This Is What It Is Like To Walk The Brooklyn Bridge

Hey Cuties,

I had a good girl time this weekend in New York. I went up for Curlfest, but we’ll get off into that on Wednesday. Today I’m talking about our post-Curlfest fun on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Instead of taking the train back to the city we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan.  The weather was hot, but there was a breeze happening. Plus I’m always thinking about Step Wars.  I had more than 20,000 steps for that day too.

Brooklyn Bridge New York walking Brooklyn bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a National Historic Landmark; it connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn together. The bridge is 5,989 ft. long.

Brooklyn Bridge New York walking Brooklyn bridge

The towers on the bridge are made of Maine Granite, and they are 276 feet above the water. If you are into photography The Brooklyn Bridge is one you want to capture for sure.

Brooklyn Bridge New York walking Brooklyn bridge

Selfie much

There are rules of the bridge that you should follow. Obviously, you should not hang over the edge; doing so will cause you to fall into oncoming traffic or into the East River. That isn’t a good look. You are not permitted to place pad locks of love or any other type on the bridge. The right side is a designated bike lane; do NOT walk in the bike lane unless you want to get run over. Other than that have fun.

Brooklyn Bridge New York walking Brooklyn bridge

It took 14 years to construct the Brooklyn Bridge. It took 600 workers to get the job done and about $15 million; mind you this bridge was built in 1883.  That translates to more than $320 million in today’s dollars.   The Brooklyn bridge is a suspension bridge which had a reputation for failing under strong winds and or heavy loads during that time. Fun Fact: On May 17, 1884, P. T. Barnum led 21 elephants over the Brooklyn Bridge to prove that it was stable.

Brooklyn Bridge New York walking Brooklyn bridge

The Style Medic

All of the crew got in on this selfie action; duh you must capture the moment. Honestly, most of the people on the bridge were snapping pictures. The breeze was welcomed because it was so dag on hot.

Brooklyn Bridge New York walking Brooklyn bridge

Lady Liberty

The upper span of the bridge is open to pedestrians and bicyclists 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The pedestrian walkway across the bridge is little over 1 mile.  The view of Lady Liberty is one to capture.

Brooklyn Bridge New York walking Brooklyn bridge

Mi & Drea

We snapped pictures the entire distance. She how un-bothered we are? I believe in living life, not wishing I had because I was worried about what someone else would say or feel about it.  Nope, my book of life is filled with all kinds of story. Some that will blow your mind… I’m not the book writing type but I’ve got a page turner for sure.

Brooklyn Bridge New York walking Brooklyn bridge

The bridge’s construction took 14 years, involved 600 workers and cost $15 million (more than $320 million in today’s dollars). At least twenty to thirty people died in the process, including John August Roebling, the original creator/designer. After he died his son Washington A. Roebling, took over as chief engineer, he has done work with his father in the past and had helped design the Brooklyn Bridge.  He would later get the “bends” from working on the project and ended up partially paralyzed.  His wife Emily worked the project until it was completed. Moral of this story: A woman got the job done.

Brooklyn Bridge New York walking Brooklyn bridge

The bridge was originally called the New York, Brooklyn Bridge and the East River Bridge, but it was later dubbed the Brooklyn Bridge.  The bridge was formally named by the city government in 1915. I don’t know why they didn’t just start out with that. The previous name was complicated.  I would love to go back and walk the bridge at sunset.

Brooklyn Bridge New York walking Brooklyn bridge

Have you walked the Brooklyn Bridge? Would you walk a bridge if you could? Chat with me in the comments below or FBIG, and Twitter.

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  1. Alli Smith

    I would definitely walk the Brooklyn Bridge! I love learning all the facts and history about this beautiful bridge. Photos are great too!

  2. Jeanette

    I have been to New York City many times but I have actually never want to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. It is something that I have an a bucket list and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do it. It looks like you all had a blast. I love all your pictures.

  3. monique tillman

    Thank you for the post. Im going to NYC and staying in the financial district by the Brooklyn Bridge, so I will definitely be walking the Brooklyn Bridge.

  4. Christy Maurer

    I have only seen the Brooklyn Bridge from the distance, but it is beautiful. I would love to walk it someday. I love NYC.

