I Have a Kindergartner, Now What?

Hey Cuties,

I hope you have recovered from a dope weekend. Mine was perfect, it was low key yet memorable. I got plenty of rest and relaxation.

pre k graduation

Friday, June 9th was the big day. The day LittleCuteLips (My Girl) graduated from Pre-K. Next stop Kindergarten.  She and her classmates had been counting down the days. They were so excited, they had a series of events leading to their big day. Although they were only five they had a class trip, and a prom with graduation being the big finale.  I was counting down for another reason. You see that was the last time we would ever pay for daycare. GLORAYYY SAINTS!

pre k graduation

LittleCuteLips: Class Trip Port Discovery, Baltimore, MD

Although I was excited about this financial win my emotions were all over the place. This is my baby, she is the reserved one of the bunch. She  is incredibly in tune with her emotions to be so little. She was born this way.  I prepared her for the babysitter transition to daycare for almost a year. This was the girl that was extremely shy and would only be herself at home. She hardly spoke to her aunts, uncle and grandparents. We did this interview on her first day of daycare.

pre k graduation

LittleCuteLips & ManChild: Class Trip Port Discovery, Baltimore, MD

This shy little girl became a total and complete social butterfly. She knew everybody in the building and in the morning it took an extra 15 minutes to get all of her greetings in from the students and staff and then again when it was time to go home in the evening.  We watched the evolution take place. She found her voice and uses it. She set boundaries for others (she isn’t a morning person.) and she created friendships I hope she keeps forever.

pre k graduation

The Old Lady Gang at Port Discovery

I affectionately refer to her and her crew as the Old Lady Gang. They are now five but they act like grandmas and have since they were 3. They are bossy at times and they move at old lady pace. It was nice to see my baby find her squad.

pre k graduation

The Class of 2030 and some of their siblings

They are a funny bunch.

pre k graduation

LittleCuteLips: Prom Day

LittleCuteLips was super excited about prom, I don’t think she has ever gotten this fancy before. I was excited for her but I wanted her to look like a little girl. We don’t do grown around here. I believe little girls should look like little girls. Not grown little women. Her Mama nor her Daddy are down for that. We found this dress at Target for about $22 and she loved it. Her measure of a dress is how well it twirls. This one had all the twirl honey and it was within the budget, I wasn’t spending more than $50 on a dress.

pre k graduation

LittleCuteLips and her Date, Daddy.

Although the four of us were in attendance Daddy was her date so it was all about the two of them. I found her gold sandals for $18 at H&M. They are super cute and she can wear them again. I refuse to press her hair straight until she is 10 so we went with an updo that required no heat. I pulled her hair up into three ponytails like a mo-hawk and put rollers on the end of her hair to give them some curl. They were on for a few hours and I took them out and separated her curls with my fingers for fullness. We loved the end result. She and Daddy were a hit on the red carpet.

pre k graduation

Valedictorian Speech

Graduation day I kept it together. Above all else I was proud. Proud of the little girl we have raised. She was valedictorian of her class, and had a little speech. So cute right?

pre k graduation

Graduation Day: Dance Performance

She did a special dance number and even recited the poem “Hey Black Girl” with her Old Lady Gang.

pre k graduation

Next stop Kindergarten

She got all dressed in her cap and gown and received her diploma. We cheered on like she was Rudy Huxtable playing football and doing her end zone dance.  Mama is proud, I’m nervous about Kindergarten because Mommy’s are wired that way but I know she will do well. I look forward to the next step in her journey.

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Mimi Green is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a mother of two and a girlfriend to one. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Jay Colby

    This reminds of when my mom cried at my graduations as a kid. Congrats to your daughter for graduating become a kindergartner.

  2. Jennifer

    Aww! She is so pretty! Congratulations to your little one (and you, too, Mama) on her Pre-K graduation! What a great accomplishment! And how cool of her school to host a prom for the Pre-k students! I’ve never seen that at a school for young children before! I love the prom idea! I remember when my teens did Pre-K and completed it. It was a bittersweet moment for me because I was happy for them but at the same time a little sad because it meant they were growing up. 🙂

  3. Autum Love

    aww congrats little cutie she’s so adorable I love you pinned her curls up in one of the pics

  4. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Oh my gosh! The cuteness is almost overwhelming. Congratulations on the first of many graduations!

