I Figured Out How To Make The Shared Office Space A Thing

Hey Cuties,

Two weeks ago I decided I wanted a desk. I needed Babe to get on board before I got myself all worked up on it. Now generally I don’t seek his approval for buying things but I wasn’t sure where it would go. I already had a dedicated work space.

Shared Office Space

Before space

A few years back Babe customized this wall unit for me so I had a space of my own. It was more of an office space when I was a personal assistant to a high profile client. Then I changed it when I started the sneaker business and geared it towards crafts. Now I want it back to an office space.

Shared Office Space

The purge…

The double door wall unit on the left is all mine. The one door open on the right is a shared space for the kids.  My goal was to reduce my space down to one half of the unit and move LittleCuteLips items into the newly empty space.

This is where the bulk of the work came in. I had so much stuff that I could legit have my own crafting store in my house. Most of it is left over from my sneaker business and won’t be used by me or the kids. The other issue is I am a craft hoarder. I buy it because it is cute even though I have no immediate need or use for it.

Shared Office Space

Ikea desk

Once Babe was on board we decided where I would put it. I originally had another location in mind, but his idea turned out to be better.  So then I had to select a table. This is a “temporary-ish” set up so I didn’t want to spend a lot for my muffler. Once we move next year I will have a full on office space.  This one was perfect and only $25 sweet bucks.

Shared Office Space

Table Top

One of the things I like about Ikea is they give you so many options. You can select the table top and then you can select from a variety of leg options. I wanted a simple clean look so I didn’t do too much.  Once we move this table will become my craft table within my office space and I will get a different style of desk.

Shared Office Space

Ikea Table Legs

I went with simple silver legs.

Shared Home Office

The storm…

I got my new desk all set up but I had to keep working the wall unit items.  I was reorganizing and purging at the same time. I made  pile of items that I will likely donate to the school since LittleCuteLips is headed to Kindergarten. I don’t know why I have 10 tubes of glitter, a huge stack of colored felt sheets. Puff paint, embellished stickers and more… My desk hadn’t been set up five minutes before LittleCuteLips put her Lego’s on it. Really little girl!

Shared Home Office

MimiCuteLips Headquarters

I’m really trying to transition into this less is more type of lifestyle.  So, I kept that in mind when setting up my space. My curl-swag mug is a favorite, it has my name and face on it. I picked up the gold M form Michael’s last week for $1.00.  The wooden blocks are from Michael’s clearance section like a year ago.  The gold lips came from Target I think. The “Day Dreamer” name plate was $1.00 from Michael’s and I finished the look off with my Funko, Orange is the New Black Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren vinyl figure.  I realized I didn’t have a mouse pad so I’m currently using the new Ikea catalog until I buy one.

Shared Home Office

His and Hers

Our shared office space is connected to living room area.

Shared Home Office

Shared Home Space: Check!

Clean and organized.

Shared Home Office


Our office space with the newly reconfigured wall unit space.

Shared Home Office

All done!

The far left is all me, the middle top half is LittleCuteLips and the lower half is arts & crafts. The far right belongs to the Manchild. The silver “shelves” are actually pull out drawers with additional storage.

Shared Office Space

Do you have a home office? Chat with me in the comments below or FBIG, and Twitter.

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Mimi Robinson is the Lifestyle Media Correspondent and editor behind MimiCuteLips®. She is a wife and mother of two. You can find Mimi working media at your favorite events, traveling and trying out new adventures, or working on a dope DIY project.

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  1. Sheena Steward

    I laughed when you listed all the things you had line glitter and felt lol. I have a drawer that has the most random art supplies too. It was smart to get the $25 desk since this space is temporary. Everything turned out great. Can you please come help me get organized? LOL

  2. Anosa

    Oh wow this looks absolutely amazing, your man’s idea of the table location definitely worked but I also wander what yours was gonna be. Either way this place looks dope!

  3. Alli Smith

    I love how organized the wall unit is now that it’s reconfigured. It’s not an easy job to create a shared office space and I think you did an awesome job. It looks so neat and tidy!

  4. Nellie

    This looks awesome! I currently share my “office space” with the rest of my living room but it’s not as fancy as this! I need mine to look so clean and organized.

  5. Jeanette

    You are you with organized than I am! I could definitely use your help on making myself organized. I run the business I have out of the house and although I am organized on my computer my desk is a mess.

