This Is What Happens When Claw Daddy’s Is Featured On #FatSnacks Friday

Hey Cuties,

After tramping around Brooklyn all day for Curlfest and then walking the Brooklyn Bridge we headed back to the city. We had to shower, change up and get us some grub. As the head #FatSnacks Captain in charge, I had to find us a meal.

FatSnacks Claw Daddy's NYC

FatSnacks Claw Daddy's NYC

We headed to Claw Daddy’s on the Lower East Side, they offer a taste of Louisiana.  We went late at night and the place was popping. It was packed in there, we walked in and sat upstairs because the reservation wait time was stupid; it was five of us.  Book a reservation, but do go. When you sit upstairs they offer a limited menu, but everything we wanted was on there.

FatSnacks Claw Daddy's NYC

Grilled Oysters

FatSnacks Claw Daddy's NYC

Crab Roll

 Crab Roll: on a brioche roll served with salad or fries $13
FatSnacks Claw Daddy's NYC

Seafood Nachos

FatSnacks Claw Daddy's NYC

Chicken Wings

 Cajun wings was really delicious $8
FatSnacks Claw Daddy's NYC

Catfish Po Boy

FatSnacks Claw Daddy's NYC

Photo Credit: ClawdaddysNYC IG

One of our favorite things about Claw Daddy’s is the beverage pouch. If you order soda or cocktail it is served in this pouch. Hello, childhood!
FatSnacks Claw Daddy's NYC

Photo Credit: ClawdaddysNYC IG

Claw Daddy’s is most popular for their Louisiana Boil. You pick your seafood (head-on shrimp, clams, crawfish) by the pound and the price ranges from $15 – $23. You will pay market price for the lobster, king crab legs, and Dungeness crab.  Then you pick your sauce, the spice level and you can add on Sausage, Corn, or Potatoes if you want.

Everything was delicious, I will go back and try out the Louisiana Boil and I will make a reservation.

FatSnacks Claw Daddy's NYC

What would you order? Chat with me in the comments below or FBIG, and Twitter.

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  1. robin rue

    I will be back down in NYC in September and I am totally going there for AT LEAST one meal! OMG all the food looks soooo good!!

  2. Candy

    Looks like some delicious but really heavy meals. Would really have hit the gym after enjoying all this food

  3. Sarah Bailey

    What some delicious looking items, I am loving the look of the seafood nachos I would definitely love to give them a try!

  4. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    Claw Daddy’s looks like an amazing place! I absolutely adore seafood, and I’m always on the lookout for a new place to enjoy it. I can’t wait to try this the next time I’m in NYC.

  5. Jennifer

    This is definitely somewhere where I am going to have to visit and try the food! This looks amazing.

  6. Shantel Collins

    Okay, so you basically just told me where I will be eating when I head to New York next month. I haven’t had a really good crab roll, so I’m definitely going to try that. Without a doubt I plan to try those grilled oysters because I absolutely love oysters no matter how they are prepared.

  7. Ruth I.

    The foods look really delicious, I am so sad that it’s so far from here and I won’t be able to try it. I like the idea of beverage pouch, cool 🙂

  8. Joely Smith

    I am SO hungry now! I have to have that crab roll! I wish I could go! If ever in that area you know I will!

  9. Marysa

    What a fun place this would be to visit. I get sick of the same old stuff at restaurants. It would be fun to check out something a little different – I don’t think I’ve had any of these before!

  10. OurFamilyWorld

    Oh my goodness. Everything looks delicious. I am drooling in front of my laptop. I wish there was one near us.

  11. Ali Rost

    My husband and I love places like Claw Daddy’s. If we’re ever lucky enough to go, you can be we’ll be ordering the Catfish Po’Boy (for him) and Grilled Oysters (for her) Yum!

  12. Cherri Megasko

    Did I miss the location? Where is this at? My daughter lives in Brooklyn and every time I visit I’m always looking for new places to eat.

  13. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I love a good crab roll. The one you pictured on a brioche bun looks incredibly delicious. I have to check out this place!

  14. SenSaishaNal

    Well I wasn’t looking for seafood cravings FIRST thing in the morning but here we are lol. I love going to the city for a good meal and I’m adding this to the short list

  15. Chubskulit Rose

    I love seafood but one thing I am not fond of is oyster or other forms of clams. All of these looks delicious though.

  16. Melissa Dixon

    All of this food looks so good. I feel like making a food trip!

  17. Kathy

    Wow, everything looks amazing. I’d love to try any of these items. I’m not much of a seafood fan though, but it all looks so good.

  18. Yeu Doi

    Sounds like a great place for family dinner. Will check it out soon.

  19. uprunforlife

    I think that I just gained 10lbs just looking at all of the food. It is probably a good thing that we don’t have ClawDaddy’s in Texas or I would really gain those 10lbs. ahhahah

  20. Amber Myers

    Oh yum, everything looks so delicious! NYC always has the best places to eat.

  21. Jillian Spellman

    Eating crawfish is definitely on my bucket list. To be honest I don’t even know how to eat it. This place looks delish and I hope I can stop by next time I am in New York.

  22. Kim

    Claw Daddy’s looks like it has good food. The seafood nachos look amazing. Maybe my husband and I can have a date night there

  23. Kenya

    Never heard of this and when I make a trip to NYC I’ll have this in the back of my head but the name is quite frankly very catchy !!

  24. Adaleta

    Wow all of this looks absolutely delicious!!

  25. Carissa

    I love NYC for these same reasons! I wish I could get there more! This place looks like it had amazing food!

  26. Ty

    Everything looks so good. I have never heard of seafood chili. That’s a new one. I don’t even like oysters but man, those look Good.

  27. Karissa @WithOurBest (@withourbest)

    That food looks so good. It is right up my husbands and I alley. ALL OF IT!

  28. Kita

    Yes, this straight reminds me of home aka Charleston. They would have had to roll me out of there. LOL

  29. Lynndee

    Oh my, seafood galore! We love seafood and those grilled oysters look absolutely amazing! I’m drooling!

  30. Jennifer G

    Ok, so now I am just STARVING. Like super duper hungry. In fact, hangry might be the right word at this point. How delicious does this look? I have to go to NYC now just so I can try this.

  31. Sharon Chanyau

    I am coming to NYC in September and i am sure gonna check ClawDaddy. Everything looks very delicious.

  32. Tiffany Haywood

    Sooo I know where I’ll be going if we take a trip back to NYC.. everything looks so amazing! I would love to try that dog with slaw and hello Lemonade in a pouch – yes please!!

  33. Amber Killmon

    I just squealed a little bit. Everything looks so delicious I want to make the drive up just to eat those oysters. Oh, My Yum!

  34. Aduke Schulist

    Wow. I don’t even eat seafood but those nachos look amazing.

  35. Wildish Jess

    Those fries look so crunchy and delicious! I love that the drinks are in pouches too!

  36. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    I guess I should have dragged my lazy butt over to curlfest this weekend! Have you been to Acme’s in New Orleans and tried the Char Grilled Oysters? I wonder how the ones at Claw Daddy’s compare? I need to hang out with you during a conference! YAS to all this foodie wonderfulness!

    • MimiCuteLips

      I have been to Acme but I had something different. I look forward to going back to New Orleans.
      You totally do girl, I eat all of the things.

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