

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  1. LC @ A Life of Authenticity

    I love the DIT idea….my daughter would be so into that. You guys did a great job of decorating her big girl room. Thanks for sharing the idea on using decals. That works especially if your child falls in love with something new every few months. LOL.

  2. Kemkem

    What a cute project. It must have been a lot of fun. I love the decals and l think it’s perfect for any little girl. You are so creative. What a lucky girl she is as she is reaping the benefit :-).

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thanks Kem. I’m constantly trying to find ways to empower her. I want it to be all she knows. It is so important to see images that look like her.

  3. Alli Smith

    I love the mermaid wall decals. They are so pretty and colorful. And the awesome words really help inspire girls to be strong and honest and kind! Love the look!

  4. Sarah Bailey

    Aww I love this what a great empowering backdrop for a little girl! I would have loved something like this way back when.

  5. robin rue

    Those decals are all kinds of awesome. I love wall decals because they are easy to remove or move to another spot!

  6. Danik

    A cute little project and great to see the children getting involved. 🙂

  7. Sarah

    Very cute! I’m sure your daughter loved decorating her room with them!

  8. Angelic Sinova

    I’ve been seeing these Cuties Like Me mermaids all over Youtube recently and they are so adorable! I would have loved having these in my bedroom when I was younger (mermaids are the best!).

  9. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    This is such a fun addition to any girl’s room. My daughters both love mermaids so I think they would enjoy this decal too!

  10. Amber Myers

    These are so amazing! My daughter is into mermaids so she’d really like these on her walls.

  11. Bella

    This is such a cute bedroom! These decals add a lot of character to the room, I will have to check them out.

  12. Brittany Marie

    Omgosh this so cute! Is it crazy of me to want to do this in my grown-a$$ adult and married room? No? Good! lol This is too cute and love the bonding time y’all had! It’s precious 💜 here’s to a summer of more fun and bonding!

  13. Maurene Cab

    Those are cute mermaid decals. I’m sure a lot of kids would love this. I’ll tell my niece about this.

  14. My Teen Guide

    I love your daughter’s room. The little lounge area under the bed is a perfect place to read books. I love the decals. Full of affirmation and positive worlds. Good job!

  15. Debra

    Those decals are just the cutest. My girls are obsessed with mermaids and they would love these oh so much.

  16. Chubskulit Rose

    That is so cute. I love putting decals on the wall, it’s an expensive way to decorate.

  17. Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    My daughter who has a pink room would like these decals.

  18. Paula Bendfeldt

    I am also thrilled that the kids are out of school. I love getting up later, cooking dinner with them and having them come with me on my morning walk. These mermaid decals are too cute and I love how this DIT project came out.

  19. Claudia Krusch

    Decals are a great way to add some fun to a room. My friends little girl would love these. They are so cute and easy to use.

  20. Kayla Klontz

    My daughter would love these! Thanks for the chance.

  21. kelly woods

    These are sooo cute

  22. Donna Kozar

    They are very cute!

  23. Nikka Shae

    What a cute project for your daughters room! I wish when I was growing up I had options like this!

  24. Garf

    This is a cute DIY project. I love decals. They are a great way to add some color to a room.

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