    • MimiCuteLips

      Jeanette, I feel like it is harder to keep your home office clean. I’m going to try my best to keep it neat since it is always in plain view.

  6. Jen Temcio

    Holy Moly you really cleaned and organized that space. it looks amazing. I need shelves with doors no them for my craft stuff so my husband wont have to look at it! 🙂

  7. Sarah Bailey

    Oh my goodness how organised does your office look now, it really looks like a space where you could just get on and work on your projects.

  8. Lauren

    My home office needs a serious makeover and decluttering! Kudos to you. It looks great.

  9. Pam

    Your shared office looks really nice. I love the desk you have, it’s something I would use in my own office.

  10. Sarah Honey

    Looks great. Ikea is the best. I love the cabinets. I have open shelves in my office and I hate how cluttered it looks. Love your cabinets. Everything looks so neat and organized.

  11. Melanie Smith

    Your office looks amazing! You did a great job cleaning and organizing the space where you work. It is so important to have our work space organize, that’s the key to success!

  12. Kenya

    This came out really well ! I need to do this ! Considering I’m sharing one with my husband

  13. Jamie P.

    You did a great job organizing. My office is in my frontroom and it’s hard. I am always looking for ways to make it organized but not stick out like a sore thumb.

  14. Katrina

    I’m so inspired to get my ish together by your post! Thank you for sharing the details on your shared space.

  15. LaQuisha

    I love the organization of your space! I try my best to keep my space this tidy, lol. Great color scheme too!

  16. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    Your office looks great. It’s wonderful you figured out how to share the space effectively. It can be so tricky dealing with tight spaces but you did a fab job.

  17. Jaime Nicole

    This is such a great space! I love all your storage solutions, and I love how you found a way to make the space work for everyone – great job!

  18. Jenn

    For a shared space, you have done a great job organizing and setting things in place. I love how comfortable it looks. I have a shared office and it is just a wreck. I really need to put some effort into it.

  19. adriana

    The before and after is AMAZING! What a difference! Everything is so organized and it looks great. I have to organize my office space, it’s quite the disaster haha!

  20. Kita Bryant

    Wow girl you killed it. That storage unit is a real life and space saver!

  21. Jenny

    I need a wall unit like that for all of my craft stuff. That would be awesome!! Looks good and love your simple desk. 🙂

  22. Holly

    Looks great! The purge helped make it all work.

  23. Dre

    Everything looks so great, Mimi! I love how you maximized your space and streamlined everything so neatly! And I’m like you with the glitter and glue. I have no clue how I wind up with so much craft stuff all over but I need to purge soon. This is great inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing!

  24. Polarbelle

    Yeah, hmm, will Babe travel to put together wall units? That’s exactly what I need in my office. I have plastic bins…and yes, 1/3 are still filled with craft items.

  25. Eva

    I have to get back to keeping a home office. I was so used to going out to our office that I haven’t fully adjusted to working from home. I always get great ideas in IKEA.

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  27. Tiffany H.

    If you like personalized mouse pad, you should try (you can put a portrait or saying on the pad for cheap). Good job on organizing my kitchen table looks a mess, I probably have room to put a small desk as well in the dining area.

    • MimiCuteLips

      I like personalized everything. That is a great idea Tiffany, I love them and shop them frequently. My kitchen table used to be the catch all as well.

  28. CeCe

    I have an Ikea desk, too! And I chose the adjustable silver legs. My table is a little tricked out, though. I bought a plain wood top and my hubby sanded it down and painted it for me. Turned out pretty cool. We don’t have a shared office space, but we need one. Once we move out next year, we’ll have a better dedicated work space. Question for you: I like how you customized your Pin it icon. How did you do that?

    • MimiCuteLips

      Cece that sounds so cool. I used a pin it plugin and you say where you want it to go. I created the graphic in Canva based on my logo.

  29. April Edwards-McGaskey

    I love this space. Its so neat and multipurpose. Yes we have so much that its hard to organize. We wnt to keep everything and some stuff we don’t know why wer have it. Let me get to cleaning my house now! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Christy

    Hi MimiCuteLips,
    Today, I have searched about shared office space as well as home office design and do you know what after so many research I found your article and It is awesome at very cheap rates. Actually, I will start my small business in the upcoming month so, I find serviced office on the internet but your idea is fantastic and today I have decided that I will make my room office as you made. I would like to tell you to thank for sharing such a helpful post. Thank you.

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