  5. lisa

    I have never walked the Brooklyn Bridge but I would love to do it some day. It’s such a fantastic bridge and just beautiful scenery.

  6. Tomi C

    Pedestrian bridges are a great way to get from one side of the city to the other and enjoy a little sightseeing along the way. Thanks for sharing a little history on the makings of the Brooklyn Bridge. I never knew so many people died during its construction. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of my fave bridges and it’s a little longer than the Brooklyn Bridge but both are full of history and a scenic way to view the cities we love.

  7. Doria

    We love the Brooklyn bridge and your shots are STUNNING! It’s such a gorgeous bridge, so much easier to enjoy it walking it rather than driving (often in traffic) over it 😉

  8. Sarah Honey

    The Brooklyn Bridge is amazing. It’s for sure a NYC must see. Sounds like you had a blast!

  9. Joline

    My friends and I walked the bridge on our first visit to NYC all those years ago. And yes, we almost got run over by a bike! Amateur mistake haha.

  10. Chanel | Cultural Xplorer

    I love walking the BK Bridge both ways into Manhattan and Brooklyn! Such scenic views – remember to watch out for the bikers though, they can be ruthless

  11. Jenn

    I love your photos. I have never been to Brooklyn. I would love to see it for myself one day.

  12. candy

    Brooklyn Bridge is a beautiful old bridge and love all your photos. Not sure if I really want to walk across the bridge.

  13. Kim

    First of all, love the sunglasses. I’ve always seen pictures of people walking across that bridge and it looks like a great adventure

  14. Teresa

    I took my kids over this bridge last summer -t hey were all like – what the what is the big deal! haha! I walked this on every trip to NYC. But I didn’t know all the history behind the bridge, thanks for all the great information.

  15. Pam

    I love all the pictures you got of walking the Brooklyn Bridge. I have been to NYC segeral times but I haven’t got to do this yet.

  16. My Teen Guide

    Thanks for the trivia about the Brooklyn Bridge. OMG, I did not know it took 14 years to build it. I think you have a fantastic idea to go back and walk the bridge at sunset. I can only imagine how beautiful that would be.

  17. Chubskulit Rose

    That is a beautiful bridge. It’s nice that you can walk in it too, that is so cool.

  18. Amanda

    Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is most definitely on my bucket list. It looks so beautiful and I simply adore New York. It’s no Chicago, but I still love it!

  19. Kiwi

    You know I am from NYC and never walked the Brooklyn Bridge. Need to add that to my bucketlist!

  20. Ty

    I had no idea that it took so long to build the Brooklyn Bridge. I have got to get there soon

  21. Eva

    This is so cool! Now this is something that I’d like to do with the kids this school year. We are getting the field trips lined up right now…

  22. Candice

    You took some beautiful shots! In all the times I’ve been to NY, I never walked the Brooklyn Bridge. So many landmarks we take for granted. It really is an awesome piece of architecture. Yeah, I guess you earned those steps that day 😀

  23. Stacie

    Fun trip! I’ve never been to Brooklyn much less seen the Brooklyn Bridge. My hubby wants to go to NY so bad. He’d love this!

  24. Kasi

    Oh yes, love all of your pictures! You got some great shots. I need to add that to my list the next time I’m in NY.

  25. Nicole

    This is so cool! One day I will get to New York and walk the Brooklyn Bridge! it is a dream for me.

  26. Kita

    I think I walked it as a child on a visit once. Not sure but my friend’s rave about it especially the ones from NYC. It is a must do. It is beautiful.

  27. Kenya

    I would totally do this! You took some amazing photos!

  28. Paula Bendfeldt

    I walked the Brooklyn Bridge last year with a group of friends after a conference. I loved the walk, it’s a great experience and a must do when you visit NYC!

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  30. Kim

    I can’t count on two hands how many times I’ve walked this bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back. It’s a beautiful walk to do in the spring and fall. My old elementary school and high school are in that area.

  31. Pingback: The Melanin At Curlfest Will Blow Your Mind - MimiCuteLips

  32. Tata

    I love the Brooklyn Bridge, when I lived in New York for a summer a few years back I only got to walk the bridge once but I remember how flyy I felt walking across it. Also, I didn’t get any good photos, your pics are fab!

  33. Adeola

    I can’t wait to visit New York this fall and take as many images as possible of the bridge.

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