Have You Been To The Best Circus Ever?

Hey Cuties,

I had an action packed weekend and I’m going to share it all with you this week.  Last week the fam and I had a fun night under the big top. It was opening night of the UniverSoul Circus.  The UniverSoul Circus is in its 24th year and still going strong.  The kids are Circus vets, the sitter had been taking them since they were itty bitty people.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me and UniverSoul Circus. The opinions and text are all mine.

#UniverSoulCircus UniverSoul Circus DC

Almost show time…

With four complimentary tickets in hand we set out to enjoy the best circus ever. I like to see how they change it up year to year.  This is what I like to call an all inclusive circus. They have entertainment from all around the world. No matter what shade you are you will see someone that looks like you.  UniverSoul Circus isn’t just a circus honey, it is a party and they know how to keep the party going. Every year I see people with and without kids in attendance. I see babies and grandmas and great grandmas. 

#UniverSoulCircus UniverSoul Circus DC

Seated and ready…

LittleCuteLips was giddy in her seat with excitement. She is a music lover and the music was non-stop. She knew a lot of the words and would sing and dance along. When she didn’t know the words she was just dance.  They play the current hit songs and the kids go wild. Then even play some old school for us and the generations beyond us.

#UniverSoulCircus UniverSoul Circus DC

These ladies had the place lit for real; they came out and did an incredible limbo with fire while in these beautiful full and colorful costumes.

#UniverSoulCircus UniverSoul Circus DC

I don’t care how old I get I will always be fascinated by stilts. These fellas danced and kicked their legs and ran around. HOW SWAY?

#UniverSoulCircus UniverSoul Circus DC


They had  contortionist like I’ve never seen before. OH MY GOSH! Talk about wonderment and awe those young men were like rubber bands.

#UniverSoulCircus UniverSoul Circus DC

Clowning around…

The clowns come up in the audience and take pictures with you if you want.

#UniverSoulCircus UniverSoul Circus DC

Fresh The Clowns

These boys get down, they know all the latest dances and the kids go crazy over them. If you’ve ever heard of  the dance craze JuJu on that Beat and the #FTCChallenge then you are looking are the creators. They created the viral dance sensation that had old lady, news correspondents, kids, parents and more juju’ing on that beat.

#UniverSoulCircus UniverSoul Circus DC

Who doesn’t love to see a man flying and flipping in the air?

#UniverSoulCircus UniverSoul Circus DC

It isn’t the circus if they don’t have animals.

The animals are a very small part of the show.
#UniverSoulCircus UniverSoul Circus DC

A little goes a long way when you see them do cute things like this.

UniverSoul Circus is in the DMV area at FedEx Field
June 22 –  July 23rd
Get your tickets HERE!

Do you and your family visit the circus? Have you ever been to the UniverSoul Circus? Chat with me in the comments below or FBIG or Twitter.

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  1. nadeen

    I have never been to this but I have heard about it and the entertainment looks great! I don’t know how they do all those acrobatic moves! That is a beautiful family photo too!

  2. Ariel

    Aaaah! I used to go to the Universoul Circus all the time when I was a kid. I’d almost forgotten how much fun we’d have until this post. I have to find the statewide schedule and take my son. I know he’d enjoy it as much as I did.

  3. LeShelle, host of MRTV

    I don’t have many regrets in life but that time my son told me, “You’re never too old for the circus,” after I passed on free tickets is one I’ll never forget. I believe circus excitement keeps you young in spirit!

  4. robin rue

    That sounds like so much fun! We love going to the circus and this one sound way better!! I would love to take my kids to see it.

  5. Jeanette

    I love going to the circus. When I was a kid we went every couple of years and I was always amazed at what they can do. I would love to take my kiddo to the circus now. I know he would love it as much as I do.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Jeanette, I love that. Growing up we went to the circus every year. It was an activity that I looked forward to as a kid. I love that I can give my kids the same memory.

  6. Alli Smith

    I love a good circus and I, too, will always be fascinated by stilts! I will never outgrow a fun circus and this one sure does look like fun.

  7. Anosa

    Oh wow UniverSoul Circus sounds absolutely amazing and looks like such a lovely family event.

  8. Agnes Dela Cruz

    A couple of months ago we watch the Cirque de Soleil in Manila and it was spectacular. This one looks so amazing too. I bet kids had the best time.

  9. Maurene Cab

    When I was a child, my grandpa always bring me to the circus. It is such a wonderful event. I’m sure this circus also gave you the right experience.

  10. Jamie | Makeup Life and Love

    OMG this seriously looks like such a great time. I totally want to go to this.

  11. Pam

    My granddaughter would love this. Especially since there’s a lot of music! She loves shows with music.

  12. HeidiDee

    How fun!! They haven’t had a circus near me in a long time, but I would love to take my four year old to one!

  13. Rebecca Swenor

    It looks like you had a wonderful exciting time watch this circus. The UniverSoul Circus sounds like so much fun to see. I have never seen a circus like this one but would love to see their show. Thanks for sharing the information and your amazing time.

  14. Chubskulit Rose

    That’s the one thing I haven’t tried doing with my kids so that would be in our bucket list. Circus is a fun event to watch.

  15. Theresaq

    I haven’t heard much about this event, but it looks like so much fun for the kids! I’m sure the whole family enjoyed the event.

  16. Ashley

    What an incredible show that must’ve been! I have yet to take my boys to the circus and your post totally inspired me to make it happen!!!

  17. Alyson

    This is GREAT!! I haven’t been to the circus in years and it really is a terrific place to go with the family! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  18. Our Family World

    I have always loved the circus. My parents used to take me and my siblings to the cirucs everytime they would have a performance near our area. The Universoul circus looks like a really great show. I wish they’d perform in our area too.

  19. Christy

    It looks like you had so much fun!

  20. Kita Bryant

    I have been to a few circuses in my day. None of them, however, even compare to universal. That is an amazing show.

  21. Amanda

    My family and I choose to not attend circuses because of our personal beliefs. I’m happy to see that your family enjoyed yourself and had a great time together.

  22. rika

    This show looks amazing! I love acrobatic and circus. Always fun to watch!

  23. Liza

    That looks so vibrant and FUN! Loved looking through your photos.

  24. Louisa

    Goodness! This looks like a lot of fun. I’ve never been to one.

  25. Paula Bendfeldt

    I had never heard of the UniverSoul Circus. My kids love the circus and this one looks so fun and so unique!

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