  5. Vera Sweeney

    Aww. She is so cute! I love her dress. I love her gown. I LOVE that she’s a little graduate and that it is so honored! I love it all!

  6. Eileen |

    My goodness she looks just adorable in her prom dress! This much be such an exciting time for her!

  7. Jennifer Van Huss

    It’s crazy how fast it goes! I think I wrote the same post (almost!) two years ago! Now my daughter is graduating from KINDERGARDEN!! ah!!

  8. candy

    What a busy and special year for your little girl. Love how beautiful she looks with her hair done and all dressed up and standing with her dad. Graduation to kindergarten is a big stepping stone.

  9. Heather

    My son had preschool graduation yesterday. This mama cried so hard.

  10. Jeni

    What an amazing pre-k graduation! Seriously! We didn’t have pre-k graduations when I was little, heck, now they even have kindergarten graduations. I remember a sixth grade graduation, but that was about it when I was a kid besides high school of course.

  11. Mary Edwards

    What a beautiful girl you have. Those eyelashes! ADORABLE. Cherish every moment….

    2030…makes me feel so OLD

  12. Lia World Traveler

    Congratulations to your babygirl. What next indeed, they grow so quickly.

  13. Ty

    Awww!!! Congrats baby girl. She looked too cute and I agree, kids should look like kids. I love her dress and yes, I cried at every graduation my son had. SMH!

  14. Tiffany Stuart

    You have such a beautiful family. I hope the little princess enjoyed her day. They get so big so fast.

  15. Dogvills

    Little cute lips is so adorable. I love her dress and I’m surprised you only got it for $22. Congratulations to her.

  16. Victoria Heckstall

    Aww she’s totally cute! My niece also in kindergartner and she’s really happy.

  17. Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    Congratulations to your daughter. Her day was truly special. I wish her the best!

  18. Kiwi

    What a beautiful dedication post to your upcoming Kindergartener! Time has flew but this is so exciting keep us up to date on her life as a kindergartener when she starts school again.

  19. Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place

    What an awesome graduation! Congratulations to all of you, especially your little girl. She’s such a smart young woman and I’m sure she’s going places!

  20. Jennifer G

    Awww so cute! My son had a graduation for kindergarten when he was younger but they aren’t doing it now that my daughter is graduating from Kindie. I am sad because I remember just how adorable it was! Your little one looks SO Cute! Congratulations to her!

  21. Melissa Dixon

    Congrats to the pre-k grad! Your kids are so lucky to have such a great photographer of a mom, they will cherish these photos forever. So pretty!

  22. Kasi

    Congrats on having a kindergartner now! Loved the recap, cuteness overload with all of these pictures!

  23. E H

    What a fun event for your daughter! It is fun for the little ones, kind of makes me tear up a bit, these events. I know my youngest daughter has a few more years before this – we are in the middle of toddlerhood! Enjoy the summer with you family, love!

  24. Louise Bishop

    What a cutie! I am so proud of her graduation.

  25. Chubskulit Rose

    Time flies, congratulations to your little one’s milestone. Good luck to kindergarten year.

  26. Shannon Gurnee

    Oh my gosh – she is so dang cute! Congrats on your little girl going to Kindergarten! You are gonna love the ride through elementary school.

  27. Oyinkan Ogunleye

    Awwwww congratulations!!! They grow up so fast huh?! LOL Im sure she’ll soar in kindagarten and beyond!

  28. Stacie

    Aw, your daughter is beautiful Mimi. She looks like a little lady! Class of 2030 looks promising!

  29. Echo

    Oh my goodness, they grow and change so fast! My last baby just finished kindergarten and is moving to 1st grade! I may have cried.

  30. Carissa

    Congratulations!!! The end of the year events were cute and she looked so pretty at the Prom!!!

  31. Ms. Stephanie

    Aww I miss her 😘😘 I thank you guys for an amazing “old lady” lol you guys are raising. It was an honor to be apart of her education journey/life. She is one intelligent little lady and with an old soul and parents like you guys I know she will go beyond her or anyone else expectaions in life. I love and miss you guys

    • MimiCuteLips

      Thank you so much, we appreciate that that you have done. You can’t quit us though, we are going to stay in touch. =)

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