Kush Is Where You Need To Be This #Fatsnacks Friday

Hey Cuties,

Another Friday has rolled around and guess what, I’ve got another #FatSnacks Friday post for you.  Leave the screen open and run and get a snack, the bigger the better but make it fast. Okay, time is up, you should be good to go now. I shared our family vacation in Miami and then our Artsy time in Wynwood. After getting our art on we stayed in Wynwood and got some grub from Kush.Kush has been on my list since last fall, so I was really looking forward to visiting this time around.

Kush Miami

Kush: 2003 North Miami Avenue, Wynwood, FL 33127

Kush has 18 taps, rare finds, aged beers, rotating list and local food made from scratch. Good beer ain’t cheap and cheap beer ain’t good.

Kush Miami

Kush is a small spot on the corner in Wynwood, the entire time we were there it was packed.

Kush Miami

They have a few tables options outside, we were starving so we decided to eat outside. We would have to wait much longer for a spot on the inside. It was a hot Miami day, but there was a bit of breeze every now and again.  It did make for good people watching.

Kush Miami

While people watching a train rolled by us, LittleCuteLips thought it was so cool. Since being in Miami we’ve stopped for about three trains and one boat crossing.

Kush Miami

Chicken & Waffles

The Manchild and I had the same thought process while ordering so we got the same thing.  The serving size was hefty, my kid is growing at an alarming rate so he swallowed his food in like five minutes but I couldn’t finish mine. It was so good I flew back home with my left overs. Judge your mother!
Kush Miami

Classic Burger

 LittleCuteLips really enjoyed her food. This was her first time trying sweet potato fries. She loved them.  As a sauce lover, she appreciated the two dipping sauces that came with it.
Kush Miami
 Babe and I finished out food off with a Black Cherry soda.
Farm Style Chicken Sandwich: A Florida free-range chicken breast fried and topped with melted jack, avocado, BBQ sauce and rooftop arugula, served on a honey whole wheat bun. $13

Babe was hungry and wouldn’t humor me with a close up of his food. lol He ate it all and said it was delicious.

KUSH HOSPITALITY is a hospitality group focusing on one-of-a-kind concepts.  They have won every food award possible from the best restaurant, burger, key lime pie, chicken n waffles, and more to include eco-friendly practices.

Their goal is to provide top service, sourcing local, making food from scratch and having unique artwork.  Got to the bathroom in Kush, even if you don’t need to use it.

They work with local artisans and award winning artists to create a unique take on the Miami life.

I need to check out their other spots. LOKAL: 3190 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove, FL 33133  THE SPILLOVER: 2911 Grand Avenue, Suite 400D, Coconut Grove, FL 33133
Kush Wynwood Miami

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  1. Jeanette

    I love these kinds of posts. I love to explore little hole in the wall places that are delicious. I would love to check out this restaurant and I will if I ever get out that way.

  2. Kemkem

    The classic burger looks like it has my name written all over it :-). Chicken and waffles just sound weird together to me. I wouldn’t mind checking this out as l’m sure l would love it :-). Thanks for sharing, pinning it!

  3. Katrina

    Enough leftovers to fly home with?!! That’s what I’m talking bout! Any veggie or fish options?

  4. Tomi C

    You had me at CRAFT BEER. The chicken and waffles look absolutely delicious but that burger is giving me liiiiiiifffeeeee! Nothing like a freshly ground burger to tempt my tastebuds. You can definitely taste the difference when it’s done inhouse. Adding Kush to my next Miami foodie trip. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Christy Maurer

    Yes, to all the food! I wish I were in that area, because I could go for that burger and fries right now.

  6. Courtney Blacher

    Is this red a french fries? I want to try it, It looks so delicious.

  7. Roger Willis

    I love a good craft beer! You are correct: Good beer ain’t cheap, and cheap beer ain’t good! Ironic we have CSI Miami playing on the television! Would like to see Miami someday

  8. Sarah Bailey

    What a delicious looking place to stop for a meal I am loving the look of the Chicken & Waffles I could definitely give that a try yum!

  9. Pam

    That fried chicken and waffles looks so good. If I am ever in Miami, I am definitely going to be checking ou Kush.

  10. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I’ve never been to Miami and I’ve never had chicken and waffles. I think it’s helpful to know the good local places to eat if you’re traveling.

  11. Maurene Cab

    Whooo! Kush is really a place where you can get fat snacks. Such a great place to enjoy food.

  12. Our Family World

    I am happy that the food did not disappoint. It does look like a good restaurant to go to. I am glad to know that they are big on customer satisfaction. That’s awesome!

  13. Kita Bryant

    That food is making me hungry. That looks like my kind of spot! A nice chill spot.

  14. Stacie

    Wow, this place looks like it’s in the cut for real! You chicken and waffles must have been amazing. I’d love to try it.

  15. Tomiko

    That food looks amazing’ especially the burger and sweet potato fries. I’m not even a burger girl but than bun looks so buttery and good! My fat girl coming out

  16. Chubskulit Rose

    This is my husband’s kind of place. Those burger and fries a= makes me hungry and it’s getting late at night now lol.

  17. margarette

    Fatsnacks? First thought is snacks that will make fat lol. But never did I realized that the foods offered by Kush is great. Love to eat outside for a change.

  18. Yona Williams

    That is a generous serving of chicken and waffles. The chicken looks well-seasoned – I love this dish and especially love it when a restaurant makes it ‘right.’

  19. rika

    Sounds like an awesome place! I love trying local foods and beers!

  20. Anosa

    Wow, the food looks very delicious. I’d love to try to eat this. Very nice place.

  21. Tyffani

    This food looks amazing, and appears to be decent-sized portions. Don’t think I could eat all of it, but I’d surely try lol! Love your blog…makes me hungry 🙂

  22. Ty

    WOW!! Everything looks so good. I’ll have to add this to my spots for places to eat when I visit Miami.

  23. Kim

    This place has everything I love – craft beer, sweet fries, and chicken and waffles. I always love your food posts.

  24. Zuqueta

    All of that looks amazing. Love the series!! I will have to add this to my next Florida itinerary.

  25. Paula Bendfeldt

    We go to Miami often and we always visit Wynwood. Next time I will be sure to check out Kush!

  26. LaShawn

    All of the food looks so good, I’m practically drooling on my screen! We might be going to Miami later this year and we have to try it next time!

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