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The family and I set out for some Sunday fun at Nitro Circus. We didn’t tell the kids where we were going until the day prior. The Manchild was excited, he knows exactly what Nitro Circus is. LittleCuteLips, on the other hand, thought it was a traditional circus. Nope! Nitro Circus is the exact opposite of traditional.  Think of the most ridiculous things and then do them backward.

Nitro Circus Annapolis Maryland

Nitro Circus is an action based sports entertainment filled with mind blowing foolish tricks. They take the meaning of daredevils to another level. This is a don’t try this at home, at your friend’s house or ever in life type of thing.  Travis Pastrana started by making DVDs of he and his friends doing stupid stunts.  The DVD did so well it became a show on MTV in 2009, it was one of MTV’s most popular series of all time.

We’ve been fans for many years, thanks to Babe. He rides motorcycles and dirt bikes so his interest spilled over to us.

Nitro Circus Annapolis Maryland


We headed out to the Navy Marine Corps, Memorial Stadium in Annapolis Maryland. Fun Fact: Travis Pastrana is from Annapolis so it was dope to perform in his home town. It rained like crazy and they had to delay the start by a little over an hour. The sky cleared up and they got started. By the time intermission was set to roll around the skies opened back up and dumped like crazy for a solid 30 minutes. Some ran for cover, others sat in the rain. I’m talking your undergarments and socks were soaked sitting in the rain.

That morning Babe picked up ponchos for us and we were ready. Everyone kept telling us how smart we were as they were soaking wet. During the rain, we stayed in our seats with our ponchos on unbothered by the down pour. The kids loved it, it makes for a good story and fun family time.

Nitro Circus Annapolis Maryland

Travis Pastrana – Photo Credit: Cycle News

Travis Pastrana is most famous for motocross, he rides mountain bikes, BMX bikes and pretty much anything with wheels.  He hails from Annapolis, Maryland and is very proud of that. He still has a home here where is tries out some of these crazy stunts before showing the world.

Action sports legend Travis Pastrana is Nitro’s fearless leader. He began riding a Honda one-speed at age 4, and despite being great at everything he tried, motocross is where he found his calling. He broke out in racing but quickly showed his versatility in freestyle. By 2005, he had accumulated a career total of five X Games gold medals, five golds from the Gravity Games, and additional wins at events including the Dew Tour and Red Bull X-Fighters. In 2006, Pastrana became the first person in the world to land a double backflip on a motorcycle during the Best Trick event at the X Games. In 2016, with the success of the inaugural Nitro World Games, Pastrana once again raised the bar for FMX and action sports in general.

Since you didn’t get a chance to see the show I am bringing some of the show to you. If you have kids please show them this video, they would go crazy for it. If you are now fans of Nitro Circus look them up and see if they are headed to a city near you. The footage is dope, but it is nothing like being in the seat watching. Peep my official video intro, I’m fancy now.


Nitro Circus Annapolis Maryland

Photo Credit: Cycle News




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  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    That is so awesome! I love daredevil and stunt shows like this. They’re a ton of fun.

  2. Jeuelle

    I think my girls would have loved this! One reason I love reading your blog is that you feature local events and fun from my home state MD and I can actually envision myself enjoying the activities you share 🙂

  3. Ruth I.

    Oh my, I would have fun too when I get a chance to watch it. Thank you for the video, I somehow can feel the excitement!

  4. Dogvills

    This sounds so fun. I think my two grandchildren would love to watch this.

  5. Tatanisha Worthey

    Those dudes are crazy. I love them to pieces!

  6. Tomiko

    I’ve never heard of this. My husband loves motor Ross but unlike you sweet baby black Jesus couldn’t make me go!! Lawd!! I’m going to forward this to the hubby

  7. Mommy Moment

    My 9 year old son would have LOVED this!
    Going to check it out to see if they ever come to a city near us.

  8. Bernetta

    This is a great family outing!! And you were prepared for the rain too! I love to step outside of the box and try something different. This definitely fit the bill.

  9. ricci

    The Nitro Circus just sounds insane and now I want to go!! It sounds like you and your family had a great time!!

  10. Carol Cassara

    WOAH! This is pure awesome and I can imagine my nephews having so much fun watching this! I think it’s a must see especially if you’re a huge fan of bikes!

  11. Courtney CJ

    Yes, the ponchos were quite genius! Cheers to unbothered lol. I enjoy riding on motorcycles and even considered getting my license. I need to stay far away from these shows before I end up on the road pinked out.

  12. uprunforlife

    This sounds like a blast. My boys would enjoy gping to something like this. Ill have to see if they come to our area soon.

  13. Amber Killmon

    Wow! I would love to see this in person. It sounds like such an exciting experience. I love extreme entertainment like this!

  14. liz Cleland

    We saw they were coming to our town as well. I have to say I love this show and would love to take my son! These things are hard to find in are area so we are rather excited!

  15. LC @ A Life of Authenticity

    I have never heard of the Nitro Circus, but it looks like so much fun. Both my kids would love it..and so would I. Like you I would have been out there in my poncho’s not about to miss a stunt!! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Britney

    The Nitro Circus looks awesome! Unfortunately, they don’t have any tour dates near us :-(. My sons would love to go. Cute intro!

  17. Victoria Heckstall

    Oh wow! This is really amazing and breathtaking while I’m watching it! I have never been in a circus event like this! Wow!

  18. Ariel

    I’ve never been to a show like this. My kid would love to experience this. Looks like it was super fun and LOUD! lol

  19. Chrystal, ChryssVI

    Beautiful family. Looks like fun

  20. Acasha

    This looks so cool! My daughter would love it! I love the family photo with the ponchos lol!!

  21. Valerie Robinson

    Love it! Looks amazing..I had no clue about this event. So glad you all toughed it out in the rain!

    • MimiCuteLips

      Valerie it was so much fun. Kids play in the rain but as adults we miss out on some old school fun. This was us not missing out.

  22. LeShelle, host of MRTv

    I’m with Man-child, lmbo! I would have been screamin’ my head off. I’m for anything action-packed and adrenalin pumping!!! My kind of event.

  23. adriana

    WOW! I have never heard of this, it sounds amazing! My nephew would totally love this, I have to check it out next time! So fun, I hope you guys had a blast! It’s great for the whole family, too!

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