The Journal Life Welcomes A New Addict

Hey Cuties,

I’ve been talking about planners and journals for the past couple of days non-stop. Like I’m obsessed and I’m not sure why, but I’m rolling with the feelings. I’ve been a planner girl since I was like 11/12 years old, so this addiction runs deep.

journal vs planner

This is truly one of those cases where I get it from my Mama. My mother, sister and I can wax poetically about planners for hours on end. They get me and they get my stationary addiction. What is that you ask? If you fall in love with stationary in the store and must take it home with you, you might have an addiction. If you buy notebooks and journals because they are pretty, you might have an addiction. When you check your stash you find you have at least three new books that have never been used. You’ve got an addiction.

journal vs planner

Oh So Paper Co.

My first planner was a Franklin Covey. That used to be a big damn deal. I had that while in middle school with a really nice leather-ish case and all the accessories. I wrote about boys and what I wore to school.  While I haven’t used them in years I have continued this planner life. My last two planners were Happy Planners, I loved them and their bold colors.

journal vs planner

Oh So Paper Co.

I’ve come to the realization that planners no longer work for me. They don’t serve my purpose like I need them to. After this revelation, I think journaling is more my speed. You know because I like to write down my thoughts, goals and such. It is a great way to reflect on my growth.

journal vs planner

Oh So Paper Co.

I’m all ready to make that change. I’ve been purchasing these dope stickers that will help me keep up with life. School starts in a few more weeks and our schedule is about to get crazy hectic. LittleCuteLips is starting school this year so that means twice the homework and school activities to keep up with.

journal vs planner

Maxine Waters stickers Tees in the Trap

I won these Congresswoman Maxine Waters stickers from Tees in the Trap. They are the perfect fit for my journal life.  Ms. Maxine is killing has become a millennial favorite.  She can be found in the halls of congress giving them hell.  She serves the 43rd district of California and is a lady after my own heart.

This journal life is serious business but I’m ready for it. I’ve been watching YouTube videos to get ideas on how to decorate the way I want. You can get lost in the #Journal on IG and become addicted via YouTube and Pinterest.

If you are a member of the journal tribe let me know. What kinds of creative things do you come up with? How deep is your addiction?

journal life

What do you use to keep track of your life? Family calendar, planner, journal or what? Chat with me in the comments below or FBIG, and Twitter.

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Carissa

    Yes, I am apart of the planner addicts…I have slowed down a lot but it was serious in the beginning. My cousin and I started a private IG together for it, we are trying to decide to keep going or just use our personal pages but check out @planwithdc on IG…look at the hashtags its serious business!!! I’ve been trying to stick with one Happy Planner but I’m thinking about getting another one soon

  2. robin rue

    What an amazing journal. I absolutely LOVE it. I would be using that thing every single day!

  3. candy

    Journaling doesn’t have to be just writing down words and thoughts anymore. So many fun and different ways to journal now that it is very encouraging.

  4. Sarah Bailey

    I love all the little extras you get now with journaling it takes me back to something I would have adored before my hands stopped writing well, perhaps I might get one for nostalgic purposes, after all it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look good inside does it, as long as I try and have fun.

  5. Anosa

    I might still have a slight addiction to planners because I cant seem to get enough but never use them or even finish them. Maybe I should try journals and get me those maxine stickers

  6. Melissa Velazquez

    I have a love/hate relationship with planners. When I keep up with one I adore it but when I slack off and try to get back into the groove it intimidates me lol. Those stickers though!

  7. Tomi C

    I have a couple of journals but first things first, I am so loving those Maxine Waters stickers. My journal addiction usually ends with me buying this fab journal only to gift it someone. What can I say they make wonderful gifts.

  8. Bianca Dottin

    I love journaling and planning! I have 2 happy planners and I love them. Those stickers are bomb! I’m definitely going to have to pick some of those up.

  9. Dominique

    This is so cute! Almost like a grown-up sticker book! Anything that keeps me organized is great in my book.

  10. Betty Boiron

    I love planning! I do most of it electronically these days, but these are some really nice looking planners.

  11. Jen Temcio

    I have a blog post planner, but I do not utilize a journal. It looks and sounds so fun, especially with the expressive stickers! I am going to check out the #journal hashtag.

  12. Pam Wattenbarger

    I love the idea of getting back into journaling. I used to write in a journal every day when I was younger.

  13. Liz Mays

    I do like the idea of writing down little thoughts and goals! Making your journal fun with stickers is an excellent way to stay on track!

  14. Jaime Nicole

    These are really cute journaling supplies! I use bullet journaling and have found that I can stick with it but I love all the cute accessories!

  15. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I had a Franklin Covey planner/organizer for my calendar and address book when I was in my twenties, I remember thinking those things were the bomb. They were crazy expensive!

  16. Chrystal, ChryssVI

    My sister absolutely loves journals. I don’t get it but hey, there’s a thing for everyone.

  17. Amanda

    I absolutely LOVE planners but what i love even more are those absolutely AMAZING Maxine stickers. She is such a strong, positive role model for women of all ages. LOVE HER.

  18. Melissa Dixon

    This is a really cute way to keep track of things. I am always keeping track of blog post ideas, diy projects ideas, and basically anything that seems brilliant that comes to me out of nowhere. lol

  19. Rosemary Palmer

    I have been wanting a new journal – planner. I think this is what I’ve seen at Michaels and need to look again. Gotta get organized.

  20. Emily

    This is such a cute and fun journal! My daughter keeps a journal that she writes little stories or poems in, I am always giving her new ones to keep on hand. She would love this!

  21. adriana

    I was so glad when I realized I wasn’t the only planner sticker addict LOL! They’re soo addicting to buy, and with so many cute options – who could blame us?! I love your set up!

  22. Brandi H

    I love all the fun bold colors of the journals. The stickers a cool too. I keep up with my personal stuff in a small pocket calendar. I keep up with my work stuff in a large calendar organizer.

  23. Stephanie Pass

    My daughter just got into journaling and she would totally love all this. Those Maxine stickers are just adorable!

  24. Our Family World

    I wish I could have some free time to do this. My problem is I that I start off with a new journal full of eagerness then I lose time to attend to it and it would just lay somewhere in the house collecting dust. I have to be better with time management!

  25. Kirstin Fuller

    I love ‘Oh So Paper’ and those ‘Aunt Maxine’ stickers are giving me life right now…lol

  26. Tiffany Haywood

    OMGoodness Girl!! You are tempting me to come over to the sparkle side!! I’ve been glancing at different planners and things for a year now. A Year!!! Now you show me all this awesomeness and I think this may be my breaking point . . . LOL

  27. Tyra

    I love journals and this is such a cute one! I love the stickers as well! I’m going to look into this.

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